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Child Services 'Aware' of Charlie Sheen Arrest

12/29/2009 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's domestic violence arrest in Colorado has already caught the attention of the local child services department -- and the case could follow him back to L.A.

 Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller

TMZ has learned the Pitkin County Department of Social Services is "aware" of the alleged incident between Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller -- and the department is considering whether to pursue an investigation.

Sheen and Mueller have two 9-month-old children together -- and Charlie has two young daughters from his relationship with Denise Richards.

Officials at the PCDSS tell us, "When there is a domestic dispute and children are present in the home, we are always notified."

The official added, "If the family is vacationing in Pitkin County, and we feel that a thorough follow up is needed, we will contact the department where the family resides."

We contacted L.A. Child Services for comment -- but they refused to comment on the situation.


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Those kids are not raised by Brooke or Charlie. They're raised by nannies. The sweet photos you see of Brooke with the twins are photo-ops. When it comes down to it, those kids were completely safe that night. CPS will not do more than file this one.

And for the poster who said Martin Sheen should raise the kids? The man is over 70 now. He raised Charlie's first daughter, Cassandra. His son needs to get his head out of his ass and start acting like a father of five instead of some oversexed frat boy.

1703 days ago


The OJ comparison to Charlie is deadly serious. He was obsessed with OJ killing his ex-wife, had crime scene and autopsy photos of her dead, and according to Denise Richards, threatened her with them.

1703 days ago

Mary G.    

#65 - Sheen SHOT Kelly Preston??? Kelly Preston as in John Travolta's wife??? Really???

1703 days ago


Where is Martin Sheen???? He needs to kick Charlie's a@@ up & down the block a few times for marrying this psycho & being an idiot himself. Never hear about Emilio getting himself into these messes.

1703 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

To Information #65, and others Team Denise and Team Brooke,
you are putting in your personal feelings about abused women you know.Take out your persoanl feelings.
This is not your neighbors ' daughter and everybody wants the guy locked up. Denise and Brooke, I assure you, don't want him locked up.
He is a money machine.

Yougave info about Charlie, but why did Denise and Brooke marry him and have 2 kids each with him.

Charlie has been on record dating back to making Wall Street around 1988. Charlie is mentally deranged, psycho,quick tempered, has Asberger's Syndrome, has compulsive disorder ,recovering drug addict-alcohol-gambling, genetically damaged,brain damaged, ugly Moe 3 Stooges looking, perhaps has dormat STD's, stupid,insane,abusive which is the least of what he is , angry man.

Why marry andhave kids with this guy?
Both women KNEW what Charlie is like.

This is about money. Denise who is a whackadoodle got 25 million.
Brooke should get $25 million and if Charlie and his atty's are smart, he would file divorce and write out the check ASAP.
Someone asked,Brooke's mother is Palm Beach Socialite Moira Fiore.

Google around. There are pics.Looks like The Grifters Brooke and Moira are ready to call in that $25 million now..

1703 days ago


No more getting married Charlie. You can afford to sleep with women without putting a ring on their left hand. And you have enough kids so you'll be paying child support for years to come.

1703 days ago


#80 Why marry Charlie?? Cause there is ALWAYS some silly woman who thinks she will be the one to change the 'leopards spots' because she thinks she's got the right stuff with which to do it. WRONG. Never saw that work out for anybody:(

The other reason is your right & they are just lookin' for a 'payday' when it all doesn't work out. Sad.

1703 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Let's face it. There are some women who are attracted to "bad boys" because of their own issues. Look at the women who get crushes on serial killers who are in prison. O.J. still had girlfriends right up until the time he went to prison.

No matter what anyone says a person being drunk is no excuse to threaten that person with a knife. He doesn't even have the excuse of being drunk for his behavior which is even scarier.

The idiot, Charlie, didn't even have the sense to close the knife when he stashed it in his bag when the cops came. The Sheens depend on their charm to get them out of scrapes. I hope Charlie's "Mr. Charm" facade (shades of O.J.) doesn't work this time.

1703 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

I think that chick is trying to work over Charlie. Charlie's a partyer, but he's not violent. She just wants $$$$$ meal ticket.

1703 days ago


I understand the attraction to bad boys. Trust me, I have that particular deviation. But, I don't see the attraction to Charlie Sheen. He's an old man with old habits.

1703 days ago


I've believed that Charlie would be the next OJ, ever since reading he was obsessed with Nicole's death, and used pictures of dead Nicole to threaten his ex-wife.

1703 days ago


Its funny how when chris brown beat Riri... the news couldnt get enough but this guy can beat whom ever he likes whenever and no one makes a huge deal. I wonder why???

1703 days ago

London not England    


This What Happend ta Martin Sheen Son:

Martin Sheen Son woke up Christmas mornin, and said:
"Bitch, you ain't S**KED my D!CK dis mornin..."!?!!?
"what up wit dat"!?!?!?

Marten Sheen Son's Ho said: "Motha F**KA PLEASE...."!!! "It's Christmas, and ya NEED ta be going "downtown" on ME"!!!!!

So Martin Sheen Son said: "Lookhere Bitch, I got Heidi Fleiss on Speed dial ya Drunk Bitch....
So ya betta act like you know who's paying fo yo facelifts"...!

And Martin Sheen Son's Ho said: "Motha F#@KA I'll do you like that last Bitch Denise did and take HALF!!!"...

and Martin Sheen Son said: "OH NO YOU DI-INT".....?!?!?!?!

And he went and got the blade...!

Martin Sheen Son's Ho said: "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH"!!!!!!....

and the bitch did.....

and there ya'll have it!

And All Dis up in Aspen where there ain't NO Black Peoples.....cept Oprah, and she and Gail weren't there!

Ya'll Stay tuned fo Mo of da Claaaaarence report....

1703 days ago

John Edwards the scumbag    

This moron has been openly proud of his craziness for years!!! He thinks Bush blew up the Twin Towers and that aliens live in our cereal boxes. NUTJOB!!!

1703 days ago


Don't think too highly of Martin Sheen. After all he is the guy who raised Charlie Sheen to be the kind of man he is today. Martin Sheen should be ashamed. Both as a failure as a father and for having to refer to Charlie Sheen as his son.

1703 days ago
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