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DJ AM Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settles

1/14/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned the estate of DJ AM has settled its lawsuit against the various companies it sued over the jet crash.

Although DJ -- aka Adam Goldstein -- survived the crash, the estate claimed the pain he suffered caused him to become re-addicted to drugs which ultimately caused his death.

The settlement, sources say, involve all defendants, including Clay Lacy Aviation, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and Learjet.

Terms of the settlement are confidential.


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What a load of crap, unless these companies forcibly made him buy drugs and snort, inject or smoke them; this lawsuit is just another example of why our legal system is a complete and utter joke.

I hope that money comes with a curse, bunch of gold diggers.

1742 days ago


Hope his family is okay, and hope he can finally RIP.

On another note TMZ, Teddy Pendergrass died yesterday. Why is Octomom's gym fees worth reporting about and not the death of a musical legend?

1742 days ago

Glory Bee    

Once an addict has been in recovery they are very aware of the complications medically necessary drugs present. They know the tools available to them to assist in maintaining sobriety through such a challenge. If his family was involved at all in his sobriety they would know that and would have been on top of this. If they were not previously involved then they may likely have been part of the problem before and are certainly still practicing the behaviors that isolated him. This is an opportunity to learn something valuable for addicts and those who love them. Sadly the damaging message that you can blame outside parties for the problem seems to the main message sent with this "settlement".

1742 days ago


DJ AM's death is not anyones fault except DJ AM's. For anyone to reward anyone a penny because he smoked crack and killed himself is a travesty of the judicial system.

1742 days ago


I agree 100% with Sono. Why is it never the drug addicts fault who openly did drugs? Or the child molester who had kids over for a sleep over and gave them wine in a cola can. Wake up people and quit idolizing and praising these people. I guess they got all they could off of his carcass...

1742 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Ok, this is interesting. A guy commits suicide. His family says that he killed himself because his buddy died in a plane crash. So his family sues everybody associated with the plane with the possible exception of the Wright brothers. The defendants settle with the family.

This of course is highway robbery and a shakedown of epic proportions. The case has very little merit and is actually quite absurd. So why did they pay off?

The Answer: Juries are stupid and lack common sense and 12 illiterate couch potatoes could not be trusted to see through this charade.

1742 days ago


"Terms Of The Settlement, i.e. Tons Of Remorse/Sorrow On Behalf Of All Parties - But ZERO Amounts Of Cash - Remain Confidential."


1742 days ago

No trailer trash    

First of all, who cares? This guy was was a DJ for Christ sake. Hey TMZ, a whino just died on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, are you going to run a story on that too?

The fact that any settlement was awarded is repulsive. Hey, I stubbed my toe today. Maybe I should sue the hardwood manufacturer, the home builder, the contractor who laid the hardwood, the supplier of the sub flooring... well, you see my point. Dude was a druggie and he died as exactely what he was, a druggie.

1742 days ago


He did drugs before the plane crashed...maybe someone should sue his mother for giving birth to him and not giving him the common sense not to do drugs!

1742 days ago


Do you think DJ AM would have reverted back to drugs had he not went through such a traumatizing ordeal? Possibly, but I'm leaning towards no. Drug addicts are very vulnerable people. It takes a lot of help and support to break through that consuming darkness. If the defendants are at fault for the plane crash, then they were rightfully sued and rightfully had to pay up.

Stubbing your toe? What a ridiculous comparison. Survive such a traumatic plane crash while trying to recover from drugs and let's see how long YOU live. Ignorant people.

1742 days ago

Wake the hell up    

Looks like this proves my thoughts about the lack-of talent that is the "DJ". It realy does take absolutly no talent! And further more less people are interested in it than you think Harvey! Unless ur on e dancing at an overpriced club with your parents $$ being a DJ takes about as much talent as the guy who puts on music in the background at dimple records! Wake the hell up America! just because Harvey thinks its cool doesnt mean you have to!

1742 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Tough break on the dying thing, but the guy played records for a living. Why am I supposed to care?


1742 days ago


Here we go again with people that can't take responsibility for their own actions.

He sucked anyway.

1742 days ago


what the hell is a dead druggie going to do with money.....the man was a serial drug addict..if this crash didnt kill him...he sure did a good job of it himself...idiot god gives him a second chance and then he worships the drugs...well hes in hell now doing all the drugs he wants...too bad barker didnt join him!

1742 days ago
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