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Elin Nordegren -- From Tiger to Puma?

12/16/2009 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Tiger Woods is losing sponsors left and right, TMZ has learned his wife, Elin Nordegren, is "very close" to signing a deal of her own ... and the company happens to be Nike's archenemy -- Puma.


An official from Puma -- the athletic wear company -- has confirmed they are in "internal discussions" to sign Elin as a spokesperson for a new Swedish-inspired clothing line called Tretorn.

The rep tells us Puma is after Elin because they feel she's "a good brand fit."

We could not reach Elin for comment.

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Go for it, Elin. Make as much money as you can independent of Tiger, Inc. I'll buy Puma clothes from you. You were fooled, as many were. Now, hold your head up high and make a life for yourself. :)

If this is true, I'm buying all my athletic gear from Puma from now on.

1737 days ago


Grocery Store Worker, Clothing Store Sales Girl, Nanny, Married to billionaire, famous for most world wide coverage for battering husband, husbands multiple Mistresses coming out of the wordwork TO Spokesperson for a Major clothes line?????

1737 days ago

Tiger Fan    

Great for her. Hopefully she tells Tiger thank you and gives him 50%. She would never have gotten the deal without Tiger.

1737 days ago


For the record, I don't think Tiger Woods should stop playing golf. He's the best that ever has been at the sport. I also don't think he should lose endorsements that are based on his skill as a golfer. So, Nike Golf can keep him.

But any sponsor who based their ads on what a great guy his is or what a great family he has, should walk. He perpetrated a fraud on them, on Elin and on the public. Nobody forced him to marry Elin, he very probably married her because she enhanced his public image, made an excellent "golf wife" and therefore made his image more marketable. So, he deserves to lose any endorsements based on his image as a devoted family man.

I love that Puma wants to hire Elin, and I hope she makes a ton of money independent of Tiger. She needs to pack up her two beautiful children and go home to her family.

1737 days ago

London not England    

#113-Reality Check

I agree with your points..HOWEVER, I see this whole situation from a different Angle. Men are MEN....They are designed to "CHEAT"...
They really Are. Women are raised from the cradle to think that PRINCE CHARMING will sweep them off happily ever after....
Look at the #1 movie right now...."The Frog Prince" or whatever....
Disney and story books have been drilling this "make believe" concept into the heads of little girls for a looooong time! And in 2009, we ALL no better. IF we lived in a perfect world, yes, Tiger would have been satisfied...but Evidently NOT!
And, he is now experiencing the flip side of FAME. the "Tear Down"...
Personally I think a lot of it is racially motivated, but that's just my opinion. either way, Tiger is being targeted as badly as if he had slit this girl's throat, verses NOT wearing a condom.

1737 days ago


73. A puma's maximum weight is 230lb, whilst the tiger is the largest cat in the world and can weigh up to 660lb, with correspondingly larger teeth and claws. Tigers are immensely strong animals, capable of taking down huge prey such as gaur, water buffalo and even young elephants.

Posted at 4:56AM on Dec 16th 2009 by dion nash

Yes but a Puma is black harder to see and is better at sneakin lol!

1737 days ago


Please Elin walks away with money...I just walked away....

1737 days ago


I love Nike but I would gladly never buy their products again because they support Tiger and made light of his cheating and would totally buy Puma for supporting Elin.

Telling all those skanks that the marriage was just for show. Yeah, tell you poor kids that Tiger. They're gonna read this crap someday. You may be a winner on the golf course but who really cares when you're such a loser in life. Being a good man, a good husband and a good father is way more important than being a great golfer. Must have felt mighty big when you were getting your ego, among other things, stroked by all these nasty women but how big do you feel now? You could win every tournament you play in and you would still be a loser!

1737 days ago


Actually, I wore the Tretorns too, but a new company now owns the Tretorn that made the shoes from back then. The new Tretorns are aweful and cheap, nothing like the originals.

Also, Erin's family is loaded with money, so she does not need Tigers money. She married for love.

1737 days ago


With all the money shes going to get she wont need to work, so this would be a very juvenile move on her part.

Secondly, what makes any spouse (husband or wife) who wasn't involved in making the success qualified for walking away with 50% of any earnings of the marraige?

Tiger has been working on perfecting his skills all of his life. What part did she play?

1737 days ago

Deep Digger    

you people are funny. tiger ain't dead. he is talking to his agents, sponsors and business associates. you can follow their comments and get a feeling about tiger. tiger's agent said they are negotiating with sponsors. tiger made his last blog after negotiations ended. and the next day sponsors pulled out. this is how it is played. nobody is canceling a contract w/o getting a signature from tiger.

the reason he is hiding is because he wants to salvage as much as he can. he is designing a few golf courses around the world for the next few years. he is nike golf 100% and nike 5%. he gave enough time for sponsors canceling their contracts to move their items.

the next battle ground is world cup 2010 (it is a soccer event). it is really big. i like it as much or better than olympics. adidas won the sponsorship. but, nike is trying to reach to crowds. i do not know puma's position. i do not think elin can help in soccer. she is more like a fashion model. although, guys pay attention to hot chicks. but, elin is a cougar. i am guessing she will be more popular in sweden and europe.

1737 days ago

Tiger Tale    

I was hoping she would be the host of Cheaters next year.

1737 days ago


Even with a pre-nup, she will get enough from Tiger to last ten lifetimes. So what's really driving her? The pursuit of a career? Why wasn't that explored when she was "happily married"? Why wait until the most tumultuous time of your life to pursue a career? I call bullsh*t on all the "Saint Elin" crap.

Posted at 9:38AM on Dec 16th 2009 by Explained

She has to explain herself to you?
Well, for all purposes that count Tiger took his "love" and left, so of course she at least considers offers she is getting.

1737 days ago


What is a "cougar"? A mature woman? How old do you think Elin is?

1737 days ago

London not England    




She will get 80-100 Million easily!!!!! Nuff said!

1737 days ago
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