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Brooke Mueller 911 Call --

'Charlie Has a Knife'

12/28/2009 5:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Brooke Mueller on Christmas morning -- when she claimed Charlie Sheen threatened her life with a knife.


In the call, Brooke tells the dispatcher Charlie has a "knife" and "threatened me" and that she fears for her life. She also says Charlie is packing his stuff and trying to "sneak out the back" of the house.

As we first reported, Brooke was legally drunk with a .13 blood alcohol level when she made the 911 call ... at 8:34 in the morning.

Story developing...


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Swamp Mama    

Last I heard, it was legal to call 911 when drunk. Operating a motor vehicle, now that's another issue...

1724 days ago


Drunk at 8:30 AM?

I'm not a fan, but if he lived with her, Charlie should have moved out weeks before then.

1724 days ago


I think she sounds sincere but I don't think it sounds like a jail situation...just 2 people who got in a fight.

1724 days ago


Oh my god what a douche she is she dont even know what she is saying oh i have to file report oh god she needs help this stupid idot like i said he wanted to leave didnt buy her anything so she goes and threatens the cops if so many people were there were is their story ????

1724 days ago


Ok you stupid tr@mp...he has a knife and is threatening you AND is trying to sneak out the back door?

Die you lying pile of runny $hit.

1724 days ago


She sounded scared to me. She may have been drinking but she could respond to the questions coherently. I believe her.

1724 days ago


kudos to him for trying to leave - to bad she got stupid over him leaving - now HE will pay for her stupidity!!

1724 days ago


I like how she has to say her husband is Charlie Sheen. Why can't he just be Charlie?

1724 days ago


All nighter. Coke and booze. Merry Christmas!

1724 days ago


I don’t condone violence, but who’s already drunk at 8:30 in the morning? I don’t think for a minute he actually intended to hurt her. People do and say stupid things in the heat of an argument, but few carry through. It sounds like an argument that got out of hand. He was smart to walk away, he didn’t have to “sneak out”.

1724 days ago


what a load of crap! he has a pocket knife. she fears for her life but there are people there with them. she is a blabbering, drunk, and bitter person who is just trying to get leverage on him so she can get her prenup violated. another perfect example of how men get screwed over and have no rights. disguisting.

1724 days ago


She didn't sound like someone whose life had been threatened. She seemed to be mostly focused on filing the report. Very odd call.

1724 days ago


She's a drunk gold digger. RUN CHARLIE RUN!!!

1724 days ago


He married another addict and ugly skank who has her twin cash cows and is now looking for the big payday. Feel sorry for those little babies who are going to be raised by nannies because they have an unconscious mother who is likely high all the time. One can imagine she's gloating like a swine while spending his money like crazy in Aspen!

1724 days ago


Wow first it was Denise Richard's fault, and she was this and she was that and Charlie Sheen is such a wonderful man. Wake up everybody, it's not Brooke'a fault, it's Charlie Sheen who is the douche bag. What does it take? Charlie Sheen actually hurting his wife enough for her to end up in the hospital before you'all stop believing he is just such a sweet man and only a victim?

1724 days ago
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