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Conan O'Brien -- I Won't Get Burned

1/11/2010 2:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien might be considering taking that $80 mil and hitting the beach -- because yesterday in L.A., all he cared about was making sure the paps on his trail had the right kind of sun tan lotion.

Conan O'Brien: Click to watch
As TMZ previously reported, one of Conan's options with NBC is taking the money and heading for the beach -- and with all this SPF talk, sounds like he's prepared.


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I love Conan! Go Coco! haha :)

1684 days ago


Leno the kiss-ass sucks.

1684 days ago


Can't feel too badly for Conan. I wouldn't mind sitting on my butt for the next few years collecting $80 mil from NBC.

That's the ultimate form of a severance package.

1684 days ago

Conan is not funny. Burn him!

1684 days ago

M Murphy    

None of these late night guys are any good. Maybe they should just power the stations down after the news.

1684 days ago


Conan, take the money and retire or use the extra cash to hire writers worth a d@mn when you get to another network. The reason Leno is bumping Conan's show is that Conan doesn't have the talent to draw in viewers. NBC will more than pay for Conan's severance with the advertising dollars they get back by dumping him. At last count Conan was over 2 million viewers shy of what Leno was bringing in. One of the big gripes of the affiliates was that after Leno those 2 million+ viewers were tuning in somewhere else and weren't coming back to watch Conan's cr@ppy show. NBC rightly looks at Conan as overhead, and not a network asset.

1684 days ago


And this is why he is losing the prime spot.
He is simply not funny.
How many SPF jokes do have for us Conan? that never gets old.
Leno isn't funny either, but that shows how bad Conan really is.

1684 days ago


C #21

you have the completely wrong info about why the affiliates were angry.

It was because LENO was not pulling in the ratings to keep them watching the channels for the 11:00 NEWS. That is what affiliates care about most.

stop talking out of your butt

1684 days ago


They (NBC) totally tried to burn Conan. But, he's got SPF 50 (Fox) protection ready. And, what did NBC expect with Leno cannibalizing Conan's viewers and furthermore NBC's lack of promotional efforts for Conan. The only promotion that NBC did was for Leno. What did NBC expect the Leno promotion would cause people to watch Leno, stay for the Local News and then continue to watch Conan and hour and a half later. NBC set Conan up to lose viewers, especially the Leno cannibalization problem and lack of promotion.

1684 days ago


Hopefully Fox is smart enough not to sign Conan on to a long running contract. My bet is after six months Fox will figure out Conan just doesn't have what it takes and it will be time to let Conan move on to another parasitic relationship with another network stupid enough to sign him up.

People can make excuses for Conan all day. But the bottom line is his writers suck and Conan's delivery doesn't appeal to the masses.

1684 days ago

Better Than You    

'People can make excuses for Conan all day. But the bottom line is his writers suck and Conan's delivery doesn't appeal to the masses.'

Whatever you say!

Conan obviously had enough appeal 5 years ago, that NBC was TOTALLY DESPERATE to keep him from jumping ship.

The real reasons Conan's Tonight Show is not doing well:

1. The new Jay Leno's terrible 10pm show, and poor lead-in. People wouldn't even watch the news!

2. Conan's Tonight Show wasn't getting good guests. Not sure why that happened.

3. Conan's great, but bringing back Andy Richter was a mistake. The show was better with the humorously awkward exchanges with Max Weinberg, the band, and Joel Goddard, etc. Andy is just annoying, despite his 'early history' with Conan.

4. Conan was better in NYC, and he's better when he's free to be himself. He's had to water himself down at 11:35, and thus an inferior show.

In any case, I hope he does decide to move to Fox. NBC is sinking fast, and now's a great time to jump ship! I just hope Conan's staff (most of whom followed Conan from NY to LA, will be well taken care of)

1684 days ago


It's amazing with all the people laid off, that Jeff Zucker and his staff still have jobs. What a nitwit for letting Conan come to LA and moving Leno to 10 pm with the same show he did before.

They tried to spin it as a new show with new format, but was Leno doing his same old stuff and same old skits. Dumb Dumb Dumb!

1684 days ago

TV Gord    

This is why Conan can't succeed at 11:35: idiots who can't understand a simple spf 50 joke are in the majority. We ARE doomed. And this is why Jay Leno's success makes me want to put my head in the oven. It's an electric over, but I'm going to set it for spf450 degrees.

1684 days ago


CONAN-- take the money f**k NBC

1684 days ago


NBC Universal management,LOL! really bright executives,LMAO. don't you all know anything about contracts? take the 80,000,000.00 million dollars Conan and drive from NBC Universal in your new Ferrari,LMAO!

1684 days ago
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