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Sheen Kids Fine, Mueller Wants Back Home

1/2/2010 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's kids are just fine, according to the Pitkin County Department of Social Services ... sources tell TMZ.

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

We're told reps from PCDSS came a callin' and interviewed a number of people, including Brooke Mueller, the nannies, the housekeepers (yes, plural) and others. We do not know if they spoke with Charlie, but we do know the reps concluded the kids were in no danger.

As for Brooke, we've learned she wants to come back to L.A. with the kids and resume cohabiting with Charlie. As we first reported, lawyers for both Brooke and Charlie are trying to get the protective order modified so Brooke and Charlie can resume living together.

We're told the only real stumbling block is who will monitor the conflicted couple. We're told the prosecutor wants a public agency in Aspen to make sure Brooke is safe, but Brooke is concerned that info about her attempt to repair the relationship might leak.

There are private agencies that provide monitoring services. The decision on who monitors Charlie and Brooke is the only potential point of conflict in modifying the protective order -- that is, unless the judge has his own issues.


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These two have a history of substance abuse and addiction and I really think this is what happens when they use! Nine times out of ten domestic violence incidents happen when under the influence. I don't think this is classic abusive realtionship. I think they do love eachother and if they both stay sober and get some councelling they can put this behind them. I wish them the best.

1724 days ago


Typical American female. Start a fight, get him thrown in jail. Ruin what little reputation he has. Then want back in his life to to start the cycle all over again.

1724 days ago


That's it. Charlie Sheen is the ugliest, stupidest looking Hollywood moronic fake ever walked the sidewalk. Please stop showing pictures of him, if I vomit any more I'll have to replace a carpet or two. Did TMZ turn homo-homogenized or what? What happened to the old TMZ habit of showing beautiful women? Is Elton John one of your main investors now? Harvey and Elton, geez, what a dandy pair, I think TMZ's fate is sealed; TMZ IS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS.

1724 days ago


I see a dead woman. Very sad.

1724 days ago


She more than likely didn't have a drug or alchohol problem or history of abuse till she met him. He turned her onto to this lifestyle as he is the one with the history. If she choose to stay together they both need help now. It is possible it can work out but not without constant professional help. if not she should leave him now with her children.

1724 days ago


In the New Year and new decade, it's time for everyone to be accountable and responsible for cleaning-up their own personal lives. If you're looking for anyone in the entertainment world to be your hero or heroine, you're digging yourself into a deeper black hole. How they resolve their personal problems is (their) business and how you resolve your personal problems is (your) business. Stop the judgment and simply do not support the products sold by those in the entertainment world if their values do not mesh with your own, but do it in silence and within your own space.

1724 days ago

Don Garcia    

This woman is crazy! Charlie has a long history of abusing women and she knows it, she wants to stay because of the fame and money. She had better get out while she's still breathing because Charlie will do it again and the next time her beating might be fatal. He shot Kelly Preston in the arm when he dated her and she didn't give him a second chance. Charlis should stick to prostitutes and strippers because they like violent sex.

1724 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Brooke the sub-bimbo is so materialistic her heart is black. Charlie better have a big mansion with an alternate wing to live in if she moved back into his LA home. She's only doing it hoping for a big divorce pay out, which her sources leaked to radaronline. I'd rather see him jailed than have to pay her. Charlie is nuts to hook up with a woman so shallow, as soon as the twins were in her womb, locked and loaded, divorce rumors began circulating. This woman should be feared more than any judge or jury.

Visualize Roy-G-Biv rainbow colors over Charlie's head.

1724 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Team Bimbo's sources leaked in an exclusive to radaronline that
Charlie "sweetened" his prenup deal with his Bimbo bride and that the cost of his freedom is one million dollars. Is that legal considering Charlie could be facing charges, and if he does his wife will be called to testify against him?

The judge and prosecutor in Aspen should take note of the radaronline exclusive and investigate whether there are any financial promises or payoffs related to this case that may be unlawful. Is Charlie trying to buy his bimbo bride's loyalty so he won't face charges? The judge and prosecutor should hold these two accountable for what happened on Christmas morning in Aspen, and force them to answer questions in court about it on February 8th. If Charlie had any sense, he'd prefer jail to living with this bimbo another minute.

1724 days ago

The Seer    

Let's see if that judge really has I$$UES or not.

Guess what comes around, goes around.

Let her go back to him. But take the babies away from those two stoned, sick, irresponsible adults FIRST.

1724 days ago

tampa bay    

Re:Gutsygirl....I respectfully completely disagree. Charlie is still playing brat packer. He refuses to grow up. I feel very sorry for his kids, of which he is a terrible role model...women in his life, for which he never has had any respect (although by now they should know his history and do share some resposibility by marrying and producing yet more kids.)He is a total loser because he has more than most, and continues to destroy lives because he doe not appreciate anything. His father Martin is the total opposite, a wonderful family man, with deep moral values, who has been married many years, loves his family more than his life, and Charlie has said so in interviews. I have seen him standing by Charlie with tears in his eyes in court trying to help him. Just because you do not like Martin's politics or causes is not a reson to attack him as a father. I will always admire Martin. I will never admire Charlie. And I still say to Martin, sorry to say that about your son.

1724 days ago

rachael weiss    

She's tagged with talent........No matter what? She gives up a lifestyle......She's a drunk....Sheen has his own problems .........Get a grip....Either get out or stay.....Im not interested going forward with any celeb...Or wanna be...........It actually sickens me while the world has bigger problems..........It is probably my " Guilty Pleasure " reading TMZ in the first place....That way..I do not have to read about the stock market......And can be grateful that Im a Hollywood Brat that has their stuff together........Just another drunk .........That knew his past....More buses come to Hollywood for their moment................

1724 days ago


She's going back to him? So he can pull an OJ on her? Someone needs to get those kids away from these two psychos.

1724 days ago


Brooke is stupid if she goes back for a measly million dollars, he makes that in one TV episode. She should've hired Gloria Allred, lol.

1724 days ago


If you read this Sheen, Don't go back man, She will do it again , follow your instinct I T W I L L H A P P E N A G A I N ,leave her and find a real woman (not from celebrities ,not top models ,no ritch mom and dad spoil girls )there are billons of ladies TRY Outside of USA, a Brazilian (make sure is a girl lol) Colombian ,or Venezuelan we have many miss Universe winners and Millions would give their eyes to be your girl,slave whatever you want dude..and if there one left you can send her to me Bro lol..
otherwise Good Luck with that B*** Mueller

1724 days ago
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