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MJ Creditors Claims

Tens of Millions of $$$

1/3/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's estate may be making serious money, but they are also dealing with claims upwards of $20 million, sources tell TMZ.

We're told the best guess is that when the door finally shuts on people who claim Michael Jackson owed them money, the grand total will exceed $20 mil. That includes a $5 million claim from a memorabilia collector, a $1 million claim from someone who wants a cut of the "Thriller" music video, a $2.3 million claim from Dr. Tohme Tohme and a $1.5 million claim from a law firm (there are a number of other law firms that want a piece of the estate).

That does not mean -- by any stretch -- the estate will pay all the claims. We're told some of them are patently bogus and lawyers for the estate will not pay, unless a judge orders them to ante up.


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Okay, I mean paste this in the youtube search bar:

tohme tohme michael jackson

after you go to:

1752 days ago


Back 4 more--
-Tohme x 2 was supposedly one of Michael's so-called "Business Advisors". A scary thing--but the real scary thing is that he's the uncle of Jermaine's current wife and Jermaine was the one who introduced him to Michael...the plot thickens...
-#44: Madonna? Really? Even the material girl herself would laugh at such a ridiculous statement. I've always been a fan of hers--especially the pre-"Vogue" years, BUT SHE'S NO MICHAEL JACKSON.
You say what has he done in the last 10 years? He had nothing to do but be himself. If you did your MJ research, you'd know that his career spanned over 44 yrs. as he started at the ripe old age of 6. In recent years he produced and "ghost-starred" in various TV shows and productions and it was reported he had been in the studio working on his next CD at the same time he was working on TII--the Tour to end all Tours. He did all of these things when he didn't actually have to. He could've been like Elvis or John Lennon and lived off of the huge amounts of Genius he had already bestowed upon us, but if he wanted to go that route, he would've stayed with the Jackson 5 and done the "Blast from the Past Circuit".
Always remember, a legend/megastar/icon of Michael's calibre doesn't need to continuously crank out hits to be relevant or for reassurance of their status in the industry, they simply have to be--the work has already been done...Just ask the 5 generations of people who absolutely L.O.V.E. Michael's music to the point where his past CDs are competing with the current ones of the day and heating up Billboard's Hot 200--OWWWW!!!

1752 days ago


Is this NEW? Listen to teh first line of teh song O_o

1752 days ago


I hope that 99% of these greedy grasping opportunists will get what they deserve.... NOTHING !!!! They can then all crawl back from whence they came... into the woodwork with all the other little worms.

1752 days ago


Michael Jackson is the King of pop (even though he did not really contribute during the last years) and Madonna is the Queen of pop. It's harder to discern her great importance because she's still alive and working, and maybe we feel more for him because he seemed to need protection, while she is stronger and more in control. But if something happened to her, we'd be aware of the loss and the huge void she'd leave. Think - who is even close to her?

As for Thome, yes he was fired, but before that maybe he was actually hired and didn't get paid.

Thome was instrumental in bringing Colonial C and Michael Jackson together. CC paid to avoid Neverland being sold (that's how much MJ was still attached to it, although he wouldn't live there. Hence, they got a lever on MJ that forced him to accept the tour deal. I think he had double feelings about performing again. Anyway, it was the straw that killed him, because the stress, anxiety and avalanche of creativity it brought bereaved him of sleep and propofol entered the picture.

1752 days ago


I dont think any of these people are going to get any money out of the estate.

Also too many weird/bizarre things surrounding his sudden disappearance.
1. Body that is taken out of UCLA is very large and in sheets.
2. Body taken out of helicopter is flat and bounced like a paper
mache. Also in sheets. Its against the law to transport a body
in sheets due to body fluids.

Check out these videos on u tubey:
1. Michael Jackson Funeral 1
See the background? Lots of lush trees, bushes and walkways.
2. Michael Jackson Funeral 2.
See the same setting where the guests are seated. See the aerial
view of the grass. There are two trees, no bushes at all. No

The background was added in. Go back and look again at Funeral 1.
This can only happen with a green screen, which means it was filmed indoors inside a studio with the background added in.

Why would they do this? Any ideas.

1752 days ago


Good morning all!

A.B. do you know what plans Michael had for Neverland? I mean he didn't want it to be sold but didn't want to live there himself. Was this deal only out of emotional reasons on Michael's part?

1752 days ago


Irene -

I have no idea what his plans may have been - he probably talked to people about it, but so far I haven't read anything pertaining to his thoughts on the matter. Maybe he had some vague notion to keep it for the children?

1752 days ago


Can we please lose the idea that Michael Jackson is alive? First, he'd never pull a stunt like this on his children and his fans, second, his mother looked utterly devastated, and third, there is no way he could make paramedics, doctors, police officers, coroners, partake in a scam of this magnitude. And if, hypothetically, he did, don't you think they'd use a real body on the guerney and not cardboard?

I wish he were alive too, but tragically he's not. We have to accept it and console ourselves with the fact that although he experienced so many hardships and injustices and shouldn't have gone when he did and in the manner he did, he also got most of the things he wanted out of life. How many do?

1752 days ago


Good Morning!

THE two things i know:


The feeling,`` Lost the most IMPORTEND HUMAN` `LOST LOVE

only one little BUTTERFLY sit on the flower and bring hope and dreams.

Both ways Unbelievable!!

Can we ever see the truth? We want ?

1752 days ago


i'm sick of tmz putting these terrible pics of MJ. there are tons of great pics out there, but you always choose to humiliate him, don't you?! you're pathetic!

1752 days ago


Thank you, TMZ, for pointing out that these are CLAIMS and not necessarily legitimate debts. With an estate the size of Michael Jackson's, I'm surprised it isn't more. Also, with those that are legitimate, why isn't MJ's management mentioned more? I realize the buck stops with him but isn't it possible he might not have known about some of them, trusting that his management team was taking care of his business affairs? But all in all, when claims on the estate are settled, I think all of the media hype about his money matters will shape up to be just hype. I think he'll show a very solvent estate with more than enough for his children and the charities he wanted to support.

1752 days ago


I wish he were alive too, but tragically he's not. We have to accept it and console ourselves with the fact that although he experienced so many hardships and injustices and shouldn't have gone when he did and in the manner he did, he also got most of the things he wanted out of life. How many do?

Posted at 4:13AM on Jan 3rd 2010 by A.B.

A.B. I couldn't agree more!
I never believed he is still alive but the idea keeps a lot of people busy.
That made me think and wonder about what my reaction would be IF this theory is true.
On one part I could understand it a little bit I think, but a much larger part of me would feel very betrayed.
I mean, all the pain, the grief, the anger and frustration etc.
Presuming his kids would have known about it from the start, he would,no way, do that to his fans, not the Michael I think I "know".
No, don't believe it, he died that day and the loss is felt worldwide.

1752 days ago


I don't understand people who write bad or absolutely not true things about Michael...are you stupid or what?
Michael is the most adorable person on earth. I don't know other person like Michael...good,loving,honest and many other virtues.
Michael i thinking of you all the time...i am with you my Angel.

1752 days ago


There will always be unscrupulous people, able to claim money to people who owe nothing

ILYM :`(

1752 days ago
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