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Michael Richards Takes In a Little Pee Wee

1/13/2010 1:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards checked out the "Pee Wee Herman Show" in L.A. last night -- because if there's anything Kramer appreciates, it's a comic with a scandalous past.

Richards even signed a few autographs on the way out of the show -- including one for a guy in a BET shirt ... who happened to be white.

Still, progress is progress.


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b saunders    

I was sickened by Richards outburst, not because I think he's
a racist; but that he has serious problems. Someone should put
together a tape of comedians dealing with hecklers just to show
how it is done. Steve Martin chuckled at a mean heckler and said-
"Yeah.....I remember my first beer!" guess what the response was?

1721 days ago



1743 days ago


get your wack ass in hiding, we have not forgotten about you.

1743 days ago

J C    

Maybe He can stump for Harry Reid.

1743 days ago


Dear Michael,

Just come out and say you are a Democrat. Once you do that the mind-numb sheep in the party and media will give you a pass and you will then be free to be as racist as you want!! Trust me, I know.


1743 days ago


This guy should go with the Kramer hair full time.

1743 days ago


well one thing is for sure,the kind of crowd WANTING his autograph these days versus during his Seinfeld days are probably not the kind of fans he wants,sucks for him as he probably is not a racist anymore(yes u can change people,big newsflash u can find your own way out of a certain way of negative thinking by hitting bottom like he did)

His actions after the incident shows he was truly sorry as he is laying low or he has one hell of a good agent telling him how to stay out of trouble,who knows

1743 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

Get the mole checked Mike.

1743 days ago

King of TMZ    

Where is our Daily refreshing morning Michael Jackson update????

There is only one Michael we care about and he is a Jackson :)

1743 days ago


Yesterday's news TMZ. You gonna report that Marilyn Monroe is still dead next?

Long live Kramerica!!!


1743 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Poor Michael Richards . . . if only he were a bleeding heart liberal darling taking off all his clothing to save the fur bearing animals and protesting the clubbing of baby seals people would have laughed it off as a wacky "bit". Silly Kramer -- forgiveness is for libs!

1743 days ago


So let me get this straight...because the guy is White he can't have a BET Awards t-shirt on? WOW, you people at TMZ never cease to amaze me. Your ignorance is proof of the lack of intelligence you possess!

Why do I even come to this site anymore? There are much better MEDIA sites out there that actually give UNBIASED news and aren't so blatantly racist!! You people disgust me. And for the 2 or 3 Black people that work for TMZ, you disgust me also...and should be ashamed of yourselves.

1743 days ago



1743 days ago


he is great, I hope he gets another show real quick. Enough of politically-correct double standards.

1743 days ago


Did someone call Jamie Foxx and tell him where Richards is? memba's Foxx claiming he would seek and search and find Richards and hurt him...OK "Craigslist hook up gone bad in a Philadelphia hotel room under the guise of meeting Beyonces Manager" Foxx, Richards is all yours tough guy.

Foxx come clean, you as bi and down lo as any original Castro Street Eddie Murphy wanna be.

Tears of a Clown--that be who Foxx is.

1743 days ago
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