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Paul McCartney Goes Topless

1/11/2010 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sportin' his Susan Boyle weave, music legend Paul McCartney showed off his Beatle physique in a skimpy one-piece swimsuit in Barbados this weekend.


The 67-year-old soaked his bones in the sun with his girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

Hopefully, for Paul's sake, they used protection.


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cocopuff you must be like 10 yrs old to say the things your saying on here you are just ignorant i think live in a cave ??? like to see what you look like at 70 and accomplished all that Paul has moran!!

1748 days ago


And why can't he enjoy a beach vacation? Because he's older and no longer looks like a young man? HOW SHALLOW AND IGNORANT CAN THE FOOLS WHO POST THIS NONSENSE BE? Everyone ages....if you're lucky.

P.S. - E.S.L. Look into it. Quickly.

1748 days ago


#77 agree agree right one there so many jealous people with nothing to do lol

1748 days ago


I love you Paul and all the rest of The Beatles. Your music brought so much happiness into my life and still does.
You guys influenced me to be the best person I can be and spread the love.
All you need is love! John Lennon RIP.
George Harrison, I love you ! RIP!
You guys were my heroes!

1748 days ago


"70. Snowboardchick: That explains everything!!!Now I know why you were so vehemently defending those two. That's YOUR fat ass saddlebags I'm looking at cavorting on the beach in Barbados with Paul McCartney. Now I know why you became so psycho! LMFAO!!! Gotcha back you royal DOUCHE BAG!!! You can go ahead and respond to this but I will never see it because I'm signing off for a few days to go on my vacation. Touche you LOSER!!! And yes today I had off so I have been wasting my time on TMZ just like you!!!

Posted at 3:02PM on Jan 11th 2010 by cocopuff56"

Unfortunately I didn't have to opportunity to run into Sir Paul. I hear he's a nice guy. Maybe I should go back to Barbados, it was 85 and sunny all week. I love my life. It must really suck to be such a hater.

1748 days ago


1) I bet he looks better than 99% of the TMZ commenters complaining about his looks.

2) For his age, he looks effing fabulous. Vegetarian lifestyle?

3) Love to see what most TMZ commenters end up contributing to the arts and/or sciences in their lifetime.

4) A bit of respect and a bit of context concerning age and looks would go a long way to contributing a level of sanity to the ignorant comments here.

1748 days ago


All u Paul haters including Tmz...what the fu*k have u done in ur life that even equals one hair on Paul's head of what he has accomplished?!!!

1748 days ago


Yesterday was my friend's birthday and I bought her a card that said (outside) "Remember how we used to make fun of old people when we were younger?" (inside) "What was so damn funny?"

That said, Paul hasn't had much privacy in his life. Everywhere he goes, some paparazzo takes his photo. Here, he is in a modest bathing suit going for a swim with his girlfriend. I think he looks good for his age and a whole lot better than some celebrities who have gone over the top with the plastic surgery - Mickey Rourke, Pricilla Presley, etc. It's not a crime to grow old, I hope we all have that privilege.

1748 days ago


Mmmm dunno what yall are talkin' about. I'd spread her cheeks and bury my face in that ass. Looks damn good to me.

I don't think Paul looks bad for his age he's an old man, at least he's not grossly obese and hiding in his house.

1748 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Wow, no wonder people hate Americans.

1748 days ago

Sue Wong    

Enjoy Paul. Just returned from a month in Barbados and I miss it already.

1748 days ago

Alligator Purse    

Paul looks horrible and his girl friend has a flat ass hell they both is pale ...

1748 days ago


For 67 years of age, I say not bad! Good for you Paul: you obviously take care of yourself and do not bake,fry,or turn to silly tanning beds and spray tans to be something you are not. You go pasty white boy!
So what if he colors his hair? If he likes it, thats all that really matters. (You younger readers won't get that until you are more mature) Older women color their hair, so why shouldn't a man be able to? I'm still loving ya paul! Rock on!

1748 days ago


I think his hair looks cool. Try to get rock stars 10 or 20 years younger than him out on the beach and see what they look like. Please, unless you are comparing him to a 30 year old , shut your asses up. Until you reach 50 and see what age does, then f*ck off. Anyone that thinks they look better with no clothes than sir Paul, please post our photo and lets see what the people think. I bet you are fat ugly talentless and broke. If you weren't you wouldn't be commenting on the single most successful musician of all time. You see, it takes balls to go live a normal life even though you are a living legend. Balls that Elvis and MJ DIDN'T HAVE. So, please lets see some photos you beautiful people.

I don't even think he has man boobs he looks pretty tight to me. JC what is it with you people.

1748 days ago


LTBK: You really come off very uneducated! And it's still all opinion no matter whether it is cruel or funny. And again it's called freedom of speech and again get a life!!! Don't take all this drivel soooo seriously. You make it so easy, don't play into other people's hands so easily you end up giving me not you all the power. And I sit here astounded at the amount of emotion you put into all of this. What a lonely life you muct lead, I'm so sorry and embarrassed for you. Also, use your spell check, you don't spell very well.

1748 days ago
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