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Joan Rivers 'Held Hostage' in Costa Rica

1/4/2010 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers claims she was "held hostage" by airport security in Costa Rica yesterday -- all because of a name from her past.

Joan Rivers 'Held Hostage' in Costa Rica

The drama unfolded after an airport official checked out Joan's passport and became suspicious when he noticed it read "Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers."

Joan claims she tried explaining her late husband's name was Ed Rosenberg -- but the official found the whole thing fishy and gave away her seat on a flight back to Newark. Joan was pissed.

We're told police were called to the scene -- but Joan never got her seat back.

Rivers claims she was forced to put herself up in a hotel overnight to wait for another flight out this morning.

We're told the passport situation was eventually resolved and this morning Joan got on a plane -- but as you could imagine ... she ain't happy about it.


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shes a has been, no one cares

1751 days ago



1751 days ago

King of TMZ    

There are two true celebs on TMZ:
Tiger Wood & MJ
the rest are like extras in a movie lol

Come on...
Michael Michael Michael :D

1751 days ago

AM Hood    

WHO CARES> THE OLD BAT IS A MENACE TO SOCIETY> For the crap she said about Michael Jackson they should have kept her there. no loss to America.

1751 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

And ezzacty how do dis affet me in ma life mun? Who da' f*** cares, 'sept maybe her plastic surgeon. WTF!

1751 days ago


She was probably carrying explosives in her dried up cootch.

1751 days ago


She deserves it all and even more .
She is a witch with a capital B .
She is a big Joke .Who cares about her anyway .
I come on TMZ site only to search for MICHAEL JACKSON .
If you ask me ,she could stay in that Hotel and rot.
That would teach her and the rest to stop making fun og Michael.
Michael the world love you and it is becoming more obviouse every day.

1751 days ago

wish mj was here    

good should of got her skank daughter will miss gives a rats ass about them.

1751 days ago


LOL . .NO one deserves it MORE . .she is 'nothing but a used up comedian with a foul mouth' .. How she won Trump's celeb. apprentice is beyond anything I can think of .. the names she is calling Annie Duke .. who, in MY opinion should have won .. that alone . but she has a lot of class .unfortunately .. all 3rd .. between her NO TALENT and her daughter's NO TALENT .. well, what we have here is NO TALENT and NO class .. Annie Duke makes a LOT more than 'the Rivers' do .. they are NOT as bright as Annie Duke who knows how to smile and keep her mouth shut ..
As for Trump . not sure about him either .. know my father hated him and that was 30 years ago . dunno why . totally different businesses .. and my Dad was loved by all who knew him ..


1751 days ago


Spoiled celebrities and their problems. The world is a different place Joan. If you may recall there are crazy people on airplanes heading to the US trying to blow sh^t up these days. I'm sure her face has morphed into something that looks nothing like her passport and God forbid some airport security person in a whole different country doesn't know who the hell Joan Rosenburg aka Rivers is.

Joan needs to realize how lucky she is a Costa Rican policeman didn't place a machine gun next to head, stripped searched her humpback and threw her ass in jail. So what she got to stay in a luxury hotel for one more night and had to catch another flight. Oh boo, hoo hoo hoo hoo.

1751 days ago

you just don't get it    

Keep looking at me, I'm a victim.

1751 days ago

Trooper Tom    

They should have kept her there or better still they should have strip searched her LMAO now that would be funny because you know the rest of her old ass does not match that plastic face she wears

1751 days ago


She was p.o.' could you tell? Same expression for happy, sad, indignant, sincere, outrage, flustered, jubilant...

1751 days ago


Poor baby. She was treat just like one of us common people. My 2 fingered violin is playing just for her.

Crazy, ugly old broad - needs to find a house and stay in it.

1751 days ago

Eneeh Imuyam    

Haha stupid old hag deserved it. I hope her snot nosed daughter was stuck with her to. Aww 2 peas in a pod. Wrinkly washed up old baggy so called comdiens really SUCK. POKER PLAYERS ROCK. Team Annie.

1751 days ago
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