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Conan Supporters Slap NBC in the Facebook

1/13/2010 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien's most loyal employees are refusing to abandon their leader -- and have taken to Facebook to rally support for the guy NBC is treating like a redheaded stepchild.

Several people who work for "The Tonight Show" and NBC have united on the social networking site and changed their picture to an Obama-esque image of O'Brien that features the words, "I'm With COCO."

The COCO craze is already spreading like wildfire on FB -- and according to the guy who created the artwork, Mike Mitchell, the image has already been seen by Conan himself.

So far ... no sighting of any "I'm with Chin" or "I Heart Peacock" artwork floating around.


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Stand with CoCo! Fire Zucker! Google Leno's past back-stabbings and manipulations.
Good job, Mike.

1641 days ago


The artist's name is actually "Mike Mitchell" not Mark. He's also the artist for

1641 days ago



1641 days ago


It is too bad that Leno's rabid fans didn't watch Leno @ 10 so the news affiliates would have a healthy lead-in like Jay enjoyed for years and Conan could have enjoyed. Leno sabotaged everyone that got in his way. What was Jay thinking? Hmm...NBC should have tried to ditch Leno those few years he too lagged in the ratings.
Damn, Jimmy Kimmel had Jay Leno down pat.

1641 days ago


Really have trouble feeling sorry for anyone making the obscene amount of money he is. Their egos are their worst enemy. He is not nearly as funny as he thinks he is and should be grateful for what he has.

1641 days ago



1641 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Maybe Coco fans should have supported Coco by actually watching Coco's show instead of going on facebook.

BTW O'Brien has many times said on his show that he hates the nickname "Coco" that Tom Hanks give him. That's how in touch with their hero they are.

1641 days ago


Conan is the best ever and I sincerely hope that whatever happens with NBC that all of us who love Conan will be able to see him no matter where he will be! I just love his show and have watched him for many years!! I want to be able to see his show so much!!!

1641 days ago


Karma ... let me get this straight. You and all of Conan's now rabid fans didn't watch him at 11:30 because you didn't like Leno's show at 10? You sure about that? That's what was keeping all of his fans and the rest of TV viwers from watching him? Funny how Leno's 10 pm show didn't keep everyone from switching over to Letterman, Kimmel and Nightline.

1641 days ago


In 4 months, Leno lost 2million lead-in viewers going into the local news affiliates and poor Conan is taking the brunt of it.

If Leno had to follow his own woeful lead-in from 10pm, he'd be on his way out too.

1641 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

So O'Brien's staff is trying to save their own jobs by going on facebook. Pathetic.

BTW Leno didn't lose any fans. The same number of people watch him at 10 as they did at 11:35. I'm sure Jeff Zucker loves that people are trying to make this all Jay's fault and not his. It takes the heat off Zucker and NBC.

1641 days ago


I thought "Coco" was a monkey that jumps up and down, swinging his arms and making weird faces, acting silly and immature. Hmmm ... yep, that's the right name for Conan!

1641 days ago


I really like Conan and feel sorry about this whole deal. Unfortunately I think everyone is blaming Leno..I don't think it's his is business ... I'm sure that's the way the network sees it....Leno couldn't force his way back on Tonight unless the execs wanted him....Let's give him a break...Just because Conan's getting a raw deal from NBC doesn't mean it's Leno's fault.

1641 days ago


Conan has my support in whatever or WHERE ever he goes! Leno is a jerk and NBC has no backbone when it comes to Leno.

Leno screwed the "Tonight Show" after Johnny left and ruined it. Conan was as close to Johnny Carson as we've been in a long time with the "Tonight Show". NBC is really underhanded in many things they do, but I never thought that an institution like the "Tonight Show" would ever be fair game for them. I guess it is. Conan, you have both mine and my wife's support!!!!!!!

Also, the artist who put this together (the picture) did a wonderful job!! My hat's off to him for that!

Michael D.
Nashville, Tennessee
Faithful Conan Fan

1641 days ago


Enough with this team crap (It's so twilight gay like) Just say I'm With CoCo or I'm for Conando.

1641 days ago
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