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Duggar Family on the Move for XMAS

12/24/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 1 1/2 pound baby born to mass-producer Michelle Duggar will have family around her for Christmas, thanks to a family that has opened its home.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar - along with their brood -- would have had to travel 200 miles to see 2-week old Josie for XMAS. But a sympathetic family that lives close to the hospital has opened its home and allowed the entire Duggar family -- now 19 kids strong -- to move in so they can all visit baby Josie.

Merry XMAS.

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I am glad to hear that this family is letting them use their house.

I still feel, however, that the Duggars are doing a terrible thing with going forward and having more and more babies. I will be really interested to see what they do after this last baby born a premie.

This is just not normal....and I know some bible thumping people will tell me it is, but it is not!!!

1762 days ago


Is crazy Granny Dugger preggers yet ? Las Vegas needs to start taking bets. My bet would be that Granny and Grandpa Duggar will be preggers before their sick child leaves the hospital. This pair is nuts...

1762 days ago

blue skies    

That's a wonderful story.

1762 days ago


When will Jimbob Stop. Leave the kids home. The hospital DON'T need the whole famly there. All is Fame for him. Weird

1762 days ago


Stop taking CHRIST out of Christmas. Is it that hard to type 5 more letters..... !!!

1762 days ago

I hope this baby survives. I do think the Duggar's should stop re-reproducing. COME ON.

1762 days ago


Merry Christmas to the Duggars... I'm happy to read there still good people left in this world...I watch the Duggars every week...

1762 days ago

mjfan 4ever    

These people need to stop having children.Doesn't Michelle Duggar realize how hard it is on her body to have kid after kid?She is going to be dead before her time,that is what happend to my grandmother at the age of 42 and after having 13 kids!Use some birth control!!

1762 days ago

legal beagle    

Yeah I think jim bob needs to be held down and forced to get a vasectomy before he kills this woman or brings any more kids into this world. She is way to old to be having any more babies and this last pregnancy was a warning.
As is is, this poor child they just had will probably be damaged because she was born way to soon.

1762 days ago


to Unbelieveable the "X" in Xmas is an acceptable substitution for Christ dating back until at least the 1400's. THey would abbreviate Xmas, Xtian, and Xtianity. Look it up. And on to the big is this house that they can have all of them stay over? I really hope this is the last baby they have. It is obvious her body ( if not God) is telling her enough is enough. I pray this baby does make a full recovery and have a normal childhood/life.

1762 days ago


GOOD GOD! Is this really entertainment??? To see how many kids she can drop from her va-JJ.... I can't believe TLC airs this show.

1762 days ago

interested canadian    

thats the meaning of Christmas

1762 days ago


How do they support all these kids?

1762 days ago

dr cyclops    

we support their kids with out tax dollors ..they collected over 500,000 in governemtns benifits and rebates and write offs for those little punks just last year..i for one want this to stop..either cut off his balls or strealize her like we did back in the good ol days,

1762 days ago


There is nothing good about this story. All you people that think these people are somehow wonderful have rocks in your head. It's all about the parents not the kids. How in the hell can these people have any sort of real and connected relationships with any of these kids. You might as well have no parents at all. These people make me sick!

1762 days ago
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