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FOX on Conan O'Brien -- We're Not Saying No...

1/8/2010 7:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'BrienConan O'Brien may have a late night option if the NBC thing doesn't work out -- TMZ has learned FOX isn't exactly backing away from the idea of bringing him to their network.

As we first reported, NBC is giving Conan the option of taking the midnight spot after Jay Leno, should he so choose.

But a source at FOX -- a logical landing point should Conan become a free agent -- tells TMZ that while they are "always interested in late night" and always "looking to bring great talent to FOX," Conan is still under contract with NBC, so FOX will "just have to see" what happens.

It's not a no.

One possible selling point FOX can make to Conan -- they can offer him an 11:00 PM time slot ... 35 full minutes before Jay or David Letterman take the air.

Stay tuned ...


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Better Than You    

To #64, trailor:

Fox NEWS is the right wing station.

But Plain old regular Fox, is pretty even handed.

Besides, Conan used to be a head writer on The Simpsons... a Fox program.

1688 days ago


anyone who thinks Jay Leno is funny is a retard

scientific fact

1688 days ago

Better Than You    

"Conan is still under contract with NBC, so FOX will "just have to see" what happens."

What contract? NBC is in breach of contract, so Conan's obligation to NBC is null and void, right?

Therefore, Conan should be a free agent.

1688 days ago


@ trailor ::: Conan has barely ever discussed politics on his show let alone show himself to be a "lefty" or "righty" so your comment is dumb

1688 days ago


I don't want TMZ to go away! Conan is a bore to me.
Why don't they come up with something fresh and new on NBC? No imagination and talent going forward into the future. Same old, same old, tired programming. Thank goodness we have Cable.

1688 days ago


NBC would be better off w/o him. O'Brien's show is near sophomoric "humor" which almost always misses the mark. The show is painful to watch, even little snippets.

1688 days ago


i'm just so appalled would pull this on conan only 6 months into the new show. jeez, give him some bloody time!!

1688 days ago


Jay Leno sucks. Get your huge chin off the air and leave Conan alone. Conando for life!

1688 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I like FOX and I hope they won't hire that Imbecile Conan O'Brien. Letterman is a Slimeball who screws all of his staff and Conan is the most boring person on TV. Long Live Leno on NBC

1688 days ago

eddie s    

Sorry but I never found this guy amusing, that is without the laugh tracks to tell me when to laugh, so he should be good for NBC for many years. I never saw much talent in him,,so no great loss for me if he goes...

1688 days ago


Conan has a 9.1 rating, Leno has a 7.1, and Letterman has a 3.1! Why would you drop Conan when he's destroying Letterman and beating Leno even with Leno's 1.5-hour advantage? NBC is garbage...Maybe a few more carbon copies of Law and Order or ER will finally sink that boat. Conan should go to ABC, or Fox...

1688 days ago


It would be nice if Conan would agree to take the midnight time slot on at least a trial basis - he's really a better match for "after midnight". SOME of us think 11 pm is early in the evening.... :) He could watch the ratings to see if that's a correct assessment, if not - then renegotiate or jump to a different network.

Leno might do better with just a half hour show, actually, and it might be less work for him if he's looking for semiretirement. And his audience is probably more likely to want it earlier (but not as early as he's been lately, that interferes with too many regular non-talk shows).

Of course, they also can both be recorded and viewed with the morning cereal. So I'm not sure why the exact time slot is still considered so important.

1688 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

MAYBE a younger audience likes Conan but an older audience likes Leno and the older ones have money to spend. I have tried to watch Conan but I fall asleep in 3 minutes watching that goony, boring Dud. According to all reports, Jay Leno is the nicest person in Show Business. I am so excited that he's coming back to the Tonight Show. I've missed him. Letterman is as boring as Conan. One question: with all the good looking men in Television and Movies, why are the most unattractive men on Late Night Television? Aren't there any funny, cute men?

1688 days ago


I think jimmy fallon is the future his show is way more entertaining than both jay and conan, Not to mention letterman it fells like i need life support to watch his show.

1688 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

JFK on a Boat: You must be really out to sea if you think Conan beats Letterman in the ratings. What are you smoking tonight? Letterman has ALWAYS beat Conan just as Leno ALWAYS used to beat Letterman. Conan and Letterman are silly Simpletons with NO talent.

1688 days ago
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