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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Too Early to Deal

1/11/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- who is in the crosshairs of the Michael Jackson homicide investigation -- is in no position to even discuss plea bargaining a criminal case ... this according to his lawyer.

Dr. Conrad Murray and J. Michael Flanagan

Attorney Michael Flanagan tells TMZ he has already been in touch with Pat Dixon, the Head Deputy District Attorney in the L.A. County D.A.'s office, and Dixon is not sharing any info about the case against Dr. Murray. According to Flanagan, Dixon said he can't share information in a case that could go to the L.A. County Grand Jury.

A spokesperson for the D.A.'s office tells TMZ Flanagan did speak with Dixon on Friday, but all Dixon said was he could not discuss the case. The spokesperson says Dixon never mentioned a possible grand jury.

As we first reported, there is a "strong likelihood" the D.A. will go after Dr. Murray for involuntary manslaughter, but it's not a done deal.

Law enforcement sources say they don't know if the big wigs in the D.A.'s office will sign off on involuntary manslaughter. The LAPD will be formally presenting the case to the D.A. soon, and the presentation, we're told, will be critical in the decision-making process.

Flanagan tells TMZ as far as he knows Dr. Murray has not violated any law in connection with Michael Jackson's medical care the day he died. Flanagan believes it will be "very difficult" for the D.A. to base a case on gross negligence -- a requirement in proving involuntary manslaughter. As Flanagan puts it, even if there's proof of "an error in judgment," it's a giant leap for a jury to conclude the lapse of judgment constitutes manslaughter.

But, law enforcement sources say the LAPD has experts who have gone on record saying Dr. Murray's conduct constitutes gross negligence that supports a manslaughter prosecution.


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scum bag TMZ    

He was pathetic with his religious preaching about how great all children were!

I find this a pathetic and most ignorant statement. People around the world dedicate their lives to increase awareness to better the lives of others; it's the most selfless thing another human being can do, go beyond one's own interspective and reach out to others, whether it's world hunger, the enviornment, helping children, those with disabilities (how do you think we got Special Olympics), PETA, AIDS awareness and attention AMFAR, what do you think Politicians do everyday. And Michael gave more to charities than anyone, Heal the World.

Truly a pathetic statement.

1744 days ago



1744 days ago


Yes, MJ gave to more charities than anyone... but he his mental decline and health got worse and worse.
Elvis gave money to churches....he still chewed enough drugs until he keeled over dead. Let's not mention he seduced a 14-year-old Priscilla...

Where were these 'concerned' fans when he planned his concert between 2007 until June? I was worried last so-called fans didn't even know he was mentally screwed and had severe insomnia. He told a music channel "I can't sleep much" in 1996...nothing shocking.

1744 days ago


by the world

I agree with you! MJ gave so much to so many over the years!

1744 days ago


543. I will fight you for the cape .......


I must admit that story was pretty funny LoL, I can just picture all of us pulling that off.

Nope, nobody gettin my cape. Never know when there might be another innocent fugitive that I might have to resuce....

Posted at 8:33AM on Jan 12th 2010 by MiMi

Posted at 12:24PM on Jan 12th 2010 by Tstorm


Shamone with it then. Ready whenever you are....

My cape is gold lame'. Just like the G+++ P++++. :)

1744 days ago


544 @ a fan: I think people would take more notice of you if you did some research and learned the true facts instead of repeating rubbish which you've heard along the way.
You can't even get it right that it was Blanket, not Prince he 'dangled' for all of about 1 second.
Lost his mind? Have you seen the freaking movie? Could someone who could sing and dance like that really be out of his mind?
Wearing makeup compensated for the loss of pigmentation because of vitiligo.
Maybe your eyes would be dead too if you'd been falsley accused twice by a stinking media and a corrupt law enforcement hell-bent on destroying you; hounded and ridiculed by lies and innuendo for the final 16 years of your life. Career and reputation totally destroyed by these stinking vultures.
Go do some more research, especially about the nose surgery. You might learn something. Geez!

1744 days ago


Prince Michael Jackson II is Prince. His nickname wasn't in his birth certificate. It's no one's fault that both sons were named Prince.
If your man dangled your baby over the 3rd floor balcony, you wouldn't think "it's for 1 second only". MJ apologized to the media & told Bashir "I wasn't happy that happened".

He certainly knew he was facing hateful vultures & useless friends.
Guess what? He continued talking about sharing beds with strangers' children to Bashir....BECAUSE Bashir interviewed Princess Diana.
We all know how easily manipulated MJ was. Princess Diana was his ideal woman, he said.
He refused to listen when he was told to not talk about kids in his beds, especially when a kid sat next to him & held MJ's hand.
The US law system & media didn't care about him. They wanted money & evil enjoyment.

Please, the huge amount of red lipstick was not to protect his vitiligo skin. He wore that shade because he loved the androgynous look. Diane Sawyer called him androgynous...he didn't deny it.
Nose surgery wasn't supposed to deform the nose.
If he wanted to look manly, thick red lipstick outside the lip line didn't help. He wore red blush, eyeliner, mascara & bangs in 1997 too... Was that to protect the skin from the sun?

1744 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

Please, the huge amount of red lipstick was not to protect his vitiligo skin. He wore that shade because he loved the androgynous look. Diane Sawyer called him androgynous...he didn't deny it.
Nose surgery wasn't supposed to deform the nose.
If he wanted to look manly, thick red lipstick outside the lip line didn't help. He wore red blush, eyeliner, mascara & bangs in 1997 too... Was that to protect the skin from the sun?

Posted at 6:38PM on Jan 12th 2010 by fan

I know, right, MJ was/is BRILLIANT, just as planned. Keeps everyone guessing, 7 months out and he's STILL (and will always be) the most popular entertainer. Ever story about him, on any and every site gets the most hits. Genuis Michael Jackson, as he once said, "he wanted his career to be the biggest show on earth", he, he, he.

Fantastic and brillaint. LOVE Michael Jackson. Ain't no one ever gonna figure him out, he, he, he. The mystery allue and captivating Michael Jackson. SEXY AZZ man. SEXY SEX Michael Jackson!

Hum, men who wear makeup. OH my gosh, that's so WEIRD, let's go down the list:

Marilyn Manson
Ozzy Osborne
Everyone in Tommy Lee's little group, whom all have had face lifts, etc...
Steven Tyler, all them dudes who 'look like ladies'

Actually, I can't even name them all.

And, if you knew anything about michael jackson, when not in the public eye, he'd have a full beard, wore a baseball cap and usually a flannel shirt. A total DUDE!

Sorry, you funny with your story though.

MJ ROCKS ON. Give me those lipstick lips...smooch, smooch to michael jacskon, yeah baby.

1744 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

At work we have PORTA POTTY's Today we heard this screaming,our shop liar was set up.We had one potty fixed up with a false seat.If you set down on it you will fall to the bottom and find yourself in 5'of deep sh*t.So you, tmz aka ::LIAR:: watch your BACK maybe you will be next.YEA!!! We are talking to you.

1744 days ago


Quid pro quo...
Seems like old times again...since most of you may have missed this on the other thread, I think I will share it again on this one:
Please--my humble request, with L.O.V.E.: IF IT'S NOT ABOUT MICHAEL, TAKE IT TO ANOTHER SITE. Kudos to the few who tried to bring us back to the point.
Okay, so let's just jump right in and plow:
1. #548--Murray and The Plea: As much as it hurts me to say it, I think there's a distinct possibility that Murray's lawyer will be smart enough to go this route to get a lesser sentence. But it may not be the end of the world if he does. After all, putting him in Prison won't bring my Michael back to me--something I would give anything for. Furthermore, if Murrder does take the plea, he won't be able to do to anyone else what he did to Michael--at least not as a Doctor. Not to mention, he could possibly lead the DA to bigger fish they can fry like Tohme x 2, Klein, or AEG to name a few. However, I still stand by my statement that he should be charged with MANSLAUGHTER according to the California Penal code because he showed reckless disregard for human life by administering the benzos and Prop in a sub-standard setting, without proper resuscitation equipment and by giving meds to a person who he considered to be an addict. Please people, get this if you don't get anything else: THE DA CAN CHARGE MURRAY WITH MANSLAUHTER BECAUSE HE ADMINISTERED THE PROPOFOL WHEN HE KNEW IT COULD CAUSE DIRE CONSEQUENCES EVEN WHEN ADMINISTERED IN THE APPROPRIATE SETTING--HE CLAIMED TO BE WEANING MICHAEL OFF THE DRUG WHICH MEANS HE CONSIDERED HIM TO BE ADDICTED TO IT, THIS IS ILLEGAL. And no, he doesn't get off because he claims Michael begged for it--even if there was a recording of him asking for it, it doesn't matter. Murray is a doctor so he was supposed to be the responsible one...this is why they take the Hippocratic oath.
2. #544,552,'s mental health: First, I want to say that I don't consider Michael's mental health to be at issue. Did he do things differently from the norm? Sure. Did he march to the beat of his own drummer? Definitely, but so do most genius artists--that's what make them who they are. If he had been just an average aspiring artist with talent he would've never risen to the heights he did. His was a God-given talent that's not easy to explain. A talent like this bestowed on anyone, much less a young boy from the wrong side of the tracks can be very confusing to say the least, yet Michael even as a child appeared to be very clear on what he was put here to do. This is the stuff that geniuses are made of. You also ask why the fans didn't know about Michael's Insomnia before he died, but how do you KNOW they didn't? Just because we are hurting and on these threads doesn't mean we were unaware of problems he had, but unless we were close enough to do something to help him, there wasn't a whole lot we could've done other than to plead with him to stay away from Prop. Kudos Katie for pointing out the other Superstars out there who consistently wear makeup and long hair. Bottom line, Michael looked the way he wanted to. Does anyone tell you how to look? Yeah, my point exactly.
3. #529--Neil ratner and Tohme on red carpet: Kudos Bunny for more of your great links--you are invaluable to those of us on a quest for truth in Michael's case. BTW--I didn't see Tohme on the carpet but I'm sure he was up to no good as usual. And that unholy union between him and Jermaine...well let's just say that the last Jackson Brothers show did nothing to make me feel better about Jermy. If anything, he came across as cold and calculated, especially during the segment when they were preparing for TII Premiere...something really weird about him...
4. #387 and 405: The Hoax Theory: First of all I hate that people attribute this to Michael but I agree that if he did do it, I love him enough to let him go in peace. However, my problem with it is that this so contradicts the Michael that I know and love. Sure, during the 2005 trials I think he may have gone out like this or even attempted suicide considering all he was being put through, but I don't think even then he would've gone through with a hoax death--Michael was too in love with his fans and the stage so I don't think he could stand giving up these two aspects of his life even knowing he had access to the family and J3 if they were in on it. Furthermore, 2009 was the year of his rebirth. Sure he was overworked and underfed and the rest, but he was happy--you can tell on TII he was engaged and ready to do battle which is why I do support the conspiracy theory because I think this side of Michael--which hadn't been seen since 1993 before the allegations, was a major force to be reckoned with and it scared the daylights out of all of the leeches and controllers in his life. They knew their days were numbered. Remember, he fired Tohme and Grace and kept the family a

1744 days ago


No deals should ever be done with murderers and the quack is a murderer.

1744 days ago


Hello Cher

I always appricate your comment,

412 is HUMAN NATURE she posted the AWARDS.

Have all a nice day




1744 days ago

Random Angel    


You make some great points. I agree with almost everything you said.

I was one of those laughing at South Park...but only at the wishing tree part and the fact that they renamed him Michael Jefferson. It made me think of our Louise Jefferson here. I don't remember anyone actually thinking the whole molestation part of it was funny...but then again, I left pretty early (by West Coast standards) and haven't looked back to see.

Back to Michael and the L.O.V.E.....I was awoke a half hour ago by my 4 year old watching This Is It on the computer in my room. The volume blasting with "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" HOW could I be mad at that? LOL

1744 days ago


Thanks Cher-
I have been following TMZ - MJ posts since his death. I normally don't reply because it became a name bashing, kid play, personal "me,me,me, site. Thanks for bringing key points to light again. I really enjoy when adults brain-storm together over anything having to do with MJ's MURDER. I am so broken hearted and I'm trying to come to grips. As far as the Hoax...STOP people, MJ is dead. You can see it in his mother, father, sisters and his brothers faces (The Jackson: Family Dynasty). I love the show, it reminds me of my siblings, joking, fighting and loving one another. Breaks my Heart..seeing the pain in thier eyes when the discuss thier baby brother not being here any longer. Just wanted to say...peace & blessings!

1743 days ago


by SheeRandomness
Please stop believing the trashy media and do some research! MJ was innocent and that has been proven several times! He wasn't a "junkie" and he loved HIS children very much!

1743 days ago
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