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Palin Questions Existence Without Fox News

1/12/2010 2:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The future of America would be bleak without Fox News -- this according to Fox News' latest employee, Sarah Palin.

Palin Questions Existence Without Fox News

Outside JFK airport yesterday, we talked to the failed VP candidate -- who just inked a multi-year deal with the news network as a correspondent -- where she posed her first question as a hard-hitting journalist ... "What would America do without Fox News?"

One answer: We'd see a whole lot less of Sarah Palin.

Now discuss amongst yourselves.


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Why couldn't the guy who punched Snooki have punched Sarah Palin instead? But there's still time!

Please. Oh, please. Please. Please. Please.

1723 days ago


So are you saying Obama was in fact, still serving, and he's responsible for his district being one of the worst districts (economically, civilly, educationally, etc.) in the nation? I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was too busy campaigning to bother with the concerns of the simpletons in his district, but if you want to hang him from that rope of guilt, then so be it.

I love ignorant Neo-Comms :)

1723 days ago

Fonzworth V. Brightly    

I curious , "Can she see Russia from her Fox news studio"????

LMAO...what a crock of do-do....Fox cable would have been better off hiring Bozo the the clown to be a commentator!!

1723 days ago


Where are her baby props? Is Piper FINALLY in school?
Is Trig FINALLY getting the appropriate therapies?
As far as her anti-american secessionist husband, Alaska keep him up there.

1723 days ago


Looking at some of these comments, just shows how ignorant people are, and how little they know about this idiot. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Her book has been disproven by the authorities, McCains campaign aides have come clean telling the crap she pulled there, and all the lies she told. Yes, she will fit right in with Fox, I just can't believe there are still people this stupid, I guess this explains how Bush had 2 terms to tear up this country.

1723 days ago

Chris Brown is so last Year    

Oh GAWD no... that mental idiot is going to be in our faces all the time now?! Is FOX losing it's mind too ?? Try to KEEP people watching, not turning the channel... boy and I used to like fox.
Well, maybe even some die-hard Palin fans will finally actually see what a complete bimbo she is and get over her...she is so yesterday.

1723 days ago


While you have to resort to posting lies about Sarah, as usual, let's take a look at the actually facts of Obama.

He thinks we have 57 states
He spells "advice" as ADVISE
Burned 9,000 gallons of fuel on "Earth Day"
Makes fun of handicapped kids in Special Olympics on Leno
Thinks there's such a thing as an "Austrian" language
Reads other people's speeches on his beloved teleprompter
Doesn't know the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day

The list of moronic gaffes goes on and on with this Marxist dunce!!

1723 days ago


Sarah is pretty much the only one making any sense these days. Try listening to the liberals who can't make up their minds if they should tax us because it's too hot or taxs us because it's too cold. Not to mention the nasty comments you liberals can't seem to get enough of...

1723 days ago


Didn't the goon, radical leftist nuts say Sarah's book wouldn't sell? LOL, it's sold more copies than the Communist President's and Hillary "cankles" Clinton's combined!!!!

Love it!!

1723 days ago

Chris Brown is so last Year    

McCain Can't Even Stomach Her anymore, he woke up and saw the light.. she drags down whatever she is connected too.

She is a Liar and a Complete Joke.

Anyone that sticks up for her or believes in here is a complete fool. (Hey, that reminds me, I have this really nice piece of swamp land for sale if your interested...)

1723 days ago


What people don't realize is that Fox News pulls in better ratings than CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, COMBINED and that is a FACT! The reason for this is that a majority of Americans are Center/Right. The reality of Obama is coming to light. I don't personally care much for Palin, but, it is a smart move for FOX because whether the people on the left like it or not. She is very popular hence her best selling book.

1723 days ago

Chris Brown is so last Year    

Palin is such a poser, she would do anything for money, except work that is, she quit her one decent job she had. Conservatives deserve better representation than that old dish rag. She is a known liar too, why is Fox getting her? What a waste of a salary.

And please don't mention her naked again, I just threw up in my mouth!

1723 days ago


It is so funny that the only people who come after her are angry and so unattractive! Go Palin!

1723 days ago


I forgot that Obama said he had been to 56 states and on his way to another!!! LOL!!!!! What a dumbass!!!

1723 days ago


deal with it, crazies :)

1723 days ago
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