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Assault Investigation

In Lohan Car Incident

1/10/2010 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's car struck a photog this morning, and her driver is now a person of interest in a criminal assault with a deadly weapon investigation.

The incident occurred at 12:30 AM in front The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Lindsay's driver was behind the wheel of her BMW when it made contact with the paparazzo.

The photog was not taken to the hospital

Lindsay is not a suspect -- though she was reportedly inside the car during the incident.

Ironically, it was Lindsay's assistant that reported the incident.

According to X17, the photog (pictured below in the Jack Daniels shirt) injured his hand and was treated by EMTs who arrived on scene.


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5. paparazzi should exercise due caution when being near any occupied and moving automobile. Just like any other pedestrian.

Posted at 1:07PM on Jan 10th 2010 by Eaglewerks


1686 days ago


Absolutely no criminal case whatsoever! Get the F*** out of the way of the car. If it was an innocent bystander..maybe, but this is someone acting in the course of his professional activities, behaving like a child. Paparazzi need a governing body to deal with this Sh**! Have some professional ethics and maybe people will give a damn when you get hurt.

1686 days ago


48. Interesting...

The pap is hiding his face with his hand from all the camera's while being interviewed by L.A.'s finest...

How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot... or hand, as the case may be?

Not so great is it - having a bunch of paparazzi taking your photograph whether you like it or now, is it??


He's covering his face so you can't see the dollar signs in his eyes.

1686 days ago


From the looks of this guy, he would be hard to miss, even if you wanted to avoid hitting him.

1686 days ago

John S    

This is an absolute joke... This camera man will milk this for everything its worth. Take notice.. after "almost dying" he was still able to take a picture after being "struck" by the car. If I'm hit by a car and hurt, the last thing I'd do would be trying to take a picture

1686 days ago


He Pissed Himself.

1686 days ago


Maybe if the idiotic photographers didn't crowd around the peoples cars while they're trying to leave they wouldn't get hit. I say they deserve it. I'd run his fat ass down too. Look, I get that they're celebrities but that doesn't give these morons the right to trap them inside their vehicles.

1686 days ago


Agree with comment 11. It was probably done on purpose. Paps need to get a real job or start wearing helmets.

1686 days ago


The people ragging on the paps must be stars, because I know it's not the people who frequent this site. For if it weren't for the paps there would be very little info coming out of Hollywood for people to read and post comments on. You can't have it both ways!
On the other hand that guy does look pretty sad- that's why I don't date fat guys cause they have no control over their pee pee.

1686 days ago


I'll say it cause nobody else will: HEY FATASS, MOVE!! LOL

1686 days ago


the fact that he peed himself shows that he really was freaked out and hurt. if it was on purpose he would not wet himself. the only crime he commited was taking pics of lindsay lohan. if he should've given a real star attention, a real movie star wouldnt drive off like that even if they hated the paps. they would be smarter than giving a pap a chance to sue them. i hope his hand is better.

1686 days ago

dirty diana    

i think he did piss his pants,lmao!!!

1686 days ago


If that is urine (its more likely belly sweat) its not because he was hurt or freaked out. He was probably standing out there a REALLY long time and at his weight he's going to have health issues. IF it is urine, its likely because of health issues and him not taking care of himself (ie GOING to the bathroom when the urge hits).

1686 days ago


Dough Boy needs to get a REAL job!!!! Cut back on the Pizza MF!!! Then you won't need to sue stanks!! You lower than the low!!I think the car was hurt more tha your eating hand!!!

1686 days ago


This just in...they didn't hit him, the car was caught in his gravitational pull!

1686 days ago
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