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Bruce Jenner 911 Call -- Not His First Go 'Round

1/3/2010 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Much like the waiter at your favorite coffee shop, Bruce Jenner and his local 911 dispatcher are ol' pals.

The head of the Kardashian clan called 911 on Christmas Eve because a neighbor of his allegedly went nuts outside his house and got into a fight with Pastor Brad -- the guy who married Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom.

When Jenner called 911, he gave this dispatcher his name -- paused for a moment to say "How ya doing?" -- before the dispatcher answered, "I think I've talked to you before."

When your daughters are Kim, Khloe and Kourtney ... it helps to be friends with emergency response teams.


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King of TMZ    

Tmz you are a celeb website not a I-don't-Who-in-your-face website!
come on! you gonna lose your audience by focusing on these lame nobodies and has-beens.

1666 days ago


I can't believe Bruce Jenner is in that family. Like in the Highlights magazines for kids, Circle the one that does not belong. He is the only one in the whole bunch that has any sense whatsoever.
Good Luck Bruce...can you still run fast?? Lace up and go!

1666 days ago


and what exactly are the kardashians famous for??????

1666 days ago


Like that lively, "We're on it sir, right away !" attitude on the part of the Police Dispatcher. Was he reading a book, and Bruce disturbed his down time ?

1666 days ago


I think the 911 op.... er... a... tor... was zzzzz, uh, zzzz, I think he was dozing...zzz... off. WHAT A TOOL!

1666 days ago


The Kardashians are famous because their real Dad was OJ Simpson's lawyer when OJ was charged with killing his wife. Then Big Butted Woman, Kim made a sex tape, and somehow she got a show on E ! I see no talent there, or an the part of the Self-Promoting and immoral Mother. Bruce has no job, so he puts up with it. They (Momma and Daughters) parlayed their fame, and started a shop, Dash. It is an apparel and accessory shop. They "Model". hahahaha ! Paris Hilton is another Zero ! I am a successful Lawyer, and I am Spectacular, for the people that think I'm a 300 lb. computer freak who has B O and lives in a box on wheels in West Virginia.

1666 days ago


Hey-WAKE UP ! Reminds me of a guy I knew from Alabama-whatever you said to him, he would reply, "UH....WUHT ? Then he would blink really hard, and try to concentrate on what we said ! He weighed 320 and was 6'8", so he went to Notre Dame and now plays for the Bears. Nice, though.

1666 days ago


An empire built on step daughter having sex with black guy on video

1666 days ago


The 911 operator is a douche. He should tell his caller what's going on (like, officers are dispatched) while he's typing rather than having these long silences.

1666 days ago


I don't know how Frankenstein tolerated the operator's silence for so long. I agree, the guy probably was reading a book because I didn't hear any chewing. And yes, Jenner belongs in that family. He's just as crazy, if not crazier, than the rest of them fools.

1666 days ago

Child Advocate    

How did Bruce Jenner get involved with these crazy Kardashian women? They had a crazy father who believed OJ was innocent of murder and now these crazy women are taking up all of the rich dumb jocks! Only a desperate jock could put up with trashy women! Come on Bruce, you can do much better! You don't need their money!

1666 days ago


Bruce Jenner and his former wife, best friends with the likes of the Steve Garveys, Kathy Lee and Frank Gifford, and one other self serving couple from the "70's" I cant seem to recall at the moment...but you get the drift.

Absoulte idiot savants, the whole lot of them. Very good at one thing, horrible at everything else, particularly when it comes to relating to other human beings.

1666 days ago


That whole family is a hot mess of no-talents. Bruce Jenner looks awful with all that plastic surgery. His wife is a fame hungry nobody and the three slutty daughters are absolutely vile. They should pull that tv show off the air.

1666 days ago

Not a Tiger Fan    

They're his STEP daughters. And that whole family is a whack job.

1665 days ago

Fred Farkel    

LOL... never understood why the old man just seemed to let Bruce steal his family from under him.

Well. LMAO, now we all know.

Bruce got stuck raising both the wife AND the kids... Christ, Bruce stands there and just looks confused most of the time.

And funny how successful they make their store DASH out to be. The store IS NOT loctated in that cool upscale center anchored my Ralph's and Cafe Marmalade... the joint is stuffed up behind some hedge behind the post office AND THE DAMN PLACE IS NEVER OPEN.

I sure as hell would have loved to get my hands on their old house... that was a damn nice place.

1665 days ago
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