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The Governator Is Working Hard ... on His Biceps

12/17/2009 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the California unemployment rate at a record high, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the gym in Copenhagen on Wednesday.


At least the 62-year-old is still able to pump up something.


No Avatar


LMAO...but what about the budget???!!

1773 days ago


It must require a lot of muscle to cut through all of that "bureaucratic red tape".

1773 days ago


gray davis says HI, arnold. why did you steal my job?

1773 days ago


Obviously the Governator is not the man he used to be...

1773 days ago


Arnold was great in Total Recal and Terminator! Still going strong and sexy!

1773 days ago


Leave the man alone. You people seem to expect these politicians to work 24/7 just because YOU say so. Last I heard, people DO have a life outside of their job. Half you silly people are at work RIGHT now...and what are you doing? Wasting time on an 'entertainment' site like TMZ.

How bout YOU get to work?!! Losers

1773 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

First time he's been in a gym in 4 years? Calif has budget crisis. Who's paying for all these trips he's taking to DC, Denmark (isn't that right next to where he was born)?

1773 days ago


Holy crap! the guy has a right to work out in a gym! No one is expected to work 24/7, give the guy a break! Oh no, he is going to take a bathroom break next, film at noon

1773 days ago


Screw you all! Arnold is the man. It be cool if he could actually get back to how he used to look. Well, at least with a bit of muscle. I mean the last time he was packed was when he was over 55. Aging sucks, but nothing beats The Terminator.

1773 days ago

sultry siren    

I am not sure why we aren't protesting in the streets to impeach this guy. He has done nothing for this state since he took over. He is just sitting back collecting the checks and waiting for the efforts of others to pay off so he can get in front of the camera and profess that he has done something... like making California green. This guy is a joke!!!!!!! People are suffering and California has one of the worst unemployment rates in the country. People are furloughed, laid off. And he has no message of hope, or plan of action!!! He and his wife are just going about their lives disobeying laws and spending their money. Out with this fool!!!

1773 days ago


Boy did Collieforneeyah get screwed by putting this worthless, self-serving a-hole in office.

1773 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Because you never know when you are going to fall out of the back of a pickup truck at least he will be able to hold on. Duhhhh, now that is productive it must have been a turnip truck or watermelon is so stupid and you need to keep your big ju nose out of politics

1773 days ago

Mac Daddy    

I am 65 years old and can bench press 425 lbs. And your Mama said I don't have a problem getting anything up. And it takes a licking and keeps your mama ticking.............Deal with that smart ass reporter.

1773 days ago


You guys are idiots. Who cares about someone working out. It shows he cares for himself but since you are making fun of him, why don't you cover The Annointed One playing golf while he is running this country into record debt.

1773 days ago


THIS IDIOT, ALONG WITH THE DEMS, HAVE RUINED THIS STATE !! Over-taxed and over-spending !! WTF for ?? To pay off State employee pensions and to buy new furniture for Ridley-Thomas ! IT'S JUST DISGUSTING !!

1773 days ago
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