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Tiger Woods' Mistress -- Popular with Swingers

12/31/2009 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel may be spending her New Year's Eve with a bunch of people who enjoy hitting balls with sticks ... but fortunately for Elin Nordegren, we're told Tiger Woods isn't one them.

TMZ has learned Uchitel has her choice of end-of-the-year shindigs to attend tonight ... including a private party in Wellington, Florida which is being thrown by a group of polo players.

We're told Uchitel will either party with the polo crew or just go to the movies -- but she's not married to either option quite yet.


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After Tiger Woods has moved through his substance abuse detoxification and deep psychotherapy, he won't have memory of the darkside, the disgusting swines, legal extortionists, and the creepy athletes who introduced him to the clubs and women long ago. When you have a beautiful wife, exquisite children, and a fortune to protect only harm can come to one's self and personal life by whiling away precious time at bars and clubs instead of broadening their education.

Yes, Tiger, it's time for a new life in 2010! Just let the swines tell their stories, i.e. don't pay them monies that belong to your family, and have the courage to face your beautiful wife, family, and the public as you will discover compassion if you pledge to work diligently to protect Elin and rekindle your original relationship with her and do everything to ensure the safety of your young babies.

1736 days ago


Well I pay about $3,000 a month to Verizon between all the business cell phones we have, the business phone and internet. Verizon had better not be endorsing Tiger Woods. I don't want any part of my $3,000 a month to go to Tiger and his whoring. When I walked into my Chevy dealership I already told them I won't be buying any more Chevy's because again I don't want one cent of mine to go towards financing his whores. Because of the slow economy I couldn't even go anywhere for Christmas and now New Years because people are only buying necessities and not luxury items so if I have to do without so can Tiger. For what he's done I hope he loses all his endorsements.

1736 days ago



1736 days ago


For weeks I have held back and refused to read or post when I see this person's photo on your site. Decided since it is New Years Eve I would sincerely ask TMZ to STOP posting this person's every move. It isn't news. Your site appears to be part of her PR machine. Please STOP. She is not a celebrity. She is, well, I would rather not say what she is. I can understand feeling you have to run of her stuff because of the time and effort some of these photographers are spending hanging out just in case Tiger or some other real celebrity comes into view when she is around. BUT REALLY, by now, someone in the press should have an idea where Tiger is and the only folks who probably should be taking a hard look at this person are the police, if the accounts are true about her pimping girls (including herself)for Tiger Woods or anyone else. Please, get back to following the real celebrities. Haven't we had too many SORRIES or SORRIFUL events in 2009! Do we have to carry this sorriful excuse of a person into the New Year in a celebrated fashion? The Hailey Glassmans and Rachel Uchitels need to fade away, each one is so decidedly self-centered they are repulsive. Ring out the OLD! PLEASE!

1736 days ago


Leave her alone. Leave him alone. Leave them alone!

1736 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Boy, I know I'd be proud to be associated with an orginization that thinks it's a swell idea to invite someone who's only claim to fame is f*cking a famous married man to come and be a part of one of our events. I just don't get it.

1736 days ago


She never looks sad, so I believe the stories that she is still sleeping with Tiger, biding her time until he and Elin have a fake reconcilliation then split for good.

1736 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

This is such a non-story. To say it is 'reaching' is to be kind.

Let it go TMZ. Let it go.

TMZ just wanted to post something with 'Tiger Woods' in the title.

How about news about Charlie Shmeen whom you're giving a pass?

Hmm... let's see. One guy had consentual sex with adults he picked up in clubs. (He was wrong, no excuses.) But the other has a history of violence to women, and criminal activities, including a previous conviction. Which guy is getting a pass in the media?

Had it been Kobe or such there would have been demands for boycotts and there would be story after story about his personal life, current AND past.

1736 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

and u think she isn't on his yacht right now????????????

1736 days ago


These women are nothing but trash and I am sick of hearing about them. They just want fame, and think they will capitalize on this. I doubt Tiger even had anything to do with most of them, I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. They are scuzzy. Stop putting them in the news, and maybe these ethicless hoes, will stop this behavior. They all knew he was married with children and that should have stopped them, if they had morals. I don't want to hear about immoral people.

1735 days ago


and we care BECAUSE???????????????

just when I think TMZ reports can't get any more STUPIDER and LESS INFORMATIVE, they do this!!!!!!!

1735 days ago


She needs to stay home and figure out how not to be such a whore in 2010!!!

1735 days ago


she's got a kick ass body. too bad it all goes south when she takes off the glasses. .... luckily ugly goes away in the dark.

1735 days ago

kitty#1 she switch from golf clubs to polo and also switch states from New York to Florida, but she still kept her old job as a whore. Happy New Year Rachel!

1735 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

#53 at 7:11pm today


1735 days ago
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