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Shane Sparks

The Mug Shot

12/23/2009 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shot of "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks -- taken moments after he was arrested and charged with 8 counts of child molestation last week.

Sparks' lawyer tells TMZ Shane is innocent -- and merely the victim of an extortion plot.

LAPD Detective John Eum tells TMZ the LAPD is still investigating and looking for other possible victims.


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I kinda saw this one coming.. he did a radio interview in Vegas not that long ago and he was talking about he likes young chicks. The DJ was even making fun of him and joking that he was "robbin da craddle" good stuff. Feel bad for the kids thought.

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His hairline looks jacked up. No wonder he wears that hat all the time.

1767 days ago


that aint no forehead.. its a fivehead. holla

1767 days ago


this is good because everyone knows that women never lie. a woman would never make up a story like this, even though she stands to earn money from her story and become a bit famous. he must be guilty, otherwise a sweet innocent angel would never say such things. women are perfect beings.

1767 days ago


Technically he didn't deny he happened. Any statement like "she waited til I was famous to report it"...sounds pretty incriminating. So it did happen but because she waited 15 years then it should be pushed under the rug. Now I see why he keeps his forehead and eyes covered...

1767 days ago

Detective Eum    

I am the investigator assigned to this case.

It is sad that many of you are attacking the victim. She has NEVER
made any monitary demands of Shane and is NOT looking to make money from this.

I was first made aware of this case when I received a call from a professional person due to the Mandatory Child Abuse reporting laws
(I can't tell you what kind of professional due to LAPD and State
policies, but it was not a lawyer). That professional then had to
encourage the victim to come forward and talk to me.

It is hard for any sexual assault victim to come forward and face the
scrutiny that YOU the public put them. Then they have to face a jury
and cross examination of a defense attorney and tell them about the
sexual act. Who really wants to do that in front of strangers, let
alone have this revealed to the victim's own family members?

That's why many sexual assault victims bury the secret and keep them
inside until they can't deal with pain anymore. Some seek counselling and a few find the courage to come forward and report the crime.

I have spent years working as a sexual assault investigator and know how hard it is for a victim to go through the criminal justice system. However, I encourage any woman who has been victimized by Shane to talk to me.

Many have asked about the statue of limitations. Know that this case was filed under California Penal Code 803(f)(1) PC. This was the law that was passed when everyone got mad that we could not prosecute the Catholic priests who admitted to molesting boys years after the crimes had occurred, due to the then 6 year statue of limitations.

We had to meet this criteria in 803 before we could even file the charges,

(C) There is independent evidence that corroborates the victim's
allegation. If the victim was 21 years of age or older at the time of
the report, the independent evidence shall clearly and convincingly
corroborate the victim's allegation. (excerpt from the California
Penal Code 803).

That evidence will be presented in court and Shane will be judged

I believe there are other victims out there. Please call me, you name will remain confidential.

John Eum
Detective II
Van Nuys Detectives
(818) 374-0052

1767 days ago


statue of limitations.

Should be spelled "statute"

1767 days ago


That radio interview was classic! OMG That DJ in Vegas grilled him! See the first comment, well worth listening too!

1767 days ago


Do these "Perverts" really think that their sorry ass's are gonna get away with their crimes?? Wake up sick ass perverts, your victims have voices!!

1767 days ago


Thank you TMZ for continuing coverage on this Shane Sparks case. I truly believe and KNOW who Shane Sparks really is. He is a sick man. He doesnt even deserve to be called a man, he is a monster and coward. He is a 40 year old pervert that has gotten away with this for too long. I hope more girls or anyone with any info about him come forward to the Detective. You can remain anonymous. Everyone in the dancing world always knew Shane was weird and liked younger girls like it was a joke or something. Little did they know this really went on and needs to be held liable and put away so this doesnt continue.

1766 days ago


WOW!! OMG! Do you think they will still let him be a judge on the show?????

1766 days ago

What radio interview?    

Commenter #1: where is the radio interview you're talking about? when you click on that link it just takes you to the main page. I don't see it.

1766 days ago

Ms. Honest    

I have known Shane for several years and I must say, through all this, I believe in him and I'm still honored to call him my friend. It's a shame that people draw conclusions about someone's whole character based on what 1 person accuses them of. I have not spoken to Shane in a long time as we lost contact, but none the less, if you are reading this...You have my continued support.

1766 days ago


LOOKS to me like a fishing expedition. LOOKS like the prosecution wants a current case and is using a very old case to flush out some hidden so called victims.

My experience all this does is ruin Shanes rep and bring greaks out to cash in on Shane fame.

I believe the letter to be fake as just with the Casey Anthony case freaks come out - all in the name of justice. I think Shane deserves innocence until he has a chance to defend himself and we get to see all the evidence.

Yes - I think waiting 15 is pathetic. Where were her parents? Parents need to be charged as well as Shane.

Justice for ALL

1766 days ago
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