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MJ Attorney -- Now Ya See $20 Mil, Now Ya Don't

1/11/2010 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonIn a stunning reversal of fortune, a California appeals court has overturned a massive judgment against the jet company that secretly videotaped Michael Jackson and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, as they were flying to Santa Barbara in 2003 when Jackson turned himself in to cops.

Geragos had sued the now-defunct XtraJet and the owner of the company, and the famed lawyer won a whopping $20 million judgment.

But the appeals court ruled the judgment was excessive and is now giving Geragos two choices -- either take $750,000 or retry the case.

We're told Geragos is leaning "heavily" toward retrying the case.

The former owner of XtraJet, Jeff Borer, tells TMZ, "Hopefully the courts will come to their senses and see there is no real harm done. Shame on Mark Geragos for trying to take advantage of a nothing situation."

P.S. Borer pled guilty to conspiracy in connection with the taping. Not so "nothing."


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OMG!..... MIKEGASM!.... Look at that CUTE photo of SEXY MICHAEL JACKSON! I want to MOONWALK his ANACONDA... all night long!....... HUGE! ....LIKE THIS PAGE! LMAO!

TOLD YA!.... HUGE LONG & DELICOUS! LMAO! Rest my Sweet Beautiful KING!

1740 days ago

Lee Lee    

#82..your right...Privacy....I was thinking about the Paparazzi when I wrote the post......I stand corrected.

1752 days ago



Posted at 9:47PM on Jan 11th 2010 by a fella

New house or newer house?

1752 days ago


I hope Geragos goes for a re-trial. Take the extortionists, xtrajet, for every cent and more. As for Jeff BORING, he's just joined a long line in liars and extortionists in Michael's life. Michael was an innocent man. Ok ok, so he may have been unconventional and unorthodox in some ways, but never ever did Michael do ANYTHING illegal or criminal. Shame on all of you who thinks otherwise. Makes me wonder what's going on in your sad lives.

1752 days ago



Mornin' guys! I've never been one to advocate for huge judgements paid out in a civil trial & yes I think 20 million is a bit steep but I think this judge MUST be joking with this $750,000 crap-:(
I mean, this guy pled guilty to conspiracy for heavens sake. Right on TMZ! That's "not so nothing" INDEED. The former owner of Xtra-Jet says "no real harm done"???? Is he kidding? Just ridiculous. Amazing how many people thought "no real harm done" when it came to doing MJ 'dirty'.

I'd also like to say "YIPEEEEEE"! R/E the proposed 'involuntary manslaughter' charge. As I've said on here before, as much as I would like to see a 'murder' charge, I knew it just wasn't appropriate in this case. Dr.Quack-Pot is just a complete 'DUFUS' who got in waaaaaayyyy over his head when administering these meds. ANY doc who is not an anesthesiologist would be in over his head! I always figured this would come down to 'involuntary manslaughter'. I do not know the difference in 'reckless homicide' & 'involuntary manslaughter' as far as the PENALTY in the judicial system, as well as the definition of each of these. So for any of you 'legal-eagles' out there, I would appreciate learning this info if you would be so kind to oblige me here.

I tell ya, when I logged on & read that article, my daughter & I 'high-fived' each other & lept(leaped?-sp, lol) for JOY!!! I figured this would definitely come after the holidays. Didn't think they would want to get this big ball of doo-doo rolling before the new year. Now it appears the question is 'filing formal charges & issuing a warrant'(oh, what I wouldn't GIVE to see Quacky-DOO in a pair of silver bracelets, hauled out of his office in front of his 'beloved patients') or 'presenting the case to a grand jury'?? Haha! Dr.Quack-Pot's attorney better make his first motion filed, one to request a change of venue. To Siberia perhaps??!!! I read the other article talking about how his attorneys are already trying to 'cut a deal', yeah I just bet they are! They seem to be total idiots as no 'official' charge has even come down from the D.A.'s office yet. CAN EVERYONE SAY 'DESPERATION'?? lol!

My son & his girlfriend finally went back home to Kentucky a couple days ago :). See the great big SMILE on my face thru your computer screens??? Love 'em to death but thought his girlfriend was gonna drive me completely NUTS!!! All this 'holiday' & 'visitors from out of town' crap has really been cutting into my TMZ time & that just WILL NOT DO MY FRIENDS! LOL! It's good to be back! My daughter is at school, my husband working so it's just meeeeee & TMZeeeeee today:)

1752 days ago

Random Angel    




Posted at 12:30AM on Jan 12th 2010 by INSANITY X LIVES LIGHT@FACEBOOK.COM ON MI-JACK

I gotta agree with you there, son. Every time I post something really informative, that might go against what TMZ tries to portray, for some reason, those posts don't go through....hmmmmmmm...

1752 days ago


#88-Insanity & Random Angel

Ditto on that you guys. This post may not go thru as well but I'm gonna try to get it thru using the b@stards intials M.B.(that a..hole who put one of the nails in MJ's coffin with his 'spin' on the interview he did). Y'all know exactly who I'm talking about. EVERY TIME I type out his name, my post won't go thru. I used to think it was a 'glitch' but not anymore. Yet, the 'poo-poo faces' most disgusting of posts manage to sail right on thru. Don't get me wrong, I believe ANYONE should be able to post whatever they like as far as their opinions go. I just believe the 'censorship' should work BOTH ways & IDEALLY there should be NO CENSORSHIP AT ALL.

1752 days ago


Not sure if anyone has already posted this.

Michael Jackson Estate Requests More Money For Kids

"Monday, in a Los Angeles courtroom, the attorneys for the estate of Michael Jackson asked Judge Mitchell Beckloff to increase "the family allowance to the children."

The lawyers wouldn't reveal in open court what the money was for. Howard Weitzman told that the lawyers will be formally submitting the amount to the judge for consideration.

Joe Jackson's request for a family allowance will be heard on January 28th."

1752 days ago


Hello Janalal4


Martin Bashir.

1752 days ago



Thank you for this link. I did not know the family had reqested this increase but have not been able to get online recently to get all my MJ news. All I can say is that I sincerely hope the increase is for psychiatric counseling bills. These kids need so much support & WILL I believe for quite some time. I particularly worry about Prince(he seems to 'bottle up' his emotions-don't know this for sure but it is just a feeling I get) but even more so, little 'Blanket'. Every time I see a pic of him I just want to reach out, grab him up, & cuddle him in my arms. In most pics, his big ol' brown eyes just look so sad & he seems so lost. Seeing him clutching that 'MJ doll' at the memorial just made my heart ache:(

Also of interest is the link within the article you posted. Had no idea that the prosecutor assigned to the MJ case was the same prosecutor who put Spector away?!!

1752 days ago


MIMI??? HOW IN THE HECK DID YOU GET THAT TO GO THRU(M.B.)????? Okay girly, you made a big fat liar out of me. LOL! I SWEAR I have NEVER been able to get a post with his name in it to go thru. Usually when I post about him it has details about the interview & some VERY disparaging remarks(to say the least). Maybe that is it? I don't know. Anyway, I about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw your post with his full name. Too funny:)

1752 days ago


Happy to see you back Janalal4.

People had been wondering where you had disappeared to.

I hope the monetary increase is for something worthwhile for the kids and not for some others to use.

That guardian ad litem better be doing her job.

1752 days ago



Martin Bashir sucks


1752 days ago


#94 Mimi-LOL! Yes, people always wonder where I go to. Usually, the poo-poo faces swear I'm laid up in a rehab center somewhere-hehehe. I posted this in my first post of the AM but my son & his girlfriend were visitting from KY. since 12/27. I did post a couple of times but when I start posting on TMZ, I always like to stay on awhile & talk to all my 'buds'(y'all know how I just luuuuuvvvv to yakety-yak!) & didn't really feel like I could do that, that it would be 'rude' to my company. I really hate it when I visit someone & they do that so I feel I must 'practice what I preach' in that regard:) It is always nice to know that someone misses me & wonder tho' so 'THANK YOU'!

1752 days ago


janala4- i dont mean to interupt but i just wanted to say hello, i have been worried about you its been awhile since i have seen you..i was asking deb about you last night!!! i am glad to see you are ok.. sue from tampa

1752 days ago
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