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Poker Phenom Flushes His Marriage

12/29/2009 5:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Phil IveyPhil Ivey -- one of the most dominant professional poker players in the world -- isn't suited for marriage ... dude was just granted a divorce from his wife Luciaetta.

Ivey and Luciaetta filed the joint petition in a Nevada court on December 22 ... three days before Christmas. The divorce was granted today -- both parties were present for the ruling.

Phil -- who's reportedly made more than $12 million playing poker -- married Luciaetta back in 2002. The couple has no children together.

Fun Fact: Ivey is known in the card community as the "Tiger Woods of Poker" -- [insert your own joke here].

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Poor wife. Good riddance! He and Tiger probably slept together to!

1729 days ago



1729 days ago


Yes, hes a gr8 poker player, yes hes good looking.BUT WHATEVER HES WORTH - CUT IT IN H-A-L-F! Wifey walked w/ a lot and more to come from the company. he may be a owner of full tilt BUT SO IS SHE. NO PRENUP YOU SPLIT IT ALL 50/50!

Sorry for the next girl he dates. He's probably out at a club tonigh trying to act all cool about it. Everyone knows, at least in Vegas and LA, what kind of a creep he is. Rumor at Villa in CA was he just got the girls because of his tips - not well in dowd.

I wish him the best he needs it. Good luck at the clinic. "Bend over and touch your toes" - thats about all the club/hood rats he messed with can do!

1729 days ago


lol @ $12 million, maybe more like $120 million

1729 days ago

Sammy Farha    

Are you serious? If Phil Ivey isn't worth more than $100 million then I wouldn't flip for $600k on a gutshot straight flush draw.

1729 days ago

David Sklansky 2+2 Owner and poker Math Legen    

I think the personal life of Mr. Ivey should not be brought into a public venue. I know from experience how much hatred there is on these boards. I own 2+2 publishing and can say from experience people start rumors with no basis of 100% certainty. They had me rumored to be connected with a certain person (Brandi Hawbaker). Rumors are rumors. I wish Mr. Ivey well

1728 days ago

2 + 2 is full of fags    

Oh Dave Your a tool and should leave Dutch boyd alone, dont be mad cause he is smarter than you, and most people on two plus two are full of it, can not play a lick of poker, Did I mention how much that whole site sucks, and your mods are even worse!

1728 days ago

Dirk Diggler    

His stake in Full Tilt poker alone makes him worth at least 9 figures, possibly more. Hard for her to get her hands on that though as its a private company located offshore that doesn't even have paper contracts written up for the owners - so she'd have to sue based upon oral agreements she was not present for and wont find anybody to corroborate. Giving her half of that $12,000,000 figure would be a nice, cheap escape for Ivey - and he can finally add to his legacy by banging a string of super models.

1728 days ago


William - just b/c its an offshore company does not mean that there are no paper contracts - how dumb of a statement is that. Based on the amount of $ that each shareholder put in they would be complete fools to not have a contract. Think about it - if a problem occurs and the shareholder needs to sue in the country the company was created there MUST be contract to base a claim. Being a private or public corp doesn't make a difference. 2nd - the $ has to be deposited into an account someplace (whether in US or out of the country) that the shareholders make monthly from their "investment."
3rd - what makes you think that his wife wasn't present assuming an oral agreement was made (which is dumb, again based on the $ invested)?
Yes you're right it's difficult to sue upon an oral agreement (assuming there is a contract which his wife wasn't a party to) since parol evidence cannot be used to change the terms of the a "complete" contract, but the company was formed while they were married - therefore, Mr. Legal William - in a community property state its 50/50. Further, if $ is transferred from the offshore company into a US bank account she is entitled to it since there seems to be NO PRENUP or separate property issues. School yourself than post.

1728 days ago


phil is worth much less than many of you'd think. Yes he has all of the contracts with FT and other online companies and does well playing online, but what few people know is that he is a VERY addictive craps player, and has been known to lose millions at a time playing craps in casinos. He really only comes to Atlantic City anymore to play craps, very rarely will he play poker in AC. Dont get me wrong Phil has alot of money, but he is an addict just like other athletes & celebs and if he loses control who knows.

Lol at "few people know" he plays craps. Everyone and their mother knows he plays craps bigger than anybody in the world, and I'm sure he's lost a ton. Doesn't change the fact that in addition to his live, online, and tournament winnings, golf and prop bets which anyone who has a clue says he's up in, and staking plenty of wpt and wsop deep runs, he was one of the first founding members of full tilt and one of its biggest original investors, a company that in a recent lawsuit was claimed to be worth 4 billion dollars (Clonie Gowen lawsuit). Event if this number isnt 100% accurate, it gives an idea of whereabouts the company is, with Phil as one of its biggest shareholders. 12 million is just a completely arbitrary number based on nothing but his tournament results which is the easiest thing to look up online, for people that have no clue at all (TMZ) as to wtf professional poker is.

1728 days ago

Huck Seed    

He just seems like a cool guy all around to me.

1728 days ago


Its about time!!! I've hung out with Phil Ivey in Vegas. All he did was pick up on whores and screw around with them while his wifey was at home. Surprised it took that long for them to file a divorce.

1728 days ago


Personally, I'm shocked the dude was married. Because Lord knows he didn't want anyone to know that ... at least not when he was out Tiger-ing it up at Tao the night I was there. Homeboy was wasted, running around yelling "bottles and models!" all night, trying to play grab-ass with anything that had a vagina. Guy is cool, but a man-whore (in other words, he's a typical man). I hope his wife gets a ton.

1728 days ago


This man is no joke. You people at TMZ are very disrespectful. Phil Ivey is a genius and probably the best Poker player ever. To disrespect him like you did is obnoxious. But jealousy will make people say some stupid things.

1727 days ago


A lot of people don't don't him and assume he is a good person. I know he is a no good person, who disrespected his marriage badly.

1727 days ago
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