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Beyonce's Mom Files for Divorce

12/18/2009 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce Knowles' mom -- the original costume designer for Destiny's Child -- has filed for divorce from her husband Mathew Knowles.


Tina Knowles
filed divorce papers in Harris County, Texas last month, in an attempt to end their almost 31-year marriage. In the documents, it says Tina and Mathew "ceased to live together as husband and wife on or about January 5, 2009" -- the exact day of their 30th wedding anniversary.

Back in October, Mathew was hit with a paternity lawsuit from a woman who's not his wife -- no word if that affected Tina's decision to pull the plug.

Mathew has been Beyonce's manager for years, so there could be a ton of cash up for grabs in the split.

The couple has two children together: Beyonce and Beyonce's younger sister.


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Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Sad.Very sad. Have some smarts,dignity. How can you not when you have millions at stake?
Matthew Knowles should have known better. GET A VESECTONMY!!!!
Word is her parents had an open marriage, one in name only, and were long separated. One of those marriages where it would make nosense,legal of financially to diovrce. Why?
Matthew is dumb.
the woman gets his share of his money. Tina divides up 1/s now of the empire with Matthew. House of DeReon is most likely hers and Beyonce's and the entertainmnet managing company is his.

Good FOR TINA Beyince . Elin is following suit. Good going.Self-repect,self-pride and having someone love you above all is worth it. Leave the jerks.

Oh, the other child is named Beyonce's other sister like Liza Minelli has a sister and Barbra Striestand has a sister,LOL!!!

these girls should have all found real work even behind the scenes rather than try ot follow a SuperStar World Reknowned Sister who goes by one name

1768 days ago

Ms. K    

LMAO@ Beyonce lil sister!!!! Hilarious

1768 days ago


Just because u black doesnt mean u cheat. Mr.Knowles has a lot a guts of cheating on a black women. Eithier he did or not , i dont know.I bet you Tina(Mrs.Knowles) beat the hell out of "Ike" LOL. But i feel bad for them.And it near christmas time so im not sure thier gonna have a good holiday. And its not funny "Beyonce little sister" she has a name TMZ. SOLANGE.Joking about b,c,d list is stupid. People on here writin its not even on a list. So stfu.

1768 days ago


God love her!

1768 days ago


You guys got something against Solange? You can name Tiger Woods and David Letterman's whores by name but she's only "Beyonce's younger sister"?

1768 days ago


I know Solange is pissed about being 'Beyonce's little sister.'
haha. thats awesome.

1768 days ago


Poor B.
I don't want to be like this.

1768 days ago


i guess that old saying: "everything glitter aint gold" is true!!! Miss B will have to make room for that new baby in the family! I wonder what's next, she finding out her husband is doing the same thing! hahahahahahaha

At least the woman that he cheated with should have been cute! she's not cute she looks like the whore of babaloyan like Beyonce!

1761 days ago


umm... come on guys, "beyonce's sister" has a name.

1746 days ago

feel sorry for all of them    

Everyone in our office and elsewhere KNOWS the she is a satan worshipper and she married someone who is an open satan worshipper (connections). so sad for her...her real mother is her "aunt"???, and her father has had MANY children with other wonder she does not have an OUNCE of respect for herself c they way she shows her private parts so easily and without shame...that is how girls act who were never treated like a princess or a lady. she seems like she is a postitute with videos out the way she does encouraging young girls to exploit themselves like she does

1619 days ago


Is too late but I wished Be's parents had hold on to what they have for 3o years. I mean they 've come a long way to give up a beautiful journey.

1538 days ago
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