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Elton John -- Expensive Pocket Man

1/1/2010 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elton John trudged through the rain and the foot traffic in Beverly Hills Wednesday -- all in the name of fine linen pants.


TMZ has learned Elton spent $12,000 at the Ralph Lauren store in BH -- picking up linen pants in yellow, green, white and navy. We're also told John bought several "bright colored knit shirts in a variety of colors."

Several fans approached Elton while he was inside -- and he happily took photos. But we're told security had to usher the singer back to his car when the fans became a little overwhelming.

Elton and his linen emerged unscathed.


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When was the last time this man? was relevant in music?

1755 days ago

Sheila Mannipik    

Happy New Year John!!! I luv you n yur beautiful songs/musics!! All the way from Pangnirtung, Nunavut!! Baffin Island. If you need a vacation pls come to this town and you will have your leisure time if you come unannounced!!! YOU R ONE OF A KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

1755 days ago

suspicious mind    

hey there TMZ, it does not go unnoticed when you choose some stories over others, and report on them in a neutral/gay-positive light (especially when the story you're covering has Zero to do with the sexual preference of the person/s in question), and I commend you for it.

So how does is make you feel/ do you feel like you need YOUR spine adjusted, when you write a little filler story like this, to see that a majority of your readers seem not to be so liberally inclined, or interested in becoming so?

I'm not suggesting you censor comments (though some boards do *moderate* comments, as you know...), but I am pondering what it means to be forward-thinking while dishing the dirt (which you do - very often and very well).

There can't be, in my mind, much fault-finding in your method: reporting what's out there, minus the ill-will that others (be they individuals or whole sector-globs of the media) may harbor ....

HOWEVER. On a slow news day, when a story like Elton going to the store even rates mentioning, can you perhaps apply a tad more judgment and precognition of what a story (and particularly the way in which you tell it) might elicit in terms of comments?

I ask this not so much (or barely at all perhaps) for Elton himself, who probably couldn't care less (or know less) about what you print. But what about younger glbt performers in H-wood who are trying to figure out how to live their lives/ how open to be? Or glbt people who follow your website? You don't have to write the homophobic crap to be a bit responsible for the feedback, depending on how the reporting of such an 'event' is framed.

You've got some power. Use it wisely... please?

1755 days ago


At least he is polite to his fans.

1755 days ago


Elton looks like a Robot the way he standing..He don't look well at all so pale looking,but he got a beautiful voice..I remember when he sung at Diana funeral I believe the song was Candle In The Wind..

1755 days ago


WOW! I wish I had the money to buy what I wanted I would be the happiest gal.. Happy New Year to ELTON..

1755 days ago


I ADORE Elton!!! Saw him at MSG 4 years experience ever...not quite up there with meeting Christ on that day of days, but as close as I will get til that time arrives! He played like friggin everything he ever released pretty much...and then he was like..introducing special guests...Bernie Taupin stood up to wave and good god almighty...then Jim steinman gets up to wave....i was convulsing with fantarded glee!

1755 days ago


Love both Elton and Ralph Lauren shops! There is a watch at the Ralph Lauren shop that I want. It's called a "Stirrup watch" in 18K gold and cost about $23K. It's a gorgeous watch. Thankfully my cell phone keeps accurate time and that's all I need in my quiet life now...but still the watch is something I think is really nice.

Happy New Year!!!

1755 days ago

john araya    

elton john used to be great. now he's just a fat pig.

1755 days ago


I was shopping in that same store when i was in the dressing room next to Elton...when i heard screaming and tusling...Then a Purple Dildo came tumbling under my stall...Ewwww ... i screamed as Elton came forced his way into my changeroom and quickly recovered his prize "Purple Puncher"as he explained...Gave me 500 bucks not too tell anyone...No problem...

1754 days ago


I thought elton john was dead? Didn't he die of aids or something?

1754 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Sounds like he had a gay old time shopping! What a freak!

1754 days ago


I don't think he looks well. Wish he'd just let the hair go gray...that faded orange dyed stuff is for the birds.

1754 days ago


Ahhh Reg --you look really bad!!

1754 days ago


Elton John quote I read online:
Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay 75 pounds [US $134] to see them should be shot.
Elton John
Accusing Madonna of lip-synching during her Re-Invention world tour, which Madonna denied

I wonder what he thinks of Michael Jackson, who did the same a hell of a lot from Dangerous-period onwards, who he was friends with.

The same quote could be applied to paying too much for linen pants *boom, tish*

1754 days ago
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