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KISS Singer Rips 'Tall, Thin, Tattooed' Accuser

1/14/2010 2:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons is lashing out at the couple accusing him of being a violent, choke artist -- claiming he was the one who was accosted by a "tall, thin, tattooed" aggressor.

It's all over an incident outside of a movie theater in L.A. back in December -- in which Simmons claims he was walking with his family, when Nathaniel Marlowe and Cynthia Manzo "jumped at them and started yelling in their faces."

Simmons' attorney, Barry Mallen, tells TMZ Gene saw Marlowe point a "small electronic device" at his family, so he ripped away the device and "moved Marlowe aside" so the family could safely get to their car.

Days after the incident, the couple filed a lawsuit against Simmons, claiming assault, battery, emotional distress and more.

But Team Simmons claims the accusers are simply "opportunistic" and "riddled with distortions and false accusations."

The two sides are set to do battle in court sometime soon -- stay tuned.


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1742 days ago


I totally believe Gene, these lowlifes are obviously just trying to make buck off a celeb... hope Gene & family counter-sue for harassment

1742 days ago


Have you ever watched GSFJ? No way this happened, more gold diggers!!!http//

1742 days ago


This dude has spent his whole life bragging of abusing women---bout time he got the abuse in return...clean it up bro.

Hope he gets his in court and finally keeps it in his pants. He's bedded 5,000 women, surely he has a disease.

1742 days ago


You people make me laugh LOL. Gere maybe a man whore but I don't think he abused any of the females he had sex with. Got to love "Dirty Laundry".

1742 days ago


GS is the nastiest thing i ever met in my life

1742 days ago


Simmons, his "wife" (and I use the term loosely), and son are legal age adults. Any day now the daughter will be. These are four adults who could take care of themselves outside of this theatre. His claims are bogus. Stealing a camera, mouthing off, threatening others, etc. was so uncalled for. If anyone needed security, it was the general public at this facility, not this family (and I would never wish any harm to anyone involved).
Gene, you're 60 this year.
Time to grow up.

1742 days ago


Gene Simmons & family should be allowed to object to any type of abuse, public contact, harassment, interaction, threat of their persons, etc. This star harassment has GOT to be toned down some, if not stopped!!! They killed Princess Diana, they drove Michael Jackson to drugs, they drove Michael Jackson's accuser to commit suicide (because he lied about abuse and forced his son to do so) and they forced Michael Jackson into drug use in order to cope. To this day they call MJ a pedophile even though he was aquitted. They nearly drove Brittany Spears to suicide and did drive her into a hospital for treatment. The list is endless. Give em a break people!!!! Get a real job. Quit the frivilous lawsuits too! Are you kidding me???

1741 days ago


I still dont understand what the big deal with KISS was back then. There were far more superior bands and more talented singers than these guys. They looked stupid with all the make up and high heel boots. Yes Gene is a genius at marketing himself and is making the bank. Just dont get what women see in him.

1741 days ago


is this a new pix of him? I thought he had a face lift last year?

1741 days ago


Gene is the ultimate Dbag. Kiss SUCKED! Their music was laughable at best and does not stand up to the test of time. Listen to one of their old albums....what a joke. Crappy musicians, crappy singing. Paul Stanley and that other little girl they had in the band would much rather be singing on broadway and getting Tony awards. Talk about two closet cases! Anyone who likes this band should really be concerned about their sexuality!

1741 days ago


Gene Simmons is making a story up to defend his rude behavior. Someone jumped out at him with an electronic device ie.. a fan with a camera!

1741 days ago


Hey by kissfan... Are you insane! MJ was a loser junkie pedo. Take off your rose coloured glasses and see the real picture you whack job.
They only person who did MJ in was MJ. People like you are pathetic losers. Oh poor Mikey "I didn't have a childhood" whaaaaa. I guess I'll do a sh1tpot of drugs and fondle little boys because I never had a Big Wheel. FU Pal. OJ wasn't convicted in a Criminal think he was innocent!!! If you can't cope with 1 billion dollars and all the help you could possibly buy then you are a LOSER!!!!!!

1741 days ago


Gene is on the downside of a long successful career. Maybe he and Janet Jackson can flash some nipple or something at the Superbowl to draw attention to themselves.

1741 days ago


Is this the same incident that Gene first tried to deny by saying he wasn't even in the same state as these two when this happened? Has Gene changed his story or is this yet someone else accusing him of violence?

Gene seems to have the God factor going on. He thinks the world is beneath him so I wouldn't be surprised if what these people are saying is true.

1741 days ago
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