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Hayden Panettiere -- Beauty & The Beast

1/2/2010 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for weird? Hayden Panettiere spotted in Miami with boxer Wladimir Klitschko.


Klitschko, 33, currently holds the IBF, WBO, and IBO world heavyweight titles. He also holds the title of Lucky SOB.

Fun fact -- He's 6'6" and she's 5'1". Good luck making that work.

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Most of you people are idiots:

To the age difference people: She's an adult. She's allowed to hang out with whoever she wants. It'd be far more skeezy if she were just 18 and the dude was 40+.

To the height difference people: this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. It's about what the people are like together, and not the logistics of how they can make out or embrace whilst standing up.

To the 'she's a whore' people: Why is she a whore? Most people over the age of (sad to say, but it's reality) 15 these days engage in all kinds of sex acts. Under nominal conditions, it's a very healthy thing to do.

To the 'she's ugly' people: You are probably the biggest of the idiots. She may not be the #1 hottest girl on the planet, I get that, but she is light years away from unattractive. She may not be **your thing**, but you are a complete douchesack if you think calling her ugly makes you look better, as if your standards were so strict. Any of you would be *damn lucky* for her eyes to focus on you for even a nanosecond.

Anyone who makes a stink over this coupling seriously needs to re-evaluate your life's goals. Life is way too short to get upset over a cute blonde actress' relationship to some European boxer. Of course it'll end in a year. Who cares? And life is too short for me to have to tell you all this, but I thought I'd take these couple seconds to try to set you straight.

1733 days ago


Who raises these young stars to be tramps at such young ages?

1752 days ago


In addtional to his boxing titles, he also has a Ph.D in Sports Science, from Kiev University.

1752 days ago

Kent T    

I don't think that's her TMZ....

1752 days ago


#1, Why is she a tramp? Maybe back in your day it was sinful to sit next to a guy wearing a bathing suit, but not anymore.

1752 days ago


her parents have poor judgement having let their teenager date a guy in his thirties

she's toast
and not beautiful
lots of hair straightening

1752 days ago


It's a modern version of Sally Struthers. A few years from now the shadow of her ass will weigh 150 pounds.

1752 days ago


She's not good enough for Vladimir, a handsome, successful and intelligent man...

1752 days ago


Eww he looks pervy. I studied psychology and the part of the brain that helps you determine the long term consequences to your actions doesn't fully develop until your're 27. And you become the person you're basically going to be for the rest of your life by the time you're 30. You change so much from age 20 to 30. So when I see these types of relationships I get squeezy. The odds of them lasting is next to zero. And it's always around 25-27 when the women leaves them. According to psychology, this type of relationship is actually a form of child abuse that can have long term consequences to their sexuality. It's actually a red flag that somethings off in the 30+ year old man. It's sad cause I know Hayden comes from a disfunctional family. Her parents had a domestic violence incident in LA a couple years ago. When girls don't get the love they need and deserve from thier father or in their home they seek love and attention with sometimes inappropriate men to try and fulfill that void.

1752 days ago


He is more than a World Champion boxer, this guy speaks 4 languages and holds a Ph.D

Not too mention he is worth millions. Im sure they women are lined up just like this girl wanting some attention from him.

He definitly has a lot more to offer than the typical professional athlete.

1752 days ago

The Man    

I agree. That's not Hayden Panettiere. The girl in the photo has bigger boobs and is not as muscular, stocky-like, like the real Hayden.

1752 days ago


This is not Hayden! This is just some chick that looks like her. Your papparazzi guy is wrong. Sorry guys to burst your bubble. Trust me... I KNOW ;)

1752 days ago


What's height got to do with it? I'm 4'11, my husband is 6'4 and we've made it work for 14 years. . .
Never say never!

1752 days ago


I'd hit it

1752 days ago


why is she always around guys that are waaaaaaaay older than her. she must like the daddy type:o

1752 days ago
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