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O.C. Choppers - Dad Sues Gearhead Son

12/24/2009 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The father/son team that star on the hit TV show, "American Chopper", are locked in a bitter lawsuit ... ironically, these gritty, grease-covered motorcycle badboys are suing over stock options -- and daddy wants more than a mil from his son.

Paul Teutul
, Sr. is suing Paul M. Teutul, claiming they had a deal in which daddy could purchase sonny boy's stock in the Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc. -- the motorcycle company.

Daddy sent a letter to his kid saying he was exercising the option to buy the kid's stock. But according to the lawsuit, filed in the Supreme Court of New York, the kid won't give it up.

Daddy is also suing Orange County Choppers, Inc. -- awkward.

Teutul, Sr. is suing Jr. for damages in excess of $1 million, and wants an order from the judge forcing the kid to ante up his stock to daddy.


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Chicago Ray    

Junior is a punk and he singlehandedly nearly brought the company to BK and if I was Senior I'd sue him to change his name, as he thinks he's all that, yet still markets himself as "Jr" What an idiot.

Don't get me started on the other son. I don't wanna be the next person in trouble for calling someone re&&&&ed. Who knows what his excuse is. How he got this old alone is a mystery in itself. Nice guy but about as useless as a match in a tsunami.

1696 days ago

Heather Leigh    

You guys are crazy. Suing each other. My God how much money do you need Dad. How much money would it take, how much cash, to see your son laid out in his cofin. Gone forever, I bet you would give up it all.No money in the world would be enough. Why fight. You can't take it with you. Son in rehab, son starting over...where are you
For Gods sake..wakeup paul senior

1735 days ago


Sr. is an ass

1735 days ago


Sr. cries like a baby about his dog and talks smack about his son.

1735 days ago


Sr. is a nut but Ya i think a lot of this has to do with the new wife. on the last show i seen his NEW kids working in the shop. Classic money grubber, divide and conker. out with the old kids in with the new. and yes all his business dealings with his kids ends badly. anyone see a pattern here?................

1719 days ago


I think Paul SR has no IDEER what he`s doing.

1719 days ago


I have watched this show from the begining. In many episodes Sr. has said that Jr. and he were partners in the compnay since all of the design came from Jr. Now that being said I wonder if the agreement Jr signed prevents him from degining bikes? With Vinnie and Cody out doing their own thing I was surprised that Jr didn't go over to them and that TLC would run a show about that. I would look for OCC to go bankrupt in the near future. Thats a huge building and a large staff to try and keep up on the crappy bikes they make. Also it should be known that from I have read Sr has no relationship with any of his kids. He has gone out of his way to piss them off to the point they don't ever want to talk to him again. Sr is also not very well liked in the town he lives in. Most think he is arrogant.. well If it were me and my old man we would have just went out back and beat each other up until the whole thing was settled..

1719 days ago


This company is going down. Choppers are soo 15 yrs ago. Now it's off TV. If I was the kid, I'd gladly take the million. Sr is suing his own company. How much longer will this business survive?This is not going to attract customers.

1719 days ago

Bobo Frog    

White trash. The entertainment value of the show (to some) was watching them fight....yeesh.

1764 days ago


Can we say greedy?

1764 days ago


Eeeyaagh...ever been near tyre smoke over spilt mobil oil? It smells THAT BAAAD!!!!

1764 days ago


This should make for a nice Christmas. Like dad really needs the money. And yes they are whitetrash, rich, but trash anyway!

1764 days ago

okie gal    

ohhh man, this is just so wrong!

1764 days ago


ya right looks like a bunch of fun, been there done that

1764 days ago


Go Senior, Junior is a boring, spoiled rotton and all mouth.
Who would know nothing if it wasn't for your Will power to build a business. He loves to talk and be a big shot.

1764 days ago
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