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Cobain Fam: Love's Been Bad Parent 'For Years'

12/17/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kurt Cobain's family claims Courtney Love has been an unfit parent for years -- and the plan to take custody of Frances Bean Cobain has been years in the making.

Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain

Charles Fradenburg -- Kurt Cobain's uncle -- told TMZ his sister Wendy O'Connor "has been trying to get custody of Frances for quite a few years." As we first reported, a judge appointed Wendy -- who is Kurt's mother -- as one of the two guardians of Frances Bean last week.

Fradenburg also tells us, "Courtney is not fit to take care of Frances, she can barely take care of herself ... Courtney wasn't doing any parenting at all, she was hiring nannies to do all of the work."

Fradenburg said, "This is a wonderful thing for the family."


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I'm sure Ms. O'Connor made plenty of mistakes in raising Kurt but it's not fair to blame her for the choice he made to take his own life (which I know that in itself is up for debate but whatever).
The fact of the matter is, Courtney has squandered Kurt's estate and is trying to rip her daughter off too. Courtney seemed to use her daughter as a publicity tool. And if the Uncle is right and she was raised by nannies then it is apparent she was only a mother when she felt like it. I hope that Frances spends the next 9 months preparing to fight her mother over control of his estate. It seems it would be in much more capable hands.

1684 days ago


Wow...Real accomplishment there, got her when she's within inches of being 18...
Love may not be perfect, but she's still the Mother...If Francis was soooo at risk, why was she allowed to remain with her Mother this long?...She's far too high-profile to have fallen through any cracks, and in all of the photo's she's in with her Mother she looks perfectly content...
No, this sounds more like Cobain's own unfit Mother is making one last feeble attempt to gain some form of control over Francis and HER money before she turns 18 and tells them all to "piss off"...

1684 days ago


Um in NY where F and C have lived the last 10ish years A CHILD CAN MOVE OUT AT 16 AND RENT THEIR OWN PLACE. NOt so in WA state though.

Wow, Wendy O put her own kid on the street at 16 because she was too distracted WHORING so now she is trying to make up with it?


She fools no one but FRANCES. Someday Frances will catch on just like Kurt had to. About Wendy I mean. Nice act tho, she is putting on about "giving a crap" when um WHERE WAS SHE FOR KURT WHEN HE WAS 2 YEARS YOUNGER THAN FRANCES IS. OH YEAH, THROWING KURT ON THE STREET TO LIVE UNDER A BRIDGE AND WITH FRIENDS. YEAH. NICE ONE WENDY

1683 days ago


"This is a wonderful thing for the family"

All that needs to be said!

Of course it is


1683 days ago


To those spouting how unfair it is to take Frances away from Courtney, are you aware that there were several periods throughout Frances Bean's life where she was taken care of by her grandmother or other members of the family because Courtney lost custody and/or was in rehab? Could their influence have at all been why Frances HAS turned out okay? As for slamming Kurt's mother, it's first of all impossible to judge situations we know nothing about, aside from the fact that Kurt had some angst about it. Have you considered that as the result of losing her son has altered her at all? As for Courtney, she's made her issues that may or may not get in the way of her parenting quite public. Seeing that Frances is 17, I'd say there's a good chance that she's okay with what's going on because at that age, a judge would take in consideration what a child has to say.

1678 days ago

slim jibbereaux    

she makes me want to swallow a 12quage shotgun..........
everyone loves a train wreck.

1678 days ago


1678 days ago

Jack Hampton    

I have to question some of the commenters sanity here have you not seen Courtney on TV talk show stoned and out of her head. The constant run ins with the cops!Godalmighty the woman is not fit to raise a dog much less a child. I think the judge made the right decision. It is incredible how some boobs will approve of any doped up twit. What is next turn your kid over to Lindsy Lohan to baby sit. Get a brain.

1437 days ago
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