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Guy Who KO'd Snooki -- Getting Knocked Out

12/14/2009 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What's good for the d-bag who punches women is good for ... the d-bag who punches women.

Guy Who KO'd Snooki -- Getting Knocked Out

Brad Ferro
made headlines as the "man" who punched "Jersey Shore" star Snooki at a bar in New Jersey in August. But back in January, he took part in an underground fighting event called Clash in the Cage -- and he got KNOCKED OUT!!!

He grappled with his opponent, Spencer Cook, for a little bit before he got clocked by a solid left and it was all she wrote.

Karma, kinda like Snooki, can be a bitch.


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Where's the karma in getting knocked out a year before you punched a girl in the face? Maybe you should ask for some help the next time you want to be clever.

1772 days ago


it was wrong for him to hit her
look at how little she is and how big he is
all he had to do is turn around and WALK AWAY
what a douche


wow, great role model

1772 days ago


that guy screaming is a total jizz bag...that is all

1772 days ago


This crap about how we shouldn't punch women is ridiculous. You mean it's okay to send women into combat in Afghanistan but not to punch them in a bar fight? I would hope that, if they can handle hand-to-hand combat, getting shot at, IEDs, mortar fire, etc. in Afghanistan, they laugh off anything a bar throws at them. You people are idiots.

1772 days ago


So what if he got knocked out? The fact is, he had the guts to walk into that ring and mix it up. If you do that and then get knocked out, there's absolutely no shame in it. Shame is in writing about it when you don't have the guts to do it yourself, TMZ.

1772 days ago


How does him getting hit make her less of a Skifuza?

1772 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

As a parent at the same school as this "teacher", you can be sure I am doing everything in my power to engage every other parent to join me in kicking this "man's" ass out of here, making sure he NEVER teaches ANOTHER day in his life!! I will make sure this follows him WHEREEVER he moves to.

1772 days ago


So #22 your comparing what happens in a war as being equivalent to what happens in a bar? Lame comparison.

1772 days ago


I personally think this guy is to be commended for popping "Snooki". She had it coming and THEN some. He may have taught her a valuable lesson. Maybe next time she will think twice about running her mouth in someone else's face.

1772 days ago


No Kev74 I totally agree with you that it's a lame comparison. So lame, in fact, that there should be no fuss at all raised about a silly bar fight just because some chick got her lights punched out. In this day and age, when women can serve in combat roles in the military, a bar fight isn't even worth writing home about.

1772 days ago


She was sitting right there looking at him. What was he supposed to do mail her a letter letting her know that he's about to punch her lights out? He did the right thing. This freak beotch was all up in his face and he laid her out on the floor. He handled the situation and himself perfectly.

1772 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

He definitely should NOT have hit her because she never touched him, but I will say this...if you're gonna run your mouth you'd better be prepared to pay the price!
I'm not about to get in some dudes face and run my mouth and not think he's going to defend himself!
You can only push someone so far and she found his breaking point. If some guy was doing the same thing to some chick, calling her a bitch and telling her to get her ugly face away from him and she punched him in the face...TMZ would be calling her a "bad ass" and making a joke of it. Why is it ok for women to hit men, but the second a guy does it all hell breaks loose?

1772 days ago


Karma is something that happens after the fact, not before. Wow, whoever wrote this article is a retard. Great job, TMZ.

1772 days ago


She is the size of a little girl and probably weighs less than a 100lbs. Yet some ultra d-bags who like to get t-bagged say it is alright to hit her???!!! Good luck in prison. If that is your stance and you want to practice that. It's like a 400lb gorrilla hitting a grown man.

1771 days ago


That will teach the bitch to open her big mouth.

1770 days ago
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