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Courtney to AmEx: I Didn't Want the Credit

1/2/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love does not deserve credit where credit is due, at least according to legal docs she just filed in a massive case involving American Express.

The credit card company has sued Courtney, claiming she owes $352,059.67 in unpaid charges.

But in the new countersuit, Courtney claims AmEx is guilty of sloppy business practices by issuing a "massive" number of cards in her name without her knowledge or consent.

One of Courtney's lawyers previously told TMZ AmEx issued 104 credit cards in Courtney's name and Courtney didn't make a single one of the charges in question.

Courtney claims she should have a zero balance.

She's suing AmEx for unspecified damages, as well as interest. Even if she wins, she won't get 18%.


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Wow. I never thought I would be on her side but I agree with her even if she is lying and did use the cards. I have zero debt and lots of credit cards. The Fine print got me once when I did not pay attention. Credit card companies are loan sharks.

1717 days ago


See this is why I refuse to get a credit card! You don't have to put a charge on to get a balance. A lot of credit cards have an annual fee and most of the time the company charges that to the credit card. That fee ends up collecting interest and if the person isn't watching and doesn't know the annual fee has been charge then late charges will be added onto the card. The late charges will collect interest also. Next thing you know you have a HUGE balance on a card that you have not used once! Credit card Companies are EVIL. I really don't know how it is legal what they do!

1717 days ago


I don't trust credit card companies either but for some that stays as f!cked up as she does like, all the time, how does she know what she did or didn't do?

1717 days ago

Michael Francis Marks    

Cortney probably can't manage a checking acount, let alone a credit account. If what Amex is claiming is truth, then I quess you can say Cortney is a high credit risk, which means she probably has a negative credit history and a low fico score. (Michael Jackson's fico score, according to a posting on TMZ, was something like 529, which automatically pegs you as sub-prime material.) Why are so many celebrities dead-beats when it comes to paying their bills on time?

1717 days ago


I manage my cards and use them for large business purchases and have so many air miles it is tarded. They get there percentage and I get my percentage in miles and the merchant loses.

1717 days ago


I heard a rumor that Harvey Levin is seeing Courtney Love.

1717 days ago


Get real. Only a celebrity would get away with trying to pull something like this. C. Love has always made it a point, to tell everyone how intelligent (genius IQ) and well read she is. She's just scamming her way out of this mess, and she'll probably win.

"Got some credit in the straight world......."-C. Love

1717 days ago


Too bad this is for $352 large and not for $5 grand. I'd love to see Amex drag her in front of Judge Judy and watch Love get hacked to pieces...

1717 days ago


Way to take the easy way out man!!--But who could really blame ya..

1717 days ago


Courtney Love is a celebrity. She should not have to pay her bills!

1717 days ago


Eww I can't stand Courtney Love. My ex left me for a trashy whore who he said reminded him of her (we were aquaintences). He only liked her b/c she was the biggest slut coke whore going. Now he's whining and crying asking for me back b/c she's a complete addict who slept with all his friends. Sorry, how could I be with him again after being with something like that??? No, I'd probably get every std and hepatitis in the book. Gross!!! She (both of them) need serious help!!! Stay far far away from me.

1717 days ago

Politico Pablo    

If those were unauthorized charges, why did'nt she review her monthly statements when the charges were made.
Is this not the same women who misplaced $30,000,000 and can't find it.

1717 days ago


As sleezy as credit card companies may be, in any situation where Courtney is involved I always believe the other side. Especially with all of the crazy claims that she has made about her finances. She has claimed that her daughter's money was stolen (yeah by her...directly into the hands of her dealers and pill-pushing docs) and that at any given moment there are several people on airplanes with tickets bought in either her or Kurt's name, that someone bought a house in NJ with Kurt's name and SS#, etc. Her My Space/message boards rants should be enough proof in any court of law that she is bat-sh!t crazy.

1717 days ago


Sounds like identity theft. Did someone get ahold of her SSN? She should get it changed then, they can always get more cards. Where did those charges go to?

1717 days ago


"Hi, do you know me? Well the police sure do! That's why I carry the American Express Platinum Card. It's great for covering any bail amount they throw at me. American Express...don't leave your crackhouse without it!"

1717 days ago
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