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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Too Early to Deal

1/11/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- who is in the crosshairs of the Michael Jackson homicide investigation -- is in no position to even discuss plea bargaining a criminal case ... this according to his lawyer.

Dr. Conrad Murray and J. Michael Flanagan

Attorney Michael Flanagan tells TMZ he has already been in touch with Pat Dixon, the Head Deputy District Attorney in the L.A. County D.A.'s office, and Dixon is not sharing any info about the case against Dr. Murray. According to Flanagan, Dixon said he can't share information in a case that could go to the L.A. County Grand Jury.

A spokesperson for the D.A.'s office tells TMZ Flanagan did speak with Dixon on Friday, but all Dixon said was he could not discuss the case. The spokesperson says Dixon never mentioned a possible grand jury.

As we first reported, there is a "strong likelihood" the D.A. will go after Dr. Murray for involuntary manslaughter, but it's not a done deal.

Law enforcement sources say they don't know if the big wigs in the D.A.'s office will sign off on involuntary manslaughter. The LAPD will be formally presenting the case to the D.A. soon, and the presentation, we're told, will be critical in the decision-making process.

Flanagan tells TMZ as far as he knows Dr. Murray has not violated any law in connection with Michael Jackson's medical care the day he died. Flanagan believes it will be "very difficult" for the D.A. to base a case on gross negligence -- a requirement in proving involuntary manslaughter. As Flanagan puts it, even if there's proof of "an error in judgment," it's a giant leap for a jury to conclude the lapse of judgment constitutes manslaughter.

But, law enforcement sources say the LAPD has experts who have gone on record saying Dr. Murray's conduct constitutes gross negligence that supports a manslaughter prosecution.


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"an error in judgment" thats an understand statement! Murray did so many things wrong and admitted to what he did! He should be locked up for along time!

1748 days ago


if dr murray was so not guilty, then why would plea deal be in the same sentence? doc murray better pray he gets a deal and sits in jail for awhile, because the public are going to make his life a living hell!!!!we are talking about michael jackson here not some ordinary joe on the street. justice for michael!!! sue from tampa

1748 days ago

Truth Unblinded    

Everyone this is Michael again. Heee heeeeeee!! See that's proof. I see the faces of babies in every smiiiile! I also see the penises of babies that make me smiiiiile! HEE HEEEEEE!

1748 days ago

Truth Unblinded    

Everyone this is Michael once again. Heee heeeeee! I miss Blanket. Where's my Blanket? I called him Blanket because I would pull him on top of me when I wanted to get hot. HEEE HEEEEEEE!!

1748 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Dr. Murray is the greatest doctor of all time.


1748 days ago


first of all it has never been proven that michael was indeed a drug junkie as some may think. when he died they said the only thing in his system was the meds and the propofol that doc murray had administered to him before his death.dr murray himself said he did in fact give michael the propofol so i am not sure where you guys are getting your facts that michael was a junkie in the first place, it was not an issue when they raided neverland or even brought it up at trial when they found prescription drugs in his home back in that time. i am not nieve enough to think he didnt have a problem with prescription meds, but as far as a junkie NO !! NO WAY!!! THERE IS NO PROOF. ONLY SPECULATION UNTIL THE AUTOPSY IS RELEASED WILL WE EVER KNOW WHAT EXACTLEY HAPPENED ON JUNE 25TH. sue from tampa

1748 days ago


Random Angel are you actually a defense attorney practicing in California? If so, will you give your thoughts about what you think will happen or how you think Conrad Murray should be charged? He is a common drug dealer with a "license." Too bad greed clouded his professional judgment. He knew what chances he was taking by not knowing the first thing about administering Propofol, and unfortunately he was taking risks with a man's life, never mind a number one celebrity. The way I see it, Conrad Murray should be charged and convicted of murder.

1748 days ago


"Dr." Murray, don't you have better things to do than post on TMZ? Like, for instance, jumping off a bridge. Your life as you knew it is over. There is nothing good for you in the future. Except despair. So please strongly consider it.

1748 days ago

Truth Unblinded    

Everyone this is Michael again. Heee heeeeee! I just want to say that I was a junkie. I was addicted to prescription drugs and young asian boys. I wanted them both in me. HEEE HEEEEEEE!!

1748 days ago


#89- dmj- i cant even type your screen name out on here, you are one sick person to talk about children like that, hopefully you are a kid home from school and are just being a brat of a kid. i would hate to think that an adult or you being an adult with children and talking that garbage. you are not impressing anyone with your spewing of nastiness, and most of all you look like an azz!!!! sue from tampa

1748 days ago


91. Everyone this is Michael again. Heee heeeeee! I just want to say that I was a junkie. I was addicted to prescription drugs and young asian boys. I wanted them both in me. HEEE HEEEEEEE!!

This world could be a better place...WITHOUT idiots like you!

1748 days ago


sunnymax-- his life as he knows it will no longer exist, he will be living in h---.. what goes around comes around!!! sue from tampa

1748 days ago

Truth Unblinded    

Everyone this is Michael again. Heee heeeeee! I remember my first girlfriend. I was on the Victory tour and her name was Anna. We broke up because she called me a pedophile. It was sad. I was proud that she knew such a big word at 7 years old though. HEEE HEEEEE!!!

1748 days ago


Dead Michael Jackson keep posting you are funny,ignore the loonies they have no sense of humor especially the loser Sue from Tampon

1748 days ago


Hi sue!
Please ignore that person, he/she isn't worth your attention.
Let "it" talk to itself from now on.

1748 days ago
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