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Blackstreet Singer: I Would Never Beat My Kids

12/30/2009 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Teddy Riley, a singer from the group "Blackstreet," claims he never carried out any sort of attack against his daughters -- but admits the only thing he's guilty of ... is over-spoiling his kids.

As TMZ first reported, one of Riley's adult daughters obtained a restraining order against him, claiming the singer beat her and her sister and threatened to hurt them with a guitar from the video game Rock Band earlier this month.

But in a statement to TMZ, Teddy flat-out denies the allegations -- and insists the entire situation arose because his parenting techniques allowed his kids to have "an inflated sense of entitlement and expectation."

Here's the statement in its entirety:

Due to recent events, I am compelled to respond in detail to accusations made against me, by my daughters.

I love my Daughters, but I will not allow my children to disrespect me in my home. Contrary to what I have been accused of, I would never beat my children.

Perhaps, I should have been a stronger disciplinarian as they were growing up. I worked very hard so that my children would want for nothing.

In hindsight, I see that it was a mistake to give them everything they wanted so that they could have the childhood I never had. Unfortunately, they have taken me, and the privileged life I have given them, completely for granted.

Instead of being appreciative and realizing how fortunate they are, my children have an inflated sense of entitlement and expectation without having to work or earn their way.

However, my 'children' are no longer children, they are adults and I am trying to instill in them values and a work ethic of their own. My mother always told me "too many grown people can't live in one house" so I encourage them to have their own homes if they cannot abide by the rules of mine. I am not an uptight Dad, I am as hip as they come but I will not tolerate being taken advantage of or disrespected, especially in my home.

I've been working since the age of 14, I bought my first car by myself. Nobody gave me a car. My kids don't even remember their first car. I grew up with 6 of us in an apartment fighting over one bathroom. My kids have never had to share a bathroom, let alone a bedroom.

I'm asking everyone to let this one go... I'm only being a good parent. I'm a great father and everyone who knows me, knows this is true.

Thank you so much,

With all my love,
Teddy Riley


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i think he beat his kids because they deserved a beating. and if they called the cops on me they'd be out of the house and out of the will.

1724 days ago


This is what happens to a lot of celebrities because they don't want their children to grow up with nothing. When u spare the rod and spoil the child ridiculously, the result is not being grateful and respectful to the person who is responsible for their lifestyle. U don't have to spoil your children like it's going out of style (e.g., MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen---very sickening to watch), but u can teach them how to be responsible and accountable. U can't do that if you pay for everything & bail them out financially all the time. I have a friend who grew up privileged & has done this with her 20 year-old daughter. Paid off credit cards, bills, etc., and her daughter continued to max out the cards, until she FINALLY GOT IT and let her daughter be responsible for her actions. It worked because her daughter is watching her money now. It's ok to spoil ur child at times, but don't overdo it, especially when they are abled-bodied people to work and earn money for themselves. If you don't let them be responsible, the result is the situation with Teddy Riley---feeling taken for granted & not appreciated.

1724 days ago


Firstly, we know the media is going to have a field day with this as they do with everything else but on the other hand Teddy is still my boy and if my children disrespect me and I don't possess half the money Teddy has a beat down is on the horizon..This is the reason we have children killing children and even their own parents. No one wants to discipline their children or they are scared of the 1-800 number. There is a difference between abuse and chastisment!!!

1724 days ago


How in the HELL can you people believe what is said on twitter, facebook, etc.? How do you know who is behind that account? That's the problem with the world today, you believe everything you read. Now, I don't know what went down between Mr. Riley and his grown kids but I do know that there is nothing wrong with spanking a child and if they don't like his rules then get outta his house. If more parents spanked instead of talked the world wouldn't be as effed up as it is today.Get a life people!

1724 days ago


I am glad he whooped their arses. They probably needed it. THe Bible tells you spare the rod and spoil the child. You got these kids today beating up on their parents. I am glad he wasn't having it.
THese kids be all up in your face like they are grown, well thats when they need a smack down. That is why these kids today are badd because people are always trying to take up for them. WHen i was growing up, my parents beat up like we stole something, we knew not to act up. We didn't get many whoopings because they put fear in us.

I will be damned if i am on Maury Povich and Dr Phil talking about my kids are out of control.. Not mine. I tore their arses up when they acted up, now I have perfect kids cause they thought I was crazy. And all that time out stuff that the other people do, I don't believe in it.

TIme out is what white people do. Black folks is whipping that azz.

1724 days ago

Special K    

Put those grown kids out. Weak parents who's children run over them are the ones upset that he's doing what a strong parent should do. I'm not saying abuse children, but when they decide to cuss you out like you're one of their friends; it's time for them to leave...GET OUT! Oh and if my kids did that which one has, I put my fist down her throat, but today she is 21 and we're very close. She was 16, smelling herself, she got out of my house but soon saw the grass isn't greener on the other side.

1724 days ago


TRiley you've got a tough job ahead of you. Deprogramming is one of the greatest challenges in this world.

Prayer helps, go to scripture on their ASSets... you know what I mean! Praise God

1724 days ago



1724 days ago


I call BS on Mr. Riley. Abusers always find a way to make it the victims fault.

I don't care what they said or did he had no right to treat his own kids like they were strangers off the street. If he felt they were being that disrespectful (and who's fault is that, hmmm) he could have put they're grown arses out.

Nevermind that "I brought you in this world and I can take you out" crap. Abuse is abuse, period.

1724 days ago


Man who fishes in other man's well often catches crabs.

B O I N G !!!

B O I N G !!!

1724 days ago


His statement about his kids being spoilt little brats is 100% likely, even if they hate his girlfriend they have no right to disrespect him or her in his own home! Just because he's daddy and rich doesn't mean you have the right to do or say anything you want around him, nor does he have to support your sorry, lazy ass once you reach adulthood! Get a job, work for your money - hell I'm sure daddy will still spoil you sometimes, but a leech is just that a leech! If you live in his home you live by his rules or else get out!
If he did hit his kids it's obviously too late in life to spank them, no doubt they will be suing daddy for millions etc etc etc like all these celeb kids! No doubt if he has a will they will one day contest it if he doesn't leave them everything, claiming they're entitled as his spawn to be kept in the lifestyle they've been accustomed to - yeuck, yeuck, yeuck!!
Since the latest girlfriend hasn't been around that long why worry - he's hardly likely to marry her is he lol!!

1724 days ago


#17, you're an idiot. Do you realize you took up a half a page, repeating yourself? Over and over.
@Truth... So everything you read or see on twitter you believe? Haha. How deluded. People lie all the time. Why not wait and see what the truth is before you take sides? His daughters may be lying.
He's never been accused of beating them before has he? Abusers just don't wake up all of a sudden and become abusers. 9 times out of 10 it is a repeated thing with someone who abuses.

1724 days ago


What kind of a father would do this to his daughters!!
He's a liar--he jacked his daughter up. She should
not speak to him for a long time if ever.

1724 days ago


@ #53 no idiot but when he writes that he has no regrets and will do it again then yes! When his tramp goes on her twitter and says "yes it is sad what happened" then YES! His daughters are not lying... pictures don't lie! and its sad that a lot of people are encouraging him abusing his kids!!! Teddy is still a BITCH who wouldn't dare come at a grown man like that! disciplining your kids is one thing, abusing them is another! KARMA TEDDY... be on the lookout for it!

1724 days ago


all these kids from the 90's need a serious reality check...bunch of disrespectful brats.....

1724 days ago
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