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NFL Star Chris Henry Dies

12/17/2009 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NFL star Chris Henry has died as a result of the injuries he sustained after falling out of the back of a moving pickup truck yesterday.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police tell TMZ Henry died at 6:36 AM EST this morning.

He was 26.

As we previously reported, cops believe Henry -- a wide receiver on the Cincinnati Bengals -- jumped into the back of the truck, in an attempt to stop his fiancee from leaving a "domestic situation" at her parents' home in North Carolina.

Henry was rushed to a local hospital -- where he passed away this morning.

Authorities tell us they're still investigating the situation.

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blah blah blah next story please....

1770 days ago


Absolutely horrible and so, so sad....what an awful end for someone who seemed to be turning his life around. I truly hope he rests in peace. What a shame.

1770 days ago


47. Thank god none of your white racist are police officers. We would really never need investigations. How do you know she wasnt fighting with her parents and he was jumping in to calm her and prevent herself from hurting herself. He put his own life on the line to save the lives of others in the surrounding community. His life was taken just like the people who protect us over seas. He protected that community from a road rage driver in a huge truck. Have some respect Bob, and Ace11. Dont be mad cause a black man makes more mney than you and is a better man than youll both ever be. Where as youd let your wives, and children mother just fly off in a rampage he decided to take action. Soemthign you cowards know nothing about.

Posted at 10:33AM on Dec 17th 2009 by Aaron


That's a pretty good theory (not). Better than me?? Actually, he's dead. I'd say that makes him, "Not better than me".

1770 days ago


so let mi get this str8 .......... woman runs away from man............ man runs down the woman to follow...why???.. let her go DUDE... he ran her down and then he jump onto a moving vehicle???... look on that huge truck what the hell?? o0oo come on . what is this "Mission impossible"?.. so if she stopped the vehicle and run what was gonna happen? wouldn't he still be chasing her ? and why??? to buy her lunch!!????.... oh come on man he should have let her go....SHE RAN!!!!.. SO SAD RIP

1770 days ago

And your little dog too...    

This is the result of a pervasive type of groupthink that dwells within the entertainment/sports community.

You are not Gods. You do not live in a Michael Bay film. You are human, frail and flawed. You can get hurt. If you don't behave in a resonable manner, you could very well die.

These young men and women need to spend more time on critical thinking and less time on BANGING. Seriously.

1770 days ago


Welcome home!

1770 days ago


He had been busted for carrying a concealed firearm. Perhaps she swerved because she thought he was trying to kill her. Jumping onto the back of a truck to stop someone from leaving isn't something a reasonable person does and based on his record of assault, he doesn't sound like a guy you can gently tell to get off the truck.

So I'm not sure she has a responsibility in this case to ensure his well-being in a car he jumped into.

1770 days ago


hmmmmmmm after looking at the pictures of this dud I think Aerosmith's lyrics to a song put it best......."DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY"

1770 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

i dink his lafy was bein' really lagga head and she should be charged wid murder and sent way fe jail as well Tiger Wood's wife should be charged wid attempted murder and sent fe prison bommaclot.

1770 days ago


He deserved it. Sorry. He was terrorizing his fiancee. What grown man hops into the back of a pickup to chase after a woman he's fighting with? Jason from Friday the 13th? Please.

1770 days ago


#68 is DEAD on.

1770 days ago



The crack pipe called:
It said, "Put me down".

1770 days ago


Sure glad everyone in this country is so fervently protecting heterosexual marriages! Another one bites the dust...

1770 days ago


This is very sad, I am so sorry for the loved ones of this young man.One split second can change our lives. So many people are talking bad about Tiger, which I know he did some bad things to his wife & children by cheating, but he could have been killed when taking off in his car & the posts would be a lot different. If you are in a bad relationship..leave. Domestic violence is never right in any situation. RIP Chris Henry.

1770 days ago


I do not think the GF is at fault here. Henry has a history of violent actions and has a bad temper. There is no indication that he abused his GF, but I think we need to read between the lines here.

1. We know there was a fight
2. We know his gf/fiancee was leaving the scene.
3. More than likely she was fleeing because she felt threatened in some reason. Also that corresponds with the evidence. Why would he jump into the back of the truck if he was not "chasing" her?
He should have let her leave. She probably was feeling threatened in some way.

I think this is just an unfortunate situation, but Henry is the one that has the checkered past including violent outbursts.

1770 days ago
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