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James Cameron -- True Lies

12/26/2009 4:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just five days before James Cameron called a fan a "f**king a**hole" after refusing to sign an autograph, the "Avatar" director proclaimed that he'd "sign as many autographs as people will line up for."

James Cameron -- True Lies
During an interview with "Good Day L.A." -- which airs on the FOX station in L.A. -- on December 18, Cameron told Dorothy Lucy, "The only worse thing than to have to sign a lot of autographs is to have them not show up."

Apparently, Cameron forgot that logic Wednesday afternoon, when he rejected a fan request at LAX -- and then blasted the guy for invading his "personal space."


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1762 days ago


what an ass...........his movie is off my list to see's

1762 days ago

Johnny Costello    

Hmmm Cameron gets off a flight and low and behold, a "fan " happens to be standing right where Cameron is getting picked up. The "fan" also is prepared with a poster because he is such a huge "fan". I wouldn't give that C***sucker an autograph either. His dumb ass hat gives away the fact that this douche is probably paparrazi or a "writer" for some sh** rag tabloid. Glad i don't live in Cali.

1762 days ago


re: jim2008...the results are aggregated from two different threads...this is an absolute farce...FU tmz!...

1762 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Wow, TMZ, you're really out to get him, huh? Is this because he told one of your cameramen to "start making movies and stop F'ing around" when asked how to become a successful director?

You guys are like a bunch of vindictive teenage girls. And the Christian conservatives are eating this up because they feel that Avatar's message goes against their beliefs.

1762 days ago


He's a jerk. I personally think that most stars don't give a s**t about their fans and maybe why I think Hollywood sucks. Maybe this place should crumble to the sea with all the stars in it, well at least the jerky ones.

1762 days ago


RE malvolio: Not buying it. I think Cameron is a ruthless prick. I think he's slaunched a campaign againt TMZ. And I think you're in on it. Again. I'm just 'sayin.

1762 days ago


Never been a fan of Cameron. I would have given Titanic tech an A but the love story a C and the plotline of a poor boy moving about in society a D. Avatar may be the greatest tech movie made but Cameron able to do a love story well?

1762 days ago


malvolio, you comments are all completely retarded, and here's why:

James Cameron has been pretty successfully in the entertaining business for more than 30 years. Given his lasting appeal, he should have known how to deal with this situation accordingly, but he didn't – he basically acted like a pathetic child. Now, if he was a praised, but more art-house director, like say Lars Von Trier, it would probably not be that important; the big issue here is that Cameron is a BIG-TIME BLOCKBUSTER MOVIEMAKER that have dealt with fans and autograph seekers ever since “The Terminator”. What happened at this airport is not at all foreign to him (if you genuinely think that this was THE FIRST TIME EVER that some random dude asked him to sign a poster at some random places, if you actually think that NO ONE ever asked him to sign a “T2” or “Titanic” poster at an airport, then my friend you're officially a hopeless cretin... period.) So he knew what was happening, therefore he should have known the 3 ways to deal with such a situation:

- The Will Smith/Tom Cruise way: just sign the poster, say something like “Thanks for supporting the movie” or maybe “Happy holidays” and just walk away. There, that's 10 SECONDS OF HIS LIFE he spent on that guy, and all he'll probably get from that is praise (“Hey, James Cameron's a nice guy!”). At worst, if the 'fan' asked for more autographs on more of his stuffs, he could turn it around by just saying “Man, I just gave you one. What you’re doing ain’t cool.” Boom, just like that, he made sure the other guy looks like a complete d-bag, NOT HIM.

- The Stone-Cold way: Cameron just says “No” and walk off; The guy keeps on pestering him, but he just says “No”; he can even turn to the guy and say “You can ask how you want, but I’ll not going to give you an autograph. Heck, if anything, you repeatedly asking for one is only assuring that I will sign nothing to you!” Done! Yeah, Cameron may still be viewed as a d-bag to some people, but he still looks way better than the 'fan' that's refusing to hear "No" as an answer. He still looks pretty good after this.

But Jamie-Boy chose the most imbecilic way to deal with anyone from the public:

- The Sean Penn way: he verbally assaulted the guy, then went on back-and-forth with the man for an unbelievably long time over the merits of him signing this poster, a conversation which included plenty of swearing from both parties. At the end of the day, NO ONE looks good on this video - the 'fan' looks like just as big of a d-bag as Cameron, but there's one major difference between him and the director...

NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE AUTOGRAPH SEEKER. He's just a nobody that'll just return to obscurity the minute TMZ stops talking about this incident. Cameron, on this other hand, IS a big deal, and, since he does have a public persona to take care of, the whole story reflects badly solely on him, ESPECIALLY after this last video post where he claims he doesn't mind signing any autographs.

Now I know where people like you are coming from, malvolio - you're all overly certain that the 'fan' would have sold his poster on eBay for a profit if he could have got Cameron's signature. Let's just say that you're right and this was his endgame. The guy puts in the poster in an auction and get, let's say $200 for it (you thinking that he could have got over $1000 for it is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS - maybe now that there's all that controversy over this, but before the incident? Completely unlikely!) So he gets $200... who cares? Everybody ends up content at the end of the day, Cameron's still making millions, so he's not crying over this, and who knows what the guy's going to do with the money? Maybe he has kids to take care of, he's working two jobs to support his family, and selling signed movie posters is a good way to close his budget at the end of the month... who knows, and more importantly, WHO CARES? As I said before, Cameron had EVERY RIGHT to refuse to sign the damn thing - the only thing of importance is HOW he choose to do so.

Now look at the situation now: Cameron's reputation is (once again) tarnish; hundred of people in posts around TMZ said that they would boycott his new (and VERY expensive) picture solely based on his action on this video. The man actually gonna LOSE MONEY over this, just because he had a problem with spending TEN SECONDS ON HIS LIFE signing a poster! That's ridiculous - HE'S RIDICULOUS! Dammit, he saw the camera - he should have known better, but his douchebaggy ways got the better of him!

At the end of the day, I don't feel sorry for either one of this men, but it's undeniable that James Cameron is the main culprit of this whole incident, given his inability to deal with it in a must more mature matter. It's also undeniable

1762 days ago


...jim2008: i'm not trying to sell you anything. you asked why the poll numbers appeared off-kilter, and i informed you...unlike the majority of posters here, i don't give a rat's ass about cameron personally, i just don't like to see someone's rights violated in what's obviously a mean-spirited set-up, you're too easily led, get past your jealousy of the man, and shake your heads...

1762 days ago


How convenient that TMZ cameras just happened to be there when this occurred. Is it possible that it was a TMZ setup? Looks like the stalker did this intentionally. I don't blame Cameron.

1762 days ago


TMZ is pretty much the only media outlet slamming Cameron for this - so why not re run the story maybe that will all change today?

Nah his movie will make a zillion dollars; Harvey will remain 5 foot 5.

1762 days ago


This guy was not a typical fan. What fan shows up with a video camera in tow and is confrontational? Look at how fast his video feed hit the internet. It was a set up from the beginning. I'm glad James Cameron told him where to go. Not everyone is deserving and this guy should be glad he didn't get his eyes punched into his skull.

Hey, the lines for Avatar are around the corner at every screening. Fans are coming out of the theaters wowed and glowing with praise. The show is being sold out so this pathetic dude only brought James Cameron more props, the opposite of what he wanted.

1762 days ago


...mightmad, your rambling post means nothing to me, again, you and almost everyone else here have missed the point completely. james cameron can act anyway he wants on his own time --no means no! -- he has a gazillion dollars, so, boo-hoo, i'm sure the bad publicity will really hurt his wallet...who wants the attention of a bunch ill-informed sheep anyway? go ahead, group me with cameron, that's a compliment...

1762 days ago


this is a set up.cameron said no.yet the guy keeps on and on and on nagging him.and there just so happened to be a camera with the guy as he asked.lmao

1762 days ago
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