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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Too Early to Deal

1/11/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- who is in the crosshairs of the Michael Jackson homicide investigation -- is in no position to even discuss plea bargaining a criminal case ... this according to his lawyer.

Dr. Conrad Murray and J. Michael Flanagan

Attorney Michael Flanagan tells TMZ he has already been in touch with Pat Dixon, the Head Deputy District Attorney in the L.A. County D.A.'s office, and Dixon is not sharing any info about the case against Dr. Murray. According to Flanagan, Dixon said he can't share information in a case that could go to the L.A. County Grand Jury.

A spokesperson for the D.A.'s office tells TMZ Flanagan did speak with Dixon on Friday, but all Dixon said was he could not discuss the case. The spokesperson says Dixon never mentioned a possible grand jury.

As we first reported, there is a "strong likelihood" the D.A. will go after Dr. Murray for involuntary manslaughter, but it's not a done deal.

Law enforcement sources say they don't know if the big wigs in the D.A.'s office will sign off on involuntary manslaughter. The LAPD will be formally presenting the case to the D.A. soon, and the presentation, we're told, will be critical in the decision-making process.

Flanagan tells TMZ as far as he knows Dr. Murray has not violated any law in connection with Michael Jackson's medical care the day he died. Flanagan believes it will be "very difficult" for the D.A. to base a case on gross negligence -- a requirement in proving involuntary manslaughter. As Flanagan puts it, even if there's proof of "an error in judgment," it's a giant leap for a jury to conclude the lapse of judgment constitutes manslaughter.

But, law enforcement sources say the LAPD has experts who have gone on record saying Dr. Murray's conduct constitutes gross negligence that supports a manslaughter prosecution.


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TMZ you need to monitor some of the comments being posted here so of the comments are indecent, disgusting...have some respect please...we love MJ and we miss him!!!

Harvey Monitor your site please..thank you...

1723 days ago


A. Gill "People should have just kept saying no to MJ."

To the Jackson brothers, MJ yhe "genius" should've been free to do anything he wanted, without thinking about deadly results.
Tito said he forgave MURRAY. For religious reason, Tito said.

Cher, youtube has MJ with Bashir in his own videotape during the 2003 conversation. MJ complained
that the media called him "GIRL".
I don't worry about his hair, etc.
I'm talking about the make-up he put on that had nothing to do with skin problems.

What did Steven Tyler, Kiss, etc. have to do with MJ?
They didn't look handsome. They just look like average to ugly men with make-up. MJ said he DID NOT want to look girly. It had nothing to do with me.

1723 days ago


FBI Files Support Michael Jackson's Innocence; Media Reports Otherwise - British journalist - Charles Thomson :

1722 days ago


Quid Pro Quo...Pt.Deux
Here we are again and still NO CHARGES to date! It's okay, I can give them until the end of this month but after that, we really need to unite as Michael supporters and DO SOMETHING! Thanks Bunny for the link to the petition for Michael--I advise everyone to sign it asap. Any other suggestions for Justice in Michael's death??
While we wait for the DA, here's what's rocking my world:
1. South Park Brue: Thanks RA for your response on this. I admit I really don't like South Park in the first place and when I heard they were going after Michael and thought you guys were enjoying it, it really made me question whether or not coming to this site was a waste of my time. I am first, last and always a Michael fan as he has been the main soundtrack to my life since the J5 days (I had a brief Prince period during the "1999" and "Purple Rain" era--I still love him, but it doesn't go as deep as Michael) so I am very defensive of him. You have always been one of the few interesting bloggers on here so when I saw even you involved in that I was like, "et tu brute?" No matter, glad it's all straight now. BTW--I L.O.V.E. stories like the one you told about your 4 yr.old playing "This Is It" on your Pc--kids really love Michael which is a true testament to his talent. One of the times I saw TII, there were 2 young boys (7-8 yrs.) sitting a few seats away from me once the movie started, there were a lot of trailers to go through and after the 3rd clip, one of the boys said, "I want Michael!" I was like, wow, they weren't even around long enough to truly know Michael, yet they were mesmerized by him throughout the entire film!
2. #559--Michael and the Makeup: In regards to Tito, I think you're reading him wrong. If you watched the Jacksons Dynasty on A&E, you'll see Tito is one of the few brothers with his head on straight--I L.O.V.E. him on that show! I don't think he meant to say whatever Michael does--even if it destroys him is ok, I think he only meant that Michael should've been allowed to express himself and be the genius that he is. People have always been so quick to judge him as if he's God or something, he's only human...and as a human he has rights to present himself the way he wants to. I'm not him and I get tired of hearing people making judgements on every little thing he did or said. Yes, maybe he did say he had a problem with the media calling him a girl, but I think he said that because I've never heard them rant and run on about Mick Jagger, Poison or Tommy Lee. Not to mention the fact that male artists wore makeup since the 50's--remember Little Richard? Also, Prince was wearing makeup before Michael ever even thought of wearing any and aside from some send-ups on Saturday Night Live, I didn't hear a big brew about him. Yes, people thought Michael looked androgynous which led them to have questions about him and his lifestyle. I think this is exactly what Michael wanted to keep his mystique intact. But he didn't want people to write him off as feminine just because he didn't present himself like their typical idea of a male. What difference does that make these days? Some of the most macho, average joes out there are actually gay, anyway--and they don't wear a stitch of makeup. I just don't understand why you and others are even bothered by it. You said it's not about you, but your taking time to write about it is a contradiction.
Bottom line, I don't necessarily like the extra lipstick he wore, either--you know his lips were tattooed pink, right? So he wasn't always wearing lipstick. Anyhoo, I love Michael enough to support his choice of style...the same thing I would want people to do for me--I think he looked gorgeous and sexy...LIVE AND LET LIVE!
3. #555--The Hoax hoax: I'm with you Dahzillig. This, too is getting tiring. As I stated before, in order to pull something like this off, Michael would need the cooperation of the authorities and the powers that be--something he never had (read the FBI files.) And regardless of how many palms were greased, there would always be someone out there who'd see a bigger payoff and go for the gold--yes, right now Michael and all things Michael is a hot commodity and they would've realized that there's not enough money in the world to keep something like a death hoax quiet. Just think of Michael's life since "Thriller" and the past 7 months, for that matter. Anything that even remotely smacks of Michael has been reported on and people still think he could be somewhere on earth and nobody drop a dime? Ludicrous and then some. On another thread, someone even suggested that he was hiding out in Austria and the reason we didn't see the family is because they went there to see him. Whatever. Thankfully enough, one poster was savvy enough to provide us with the info that the children had spent the holidays with an undisclosed family so they could celebrate Christmas in

1722 days ago


His make-up has nothing to do with my make-up, that's what I was addressing. The guy also contradicted himself even when he was concerned about his face, performances, etc.

You don't talk about taking care of your body with good food & no dangerous drugs. Then, he did the opposite of what he said. He said he didn't look in the mirror, but then he shockingly allowed the surgeon to destroy his nose. I would sue the malpracting idiots.
He refused to hear that there were criminals & kids willing to put him in jail. He respected Bashir, only because Bashir interviewed Diana & she befriended MJ. His brothersm of all people should've told him that tabloid liars are not the only bad media people. Oprah & Diane Sawyer, along with Bashir were pricks that led to child molestation insults. If MJ wasn't so trusting & religious about humanity, he wouldn't have so much unnecessary pain.

1721 days ago



1726 days ago


It's really a complicated situation...

1726 days ago


Conrad Murray is not responsible for Michael Jackson's death; Michael Jackson was responsible. It is true that part of his responsibility involves insisting on the hiring of a physician with a public record of incompetence, but evidently the acquisition of dangerous medications and narcotics was of greater importance to the King of Pop than good medical treatment. Look at it this way: If he had been convicted of child molestation, as he should have been, and sentenced to prison, he probably would have died earlier than he did--and in a homicide, no doubt.

1726 days ago

If you missed the Michael Jakcson Memorial Service from 7/7/09, buy a DVD of it here...

1726 days ago

michaela johnson    

its manslaughter, no question about it. and if the DA doesnt prosecute, theyve got blood on their hands. period.

1726 days ago


Murry is just as responsable as MJ. He was suppose to be the Dr. and he knew better too, but he chose to risk his lic's and possible jail time with his actions for the almighty dollar. These DR's need to start being responable for their actions. And the trials of MJ's past have nothing to do with this. They are 2 different things. This blows my mind that because some people think MJ was guilty back then, that his dr should not be held accountable for what happened here and now.

1726 days ago


I miss michael:(

1726 days ago




1726 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

We love you Dr. Murray.

1726 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Dr. Murray did nothing wrong.

1726 days ago
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