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Johnson Family to Raise Casey's Daughter

1/8/2010 9:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey JohnsonCasey Johnson's three-year-old daughter will be raised by Casey's mother and sisters, family sources tell TMZ.

Ava -- whom Casey adopted two years ago -- has been living with Casey's mom, Sale, for the past few months. We're told it's the family that wants Ava to remain with Sale -- along with her husband Ahmad Rashad* -- for good.

Sources close to the family tell us Casey's sisters will also help out.

It is unclear when (or if) the Johnson family will file adoption papers.

(*Yes, the Ahmad Rashad)


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11. Better Casey's mom than Casey's friends right?’s-friend-vows-to-be-there-for-daughter-ava/

Posted at 12:58AM on Jan 8th 2010 by Lulu Says

Okay everybody, let's forget about everything negative for a minute and focus on the positive.

Check out the link in Lulu's post, of Ava.

Isn't she the most adorable little ANGEL you ever saw?

I think she will be just fine growing up with her "grandmother"!

1714 days ago


I never even heard of this girl until she died, probably cuz she wasn't a self-absorbed talentless attention whore like Paris Hilton.

1714 days ago


" Since when do rich people care about a sale?

So, If her mother's name is "Sale" I have to imagine that her sisters are "clearance" and "half off" of course maybe her brother might be "mark down"? (Her name wasn't really Casey, was it? it was changed from "buy one get one")

Am I right? Am I right?

Posted at 1:33AM on Jan 8th 2010 by Sale? Seriously? "

Hahaha omg, OMG. YES.

1714 days ago


Btw, Ahmad Rashad's real name is Robert Earl Moore, a.k.a. Bobby Moore. (snicker) He took on his pretentious name when he found Allah.

Posted at 1:18AM on Jan 8th 2010 by t

Hey skinhead, if you peak out under that pointy white hood of your for a second you might be able to see more clearly. His REAL name is the name he took for himself, his GIVEN name is the name he shed. There is nothing 'pretentious' about his name although with your name in comparison (what is it, JimbobWillyRay Klanahan?) his name may seem so to you.

1714 days ago


Ahmad? I thought he was still married to Felicia (sp?) Rashad! He added his football fortune to the baby products fortune! Good for him.

1714 days ago

my my my    

It is sad to see parents give up on their children. So they wrote her out of the will but with all the money they could have hauled her ass home and got her help but what did they do take her money away that was more important.They are pathetic and did not give a rats ass about her. They could have fought tooth and nail and got her help so they are alot to blame but so wrapped up in themselves they failed her. So she tried to find some kind of happiness to fill the no family void and look where it got her. I hope her daughter someday will see how they really treated her. But she knew better so now shes dead and really never heard of her till now but wish I could have helped her as I have a thirty year old daughter who is a teacher and count my blessings each day that she turned out good, then of course I cracked the whip when she was growing up.

1714 days ago

Sale Case Johnson--WTF??    

Is her name pronounced Sah-LEH? Cuz I don't get it. AT ALL.

1714 days ago

Sale Case Johnson--WTF??    

I hope they do a better job this time around with Ava than they did with Casey.

1714 days ago


We should have known from the begainning... once you get a D*CK and BUSH together somebody's gonna get F*CKED!

1714 days ago


when in the hell did ahmad rashad get divorced from miss huxtable? that is so weird! lol

1714 days ago


I feel sooooo sorry for that little girl!!! They Disowned her mother what the hell are they gonna do with her!!! Johnson and Johnson family you don't deserve that little girl,just cuz you have money doesn't mean you can take care and love that little girl so much, you didn't even take care of her damn mother!!!!! MAKES ME SICK!!!! POOR LITTLE GIRL!!!!

1714 days ago


QUOTE: 23. She was a diabetic
. When you are diabetic you have to eat and take your insulin. Her family knew she had no money. What did they think was going to happen? How was she suppose to buy food and medication? How was she even going to cook the food when she had no electricity? /QUOTE

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing she could have gotten a job. I know, I know... that's kind of crazy talk when you're speaking of the filthy rich, but my job gives me money that I can use food and medication. It's so simple that it's scary.

1714 days ago


DID FABULOUS WEALTH DELIVER LITTLE AVA INTO THE HANDS OF THIS HORRIBLE JOHNSON FAMILY? I wonder if Children's Services will keep an eye on Ava or, will wealth get in the way? They threw Casey away so, what makes the court system believe they would not do the same to Ava who is not blood connected. She already has two strikes against her so, what next? The Johnson "famdamily" has no heart, no soul, nothing admirable. They have proven it over, and over, and over! Trying to "make nice" only makes them look even worse! They cannot hide behind kind deeds anymore. The public knows who and what they are and they brought it all upon themselves but, their conceit does not permit them to admit how awful a family they are. God help little Ava. She need HIM more now, than before! Hope TMZ and the authorities keep a watchful eye on her, always!!! Blessings, to Ava.

1714 days ago

To hell with her    

Just keep the kid away from that porn sl*t attention wh*re tila "vietcong hooker" tequila; she'll be ok if they can do that...

1714 days ago


Sad. What an eff'd up family. RIP Casey.

1713 days ago
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