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Jayson Willams Arraigned Live from Hospital

1/7/2010 8:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jayson Williams Jayson Williams will be arraigned Thursday morning -- from his hospital bed, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Williams is still in Bellevue Hospital's criminal ward recovering from serious injuries he suffered in a car accident Tuesday morning -- he was charged with DWI in the wreck.

We're told a camera will be setup in Williams' hospital room so the arraignment can be videocast to Manhattan Supreme Court.

Sources who visited the hospital tell us Williams was not in great shape on Wednesday -- saying he was in and out of consciousness.

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No Avatar


He's a Douche....

1749 days ago


Well when you drink yourself into oblivion and drive that's what happens. No sympathy here.

1749 days ago


could it be that he is in and out of whaever because he kind of knows that this is the end of it? For how many years and how many charges can he think he can get away with things?

Another example of an athlete getting all that money, thinking he can get away with whatever because he is a high paid athlete and can buy his way out of whatever.

Thank goodness the NBA kind of come down today on Arenas.

These guys, whether it be NBA, MLB, NHL or NFL have got to learn that big contracts do not let them have a license to walk around and break laws.

1749 days ago


Is his being arraigned in his hospital bed really legal? Can they do that if he is unconscious?

1749 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

I can't believe they are going to video him live from a hospital bed after he has been in and out of consciousness today!! Regardless of who he is or what he has done, no part of doing this to this man sounds right or sane!

None of this makes any sense whatsoever......???? What are these people thinking? They'd have their turn with him eventually so why the hurry?

1749 days ago


let's see, last time out he killed his white chauffeur then lied to cover up how he'd done it. Right after the trial, where he got a hung jury, a black jury woman went immediately in front of the cameras to say: the racist white DA was just out to get poor Jayson because he's black. So he got away with that, and it'll end up the same for this case. "Free da brutha"

1749 days ago


TMZ you have nothing on the murdered Playboy model? Surely this story woul fall within the Thirty Mile Zone.

1749 days ago


lol @ Tom

1749 days ago


yes, he can be arraigned from a hospital bed. done all the time. all he does or someone does it for him is say "not guilty". that's all an arraignment is - a reading of the charges and the plea.

1749 days ago


Drive DRUNK/HIGH and you get to pay the price.

1749 days ago

Leigh Ann    

It's a shame he's still alive! He murdered his dog, he murdered a man and now we're all supposed to feel sorry for him? I think it would be great if he were on life support and someone tripped over the power cord. It would still be too good for him. He is the worst kind of POS out there! He and Michael Vick should both be taken out.

1749 days ago


I have had enough of the “Williams Bashing”. Do any of you people talking this crap know Jayson, probably not! But you insist on making comments based solely on the things you hear in the media or rumors. Jayson is a good person and good people sometimes make bad decision in life. We are all human and we all make mistakes. I have known Jayson my entire life and have always known him to be a loving and caring individual who would always be there to help anyone in need.

Leigh Ann, you wrote in part, “It’s a shame he’s still alive” and finished by saying “He should be taken out”. I’m guessing you’re not a good old Christian women? Oh wait a second, its okay for you to say this, to have these thoughts? You’re exempt from judgment because you feel justified in having a person “taken out” to murder another human. But who am I to pass judgment on you right?

Jayson is a human being! And I will tell you contrary to his actions and what you may or may not believe. Jayson has remorse and is hurting inside. The tragic accidental death of Costas Christofi, the loss of his father EJ in November and countless other personal matters in his life have all taken an emotional toll.

“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

Give the man a break! A chance to get his thoughts together and recover from the curved road life has taken him down. “He is only human”.

1749 days ago



I wonder if a "Halo" has been installed due to his broken neck ??

"In & Out of Consciousness"...... Not good, for this many days after crash !!


1749 days ago


I hope he gets the finest care a jail hospital can provide. Gotta luv poetic justice!

1749 days ago


James, I know that we don't know anything when it comes to the real lives the rich and famous (and sometimes not so rich and not so famous). A lot of people on here like to think the worse, they forget facts of cases and as they have said numerous times, this is a gossip page so what does it matter.

All matters aren't what they seem at face value, at least he has freinds like you that shout out that things aren't what they seem and you are right to point out we shouldn't judge. We don't know all the facts and won't ever know all the facts.

Most people won't stop saying they wish him dead, they get a thrill seeing it there and they love the peoples reactions and some are just mean.


1749 days ago
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