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James Cameron -- True Lies

12/26/2009 4:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just five days before James Cameron called a fan a "f**king a**hole" after refusing to sign an autograph, the "Avatar" director proclaimed that he'd "sign as many autographs as people will line up for."

James Cameron -- True Lies
During an interview with "Good Day L.A." -- which airs on the FOX station in L.A. -- on December 18, Cameron told Dorothy Lucy, "The only worse thing than to have to sign a lot of autographs is to have them not show up."

Apparently, Cameron forgot that logic Wednesday afternoon, when he rejected a fan request at LAX -- and then blasted the guy for invading his "personal space."


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He's still a jerk... why do the comment fools think his behaviour was appropriate if they guy was going to sell the autograph on ebay. Reading through the comments it looks as if Cameron has a squad of goons commenting to defend him. He's a jerk and ugly!

1759 days ago


Mr. Cameron doesn't deserve another award from Oscar. He is a worse Hollywood's director. Cameron doesn't know how to make a good film. It is not the old Hollywood anymore.

1758 days ago


There is a time and place to ask for autograhphs. JC is happy to sign these at a designated time and place, its acceptable to refuse when he's just stepped off a plane and someone IS invading his personal space.

1758 days ago


Just saw "Avatar" this weekend. Thought it basically sucked, except for the special effects.

1758 days ago


...i'm not defending cameron, i'm defending the right of anyone to say get out of my personal space, and to have that respected the first time that it's requested...posters who feel cameron should have defused the situatiom by giving in, or by saying nothing, miss the point, completely -- he has the right to behave as he wants when on his own time, just as you do. he doesn't have to behave in the manner you deem fit, he's in a free country...that said, how is appeasing a stalker in anyway a good idea? why give a begging dog scraps at the table if you don't want the behavior to continue?...

1758 days ago


OK. How many of you have had a bad day and behaved badly? Never? Really? were important enough that people cared to come up to you and ask for an autograph (or even talk to you)and you had things like concerns about making sure a studio/investors gets their hundreds of millions back and that your film which you have planned for 10 or 15 years succeeds after all your hard work, would you want to deal with a pushy autograph dealer who "just happened" to have an acquaintance with a camera ready? Not unlike a lotto winner with a million "friends" and lost relatives showing up at their door after years of picking numbers and buying tickets. -Except that this guy worked 14+ hours a day on details you can't even comprehend to make a movie that may or may not get picked apart by self-annointed "experts" like Perez Hilton, et all.

Until you walk in their shoes..

1758 days ago


James Cameron is a Legend, That Dumbass Merchant who just wants to make cash should get a better job then making $15 a hour, LIAR! he don't make $15 a hour, he makes his money with the autographs, we all know it, James knows it!


1757 days ago


You idiots. He wasn't even a fan- he was an eBay seller getting whiny. Cameron is very kind to his real fans. Now, TMZ, continue being idiots.

1757 days ago


" I will never see another movie of his!! Thanks for the video, TMZ!!!

Posted at 10:28AM on Dec 26th 2009 by Mary"

That was one of the dumbest posts I've ever read.

1757 days ago


re: russel dee: "Doesn’t it bother you just knowing that they really despise us fans and look down on us. Doesn’t it bother you that if you had asked Cameron for his autograph he would have treated you the same way he treated that guy at the airport?..."

...not at all...i wouldn't ask for an autograph or approach a celebrity...i couldn't care less about them personally, outside of the entertainment they provide for my movie-dollar, they do not exist for me...this issue has to do with cameron's right to behave how he wants on his time, not about what others expected him to do...

1757 days ago


As the real writer of Harry Potter, Avatar, Back To Future, Simpsons etc...I do not sign autographs. I prefer people to leave me alone and go about their business. However I did sign a handful of autographs for people who know me. As for the Avatar sequel...I'm thinking about burning that one. Call me A liar, I don't care... chances are that I have a match.

1493 days ago
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