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Brittany Murphy -- Frantic Rescue Effort

12/22/2009 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy Brittany Murphy's husband and mother made a frantic attempt to revive her before paramedics arrived ... this according to notes written by an investigator from the L.A. County Coroner's office. And, there were a shocking number of strong prescription meds on Brittany's nightstand.

TMZ has reviewed the documents, written by Investigator Blacklock. According to his notes, Brittany Murphy "had been complaining of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pain" for 7 to 10 days prior to her death. According to the notes, Murphy went into the bathroom at around 7:30 AM Sunday and shut the door.

A half hour later Brittany's mother, Sharon Murphy, went to check on her daughter, opened the bathroom door and "discovered the decedent lying on the floor unresponsive." According to the notes, Sharon yelled for help. Brittany's husband, Simon Monjack, who was in bed, heard the screams and ran to the bathroom.

According to the notes, Sharon called 911 and Simon "attempted to revive the decedent by placing her in the shower and running the water."

The notes continue -- "The decedent remained unresponsive and purged her stomach contents prior to the arrival of the paramedics."

When the paramedics arrived, Brittany was "without signs of life."

Paramedics moved Brittany from the bathroom to the master bedroom, where they found a slew of prescription drugs -- "A check of the nightstands revealed large amounts of prescription medication in the decedent's name. Also noted were numerous empty prescription medication bottles in the decedent's husband's name, the decedent's mother's name and unidentified third party names."

According to the notes, the medications included Topamax (anti-seizure meds also to prevent migraines), Methylprednisolone (anti-inflammatory), Fluoxetine (depression med), Klonopin (anxiety med), Carbamazepine (treats Diabetic symptoms and is also a bipolar med), Ativan (anxiety med), Vicoprofen (pain reliever), Propranolol (hypertension, used to prevent heart attacks), Biaxin (antibiotic), Hydrocodone (pain med) and miscellaneous vitamins.

The notes say, "No alcohol containers, paraphernalia or illegal drugs were discovered."

According to the notes, "The night prior to her death, the decedent had consumed some noodles, leftover Thai food, Gatorade, water and tea with lemon."

The notes also say Brittany had a history of hypoglycemia and was hospitalized in April 2009 for low blood sugar while on location in Oregon."

Monjack told the investigator during the 7 to 10 days prior to her death, Brittany complained of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pains but he was not overly alarmed because "she often suffered from severe menstrual pains."

Brittany MurphyThe investigator spoke with police at the scene, who told him "foul play is not suspected."


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it's so very sad, she was such a cute and sexy young lady. I am so sorry for her loved ones. I think all those pills just stopped her heart. The Beta Blocker really slows the heart rate, she should not have not mixed all those pills. I am heart broken.

1766 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Shocking amount of prescription meds, who are the Dr Feelgoods these celebs go to? This is Heath Ledger revisited.

1766 days ago


This really shocked me because I saw Brittnay as this sweet girl from "Just Married". And I hope to not hear she was on presciption drugs. If there were bottles of pills in different people names in their home, something isn't right. And they were in her mom and husband's names too? I highly doubt all of them needed all that medication. A plea to Hollywood... get off the drugs! The cops need to crack down on these doctors prescribing them all of these pills. They REALLY don't need them. RIP Brittnay. You were very talented and beautiful.

1766 days ago


Interesting that the druggie husband put his unconscious wife in the shower....isn't that what people do to try and help someone who is OD'ing?

1766 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Time will tell if drugs killed her, but many have no sympathy towards dopers.

Jacko fans are wacked.

584. To the poster who said we would not do anything if we saw

molesting children: You know what, you're right! Because if MJ was
molesting kids, that could only mean that, for some reason that we
might not be able to understand, God determined that it was really
okay to molest kids. And like I said, we might not be able to
understand it, but MJ would not do anything wrong and God would not
guide MJ to do anything wrong. If MJ did it, it must be okay and it's
up to us then to try to understand why it's okay. MJ was a good man
the best man and he would not do anything wrong.
Posted at 11:45AM on Dec 20th 2009 by Julie
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1766 days ago


Topamax is also used for people who want to stop overeating. One of the drugs side effects is that it stops all appetite and major weight loss can follow. A lot of people see this side effect as a plus making it the sole reason they go on Topamax but clearly...every drug has it's price :( Also, Topamax has been nicknamed "Dopeamax" but it's users because another one of it's side effects is that it makes you extremely forgetful and spacy. RIP Brittany. I hope her death can be used as a wake up call for all the prescription drug users/abusers out there- just because your doctor prescribes it to you, doesn't mean it's good for you. Drugs are drugs, prescription or not.

1766 days ago


Too bad that nobody at the house apparently knew CPR. I wonder what might have happened if the husband started CPR instead of dragging her into the shower. But it might not have made a difference either way. She might have died instantly once she had cardiac arrest.

1766 days ago

A Man Among Men    

The shortness of breath is one of the symptoms of H1N1.

1766 days ago


Just because there are several medications in her home doesn't mean she was 'dr shopping'. And having 10 different medications in your home isn't one of those things that really should be wow'd. My mother in law takes close to that many daily for various illnesses and chronic pain. Her death could have been caused by anything. She may have been young....but when my first husband died..he was only 24!! And he died of Cardiac Arrest also!

1766 days ago


This is all very sad. Topamax and Carbomezapine (both of which I've taken but not together) are mood stabilizers used for those with bipolar disorder. For Topamax, this is an off label use. Anti-seizure meds are often prescribed to treat bipolar. This, together w/ her rx for an antidepressant, suggests she suffered from some form of the disorder. I have also been prescribed both Ativan and Klonopin along WITH these other meds, but neither of these at the same time since they basically do the same thing. Klonopin, however, I found to be stronger and has a longer half life.

Not familiar w/ the two other drugs, but those I mentioned above should have caused her no problem (unless she was taking lots of the ativan and klonopin at the same time).

1766 days ago

Not buying the crocodile tears    

Well, personally, I would have first thought an eating disorder that through off her electrolytes severely and caused a heart attack (not the same as cardiac arrest) that was and/or coupled with drug abuse. Now hearing of the prescriptions, I can't help but wonder was she misdiagnosed and actually suffered from mitral valve prolapse with mitral regurgitation. It is generally a rather common and mild condition, but if it's bad enough or left undiagnosed & therefore mistreated, patients can experience extreme anxiety, hypoglycemia, syncope, mood swings, heart palpitations, susceptibility to infection, severe sweating, panic attacks, weight loss, blurred vision, and is quite often misdiagnosed for BIPOLAR DISEASE! The worst of MVP with MR patients need their valve either repaired or even replaced, which requires open heart chest surgery. My first inclination toward Britney Spears years ago was that she may have it, but she doesn't present with many of it's other symptoms. But Brittany Murphy? Yes! I think she should have had an echo cardiogram done some time ago. And if she did have MVP with MR and did use drugs or didn't eat properly, it would have made the condition far far worse and might have even shut down her heart. Someone missed treating her for something far different, in my opinion.

1766 days ago


Probably an accidental overdose.

But please stop bitching about doctors prescribing pain meds.

If you find yourselves in pain, you will all be screaming for the maximum amount of pain killers.Guaranteed.

It's not her doctors' fault if she abused the system.
Adults are expected to use some common sense.

1766 days ago


Just an fyi.. Topamax is also used to aid in weight loss...

1766 days ago

Just the Facts    

Carbamazepine is not a diabetic drug. I am a certified pharmacy technician and studying to be a pharmacist. I have never heard of Carbamazepine being used for diabetes proper, but it is used off-labeled for neuropathy associated with diabetes, but if Brittany Murphy was using an antiepileptic/mood stabilizer for main treatment of diabetes small wonder it didn't help her. Actos, Metformin, Glyburide, Glipizide, etc. are sulfonylureas that treat diabetes. Somebody needs to get their facts straight!

1766 days ago

MY EYES!!!    

that's a lot of drugs

1766 days ago
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