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Octomom Not Fit For Fitness

1/12/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Octomom Nadya Suleman works out in the middle of the night ... it's easier to get into the gym when you're persona non grata.

Octomom Not Fit For Fitness

We found out Octomom fell behind on her membership fees at least three times at 24 Hour Fitness. Looks like the gym has a 3 strikes rule, because our sources say Octomom's membership was yanked January 4.

As for what led up to the termination ... Octo apparently used at least two credit or debit cards that were declined.

Suggestion -- if Octo needs a workout, she can lift her 14 kids.



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All you people are jelouse she had 14 kids and she looks amazing.All 14 kids are healthy and well taken care of.Most women who has 2 or 3 kids with differant men sit on the couch eaten chips all day getten walfare checks spending it on drugs and there b/f.Nadya you go girl and keep up the good work.

1710 days ago



She is not a bad mother? I suppose you also think Casey Anthony is a good mother who just likes to party.

1710 days ago

Lady Z    

Good for TMZ. I'm glad you are outing this welfare scammer. What a shock that her cards have been declined. Does anybody really believe this moron can manage her money correctly? If she can afford a gym membership, she can afford to pay back the State of California some of the 2 million plus she has leeched from the state for the care of that litter of tards she has. Instead of working out at the gym, shopping at Victoria Secret, getting mani's & pedi's other such utter nosnsense for a mother of 14, she should try cleaning up some of the crap she has created. It is HER job to bath, feed and clean up after that litter of kids, not her parents, or anybody else. This narcissist cares only for herself, she could care less about any of her kids. The older kids are already out of control, calling her names and hitting her. Wait until one of those little tards burns down the house playing with matches. Then we will once again hear her begging the public for money to "help" her. Try doing it yourself for once lady. Her problem is that nobody has ever held her accountable for her actions and people have always rescued her and cleaned up her messes.
Funny how she can afford plastic surgery for herself, gym memberships, MAC cosmetics, Victoria Secret, Starbucks, and Tory Burch shoes yet she gets food stamps and Medi-Cal from the State of California. It's time people woke up to the liar and leech this mentally ill woman is.

1710 days ago


I wonder if her credit was also declined for her constant mani-pedis, botox, new eyelash extensions, MAC make-up, 60 inch flat screen, weekly trips to Toys R Us and Disneyland and her designer clothes? OR DOES THIS MEAN SHE IS BACK ON WELFARE?

1710 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Leave Octomom aloneeeeee!
Seriously, this is borderline stalking.

1710 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

...However, she gotta nice butt.
I love her kitty-cat in the distance.

1710 days ago


Wow. The people here going off on this woman without stopping to think about what a low class, and yeah totally illegal thing TMZ has done are really a piece of work. No wonder the U.S. has gone to sh*t. It's because of people like that and the rest of the "Jersey Shore" watching types who infest the country. Congrats Harvey Levin! You're the leader of these buffoons! How's it feel?

1710 days ago


She never got of the welfare. She is still getting SS for three of her children with special needs.

1710 days ago


I find it terribly creepy, not to mention just plain wrong that TMZ felt they had the right to pry into someones personal life like this. It's not your business that she's behing on her gym bill. Are you guys really that hard up for a story? Maybe Perez can throw you guys a sleezy story or two.

1710 days ago


The story isn't even complete...............Are you saying people get in free after dark to 24hour fitness? Is she sneaking in the back door. This takes the cake as the dumbest story you have ever reported on.

1710 days ago


Awesome, now she can sue them for giving TMZ her personal information. Have a nice day.

1710 days ago


This is the world we live in. It has its ups and downs, but I'd rather enjoy the ups.

1710 days ago



1710 days ago


How does someone with 14 kids have as much alone time as she does? Incredible....

1710 days ago


LOL-Are really this many dumb people in America ?

TMZ isn't in violation of any law or statute.

Ever see a short sale or forecloser sign on someone's lawn?
Was TMZ also in violation of law when they reported Joe Francis owes the IRS? How about the amount of creditors who filed claims against Micheal Jackson's estate?

I think Octo-pig is trolling TMZ and posting under many user names trying to make herself look good and sympathetic.

I'll save my sympathies for people who don't set out to breed more children then they can afford while being on PA; and who aren't narcissistic ex-strippers.

1710 days ago
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