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Palin Questions Existence Without Fox News

1/12/2010 2:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The future of America would be bleak without Fox News -- this according to Fox News' latest employee, Sarah Palin.

Palin Questions Existence Without Fox News

Outside JFK airport yesterday, we talked to the failed VP candidate -- who just inked a multi-year deal with the news network as a correspondent -- where she posed her first question as a hard-hitting journalist ... "What would America do without Fox News?"

One answer: We'd see a whole lot less of Sarah Palin.

Now discuss amongst yourselves.


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Ummm sorry there Action Junkie but it was FOX News that went to court to argue for the RIGHT to distort and twist the news to their 'view' and 'opinion' and not just rely on the facts of a story. So please feel free to watch them if you want to but don't make an idiot out of yourself by claiming that they of all news outlets is the one telling the truth. They are the only ones who went to court to ensure that THEY DON'T HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH !! What is kind of scary is that just like Fox you yourself are here spreading non-truths and misinformation ..monkey see monkey do I guess.

1715 days ago


It will be refreshing to have a down-to-earth, intelligent woman giving her opinion. She did it the right way. She didn't marry into money, chase ambulances, use fear mongering about the climate or ride the coattails of a biased media that would only report on all the empty and childish platitudes of "hope and change" nonsense. She's a real American.

1715 days ago


The scary thing is that Fox Viewers Are Dense probably has a legal drivers' license and could be sitting next to you right now at a redlight. Frightening!!!

1715 days ago


Because confused, most people that Mcain had the experience and strength to possibly BE president, almost no one thought Palin had the experience or strength to BE Vice President. Mcain has earned the respect of Americans, both republican and democrats, Palin has not.. on ANY level earned ANY respect from either side. Many from both sides believe SHE cost him the election. She walked away from her job as Governor of Alaska to run a book deal.. so why do you feel she is anything but an ex-pageant fame whore?

1715 days ago

j a g    

i like foxnews,i like Sarah Palin,i am not sure what she can do for fox

1715 days ago


@ What a Freak.. ouch.. that's your best comeback? Nothing to counter my statement, no arguing that Fox didn't go to court for the right to report their opinions rather than truth? Nothing, just you're scared I might be next to you at a red light. Well thanks for proving my point anyway.. you morons have no desire for the truth at all, .. now go back and drool over you Faux News.

1715 days ago


For those who throw the word Liberal around like a stink bomb, please asks yourselves where the words 'liberate' and 'liberty' come from. I'll use them each in a sentence....
Our men and women have been asked to die to liberate a foreign country.
....With liberty and justice for all.
The GOP admits they intentionally bastardized the word during the 2000 election and the monkeys keeping throwing poo for their trainers. Sad.

1715 days ago


I don't get the hatred toward this woman. She loves her country. She has a common sense approach, which appears to be where the majority of americans are in favor of, according to recent polls. Could it be that she is Christian?

Fox hired her to be a commentator. If liberals don't like her, they are not required to watch. I don't particularly care for Bill Mahr's attitude and view, nor do I care for Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert. If MSNBC wants to put them on to their limited audience, based on their ratings, that is fine. That is what is great about this country. I don't see them being the victim of personal attacks like Sarah Palin.

The hatred for this woman is, as with George Bush, based on the fact that she is Christian, in my opinion. Liberals are threatened by this. Based on Sarah Palin's book sales, it is highly likely that she will have a very strong following that will further boost FOX's ratings.

1715 days ago


So why did McCain pick her then? Why did his approval ratings only INCREASE when she joined the ticket? Get a clue, douchebag. McCain is a liberal in sheep's clothing, as most Americans knew all along. Had the GOP been wise and ran an actual Conservative they would have destroyed the Marxist in a landslide.

Fyi, Palin's 2 years as Governor is more than the Marxist's 150 days in the Sentate. That's how long it took him to decide to run for President, which he did, leaving his district of Chicago to fend for itself. The same district that leads the country in murders, high school dropouts, unemployment, teen pregnancies, etc.

1715 days ago


Fox Viewers Are Dense,

Just because you read something on the internet doesn't make it true. I will keep you in my prayers. You are truly one sick individual.

1715 days ago


NICE GOING TMZ. How much time did your staff spend to find that particular frame of Sarah Palin?
Don't even TRY to convince me that is the best photo of her. UNLESS, PHOTOSHOP reared its head in the partisan ugly far leftist Marxist studios of TMZ.

Come on, JERKS OF TMZ you can do better than than and put up a nice photo of this natural ALL American Woman.

1715 days ago


Sweetheart, the terms "liberal" and "liberty" have absolutely nothing to do with the other. Nowhere throughout history can you find a single Liberal/Communist/Fascist country that liberated anything. Please educate yourself.

1715 days ago


You liberals are so afraid of Sarah Palin you are peeing your pants.
What's a matter?? Can't handle the truth??

1715 days ago


Talk about keeping your idiot viewers happy. I thought Palin quite her job as governor to "help the people of Alaska". Seems like the only person Palin is helping is herself.

1715 days ago


All you poor pitiful souls who dislike Palin, GET A JOB. You must feel very threatened by her by saying all those horrible things about a woman stating her views. In case you don't know what to do about hating her so much because your brain size is so small, DON'T WATCH THE SHOW when she is on, it's that simple.

1715 days ago
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