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Andrews on Stalker -- Throw Away the Key!

12/16/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews' Peeping Tom won't be sentenced until February -- but if she had her way, Michael David Barrett would "never sees the light of day" for that scumbag move he pulled with a spy cam.

Erin Andrews: Click to watch
Andrews made the plea yesterday in court -- and drove the issue home for our camera last night at LAX before hopping onto a red eye.

Despite all the action that went down in court earlier in the day, Erin's head was still focused on the college football bowl games -- particularly, the BCS championship ... though she wussed out and refused to predict a winner.

Personally, we're goin' with Alabama.

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1779 days ago


seriously what is the big deal about her? she is as busted as it comes, because she is tall and perky she is adored by frat boys. amazing.

1779 days ago


She's not even cute at all, and she's getting old (yes, women age like milk, while men age like fine wine). Add this to that the fact that she's VINDICTIVE, and, boy, she's outta here! In my city, most of the chicks put her to shame in the looks department.

I don't like her attitude, and I'm sure most men will view her differently after the dust settles. I hope ESPN replaces her SOON, and I hope they find a 23 year old cutie to replace this old man.

1779 days ago


Screw that bitch. I say good for him for posting the videos. We all enjoyed them. That bitch plays all sexy hollywood on the football games, but is insulted when we want to see her old saggy booty. Screw her.

1779 days ago


She is getting a lil long in the tooth but I'd still like to break it off in her.

1779 days ago


Dear tmz,

you guys are such douche bags. none of you deserve jobs. please take all the money that you all make being absolutely worthless, not contributing to any factor of society, and buy a lot of dynamite, lock yourselves in your own building, and light it. how about you leave people alone and let them do what they do. i know your lives are all boring and insignificant and your parents probably used to beat you with an extension cord, but don't take it out on television. i don't know who pays you people to be such untalented dumb asses, but i would love to have their money. go f**k yourself.

1779 days ago


I love how people always come on here and say "she's not hot" or "she's ugly" about all these celebs. Get over it, she's hot, thats why she's famous. She's a smoking hot chick that loves sports. Thats a pretty damn good combo. Are there chicks out there hotter than her that aren't famous? Yes, i know some that are hotter than her. Doesn't make her not hot. And she even looks good after being in court and without much makeup and catching a red eye.

The chick had her privacy violated. She works with basically all men, does men's football and basketball games so she's around those players, and the main demographic for her network is men so thats embarassing for her. Put yourself in her place and really think about how you'd feel. You'd want the person locked up for a while.

Especially if there are other victims. This guy will just do it again and now this girl has to worry about every hotel she goes to once he gets out.

1779 days ago


She is just a shell of the woman she used to be....just look at her. WOW!!! She used to flaunting around in all the outrageously sexy outfits...she's toned it down these days. I see that will be her trend for the rest of her career. She is so devastated. Her most private moments are not private anymore......the world now knows that she shaves her privates totally and completely bald and we know how she acts when naked in front of a mirror....you know that drives her nuts..... The crude comments at college games will always be around....these young guys will always be drawn to the two facts i mentioned above. She is deflated and her raunchy days are over...i doubt we will see the type of outfits she used to wear

1779 days ago



1779 days ago


To #7:
7. I love how people always come on here and say "she's not hot" or "she's ugly" about all these celebs. Get over it, she's hot, thats why she's famous."

Right. And so is Ron Jeremy and Chloe Kardashian. Erin is a dog. I don't even know what this thread is about, I just commented to make this plea: TMZ, please stop giving us news about the fuglies.

1779 days ago


I love how she describes him as a sexual predator when the only reason she has a job at espn is because of sex appeal

1779 days ago


You guys are idiot haters, Id like to see the dime pieces u all are f***ing! She has a degree from Florida to do this job and shes like 32 yrs old. U guys think its ok for a 48 yr old douche bag creeper to do what he did? u all need help its a wonder america is a full of dumbasses!

1779 days ago


wow what a dumb bitch. You want the dude to spent the rest of his life in prison just for taking video of you? Get over yourself you dumb whore. He is about to do over 2 years in prison. You should thank him for boosting your career for you. Never see the light of day? people like this scare me. She just loves the attention, talking to the paparazzi as long as possible. I have banged much hotter girls with waaaay prettier faces.

1779 days ago

who dat    

This woman would benefit from psychological counseling. One additional item, learn to put your crackberry down long enough so you are able to have a 2 minute interview. Strike Force Zebra isn't awaiting your every instruction.. Get over yourself.

This woman could have become wildly popular. I believe nearly everyone would have empathy for her, should she have handled this differently.

I still get the fuzz bumpers vibe off of her. Just come out Erin, nobody would mind.

1779 days ago

who the f*** cares    

I can't believe you guys would actually degrade this woman after what she's been through. for all you guys that think it was ok for the douche bag to video tape her and show it off on the internet, You're so F***** up!!What world are you living in? How would you like it if it was your mom,wife,girlfriend or your sister that he did it too? I bet you you'd all be pissed off. And yet you're giving this douche bag a high five for peeping on her. YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF DOUCHE BAGS!!and NEED to get a F****** life!!

1779 days ago
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