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Conan O'Brien Strikes Departure Deal with NBC

1/16/2010 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien and NBC have reached a settlement in principle and the big announcement is expected Saturday, sources tell TMZ.

We're told NBC has already given Conan's lawyers a draft of the agreement and his hired guns were going over it Friday night. The deal should be finalized Saturday.

Once the deal gets inked, NBC will announce Conan is leaving the network. The network will also announce what we first reported -- that Jay Leno will get the full hour from 11:35 PM to 12:35 AM and it will be called "The Tonight Show" -- just like old times.

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poor conan, he must be feeling so humiliated.

1721 days ago


Lolz, if Judge Judy decided this case, Jay would be out on the street doing community service.

Jay screwed Conan on purpose and it's time people figured that out.

1721 days ago


>>>> Whaaaaa Whaaaaaaaa

1721 days ago


Leno and Coco suck the big Kahuna!!
There's no other than Johnny and Ed McMann, God rest their souls...
I feel for coco though because he got the nasty shaft...but I still don't like him.
I like much what's his name that starred in a movie with Drew Barrymore and married her business partner...Jimmy Fallon??? Yeah, he is the only one who could even attempt to fill Johnny's shoes...

1721 days ago


Sad to see Conan go! Can't stand Leno. He had his ride. Why doesn't he say bye already and do some work with charities.....

1721 days ago


THIS IS SO SICK! How can Leno even consider retaking the Tonight Show? Something very ugly is going on. And BORING, as in, NOW WHAT, besides the SAME OLD SAME OLD? Screw NBC 50 ways to Wednesday. I want to see Conan start a new show and on his first show, he makes the old talk show setup TOTALLY OUT OF DATE, and NBC can go screw itself. I have a lot of suggestions, but I'm not going to post them here, so the useless creeps at NBC could read them, but then, we KNOW NBC doesn't innovate. Johnny Carson must be puking in his casket, and that's an ugly situation to be in.

1721 days ago


Conan didn't deliver. He was given The Tonight Show on a silver platter, and he failed miserably. He turned it into a west coast version of his old NY-based Late Show, which was boring and unfunny. Much like Kimmel's and Letterman's shows. Boring and unfunny.

I also can't believe they use their own shows as platforms to spew jealousy, personal shots and hate-filled monologues aimed at Jay. How childish all these millionaires whining over time slots for late night comedy shows! If Conan were truly concerned with his staff's welfare, he would have taken the later time slot to save his show and keep his staff employed. Is that the choice he made? NO. It isn't. He chose to put his staff in dire straits and whine like a baby about it for a week, which only makes him look stupid and gutless.

If Letterman and Kimmel are soooo concerned about Conan, then I propose one of them quit their job and give it to Coco. How does that sound? Letterman quitting late night to give his seat up to Conan. Kimmel leaving late night to give his seat up to Conan. OH PUH-LESE. These guys wouldn't even THINK about it, so stop suggesting Jay Leno do it.

Jay beats Letterman's and Kimmel's asses in the late night ratings war, and that's the main reason they don't want him back. Duh. Not hard to figure that one out. Letterman is an old gapped-tooth geezer bastard who uses his position of authority to sexually harass his staff and create a hostile work environment. I hope Jay's ratings crush Letterman's show. Talk about FUNNY. :)

All you loser Conan fans, stop whining, you babies. You're backing a guy who isn't funny and never deserved the Tonight Show in the first place. It's done. Get over it and go find something else to whine about.

1721 days ago


Good riddance! All this drama/coverage is ridiculous. Conan didn't bring the ratings which equals advertising dollars...Leno did. NBC is a business with it's sole purpose being to make money! Get over it, people.

1721 days ago


I think my name says it all.

1721 days ago


Hey Conan, we don't care about your leaving. Quit your tedious diatribe in every show about how you are a victim. You are a bore. Really dude. It just didn't work. So LEAVE ALREADY -with your millions of dollars you didn't have to work for- and you will be lucky to land 'tonight' type show on Fox. Your show was boring and you just didn't 'work'. And you still get a major payday???? Quit your tedious diatribe in every show about how you are a victim. You are a bore. Really dude. It just didn't work. And Jay Leno MADE you and because of him you are MILLIONS richer. Maybe you'll do something for real victims in Haiti-oh yeah, after you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

1721 days ago


I think they should start a new show featuring a lead host but with supporting co-hosts that keep changing. I want to see Carmen Electra co-host and have guests that she's interested in for dance or health or music or comedy or whatever the heck she wants. Co-host segments like that. Excellent idea. Radically expand the perceptions generated in the show. Other co-hosts: top pro musicians/performers bring on their friends, leading scientists with some personality, astronauts, film directors, success stories from small business (backbone of the nation), THESE ARE HUMAN INTEREST STORIES WITH HIGH INTEREST LEVELS, but no, they still want the boring old late night talk show celebrity candy tray going round and round and round with the same old effect and same old guests. CHANGE IT UP! Get some excitement in there! Carmen, for starters!

1721 days ago


oh yeah, I always thought Jimmy Kimmel was a MUCH better choice for Jay's replacement. But I am very cool that Jay is returning. He 'gets it'. Every night he delivered something that translated into entertainment. He did his monologue and left his 'shtick' at that. The rest of the hour belonged to the guests. Conan, YOU can't stop being 'ON' the entire show. Your childish antics and awkward banter are exhausting for the audience. You were not ready no matter how expensive the suits. Bye Conan. So Long. Bye. Go already. Adios.

1721 days ago


So Leno bombs in primetime, destroys NBC's lead-in to their late local news and "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien," and now Conan is forced to move "The Tonight Show" to 12:05am to make room for Leno at 11:35pm... or return "The Tonight Show" to Leno at 11:35pm. Apparently, Leno hasn't changed much since the days he hid in a closet back in '91 to screw Dave out of "The Tonight Show" by eavesdropping on NBC executive meetings. Nice guy!

1721 days ago


Face it, O'Brien wasn't ready, and never was. He was a writer, picked out of obscurity to host after Letterman left. Never did stand-up, never acted, just wrote. He hasn't improved at all through the years. He still say's "Yeah" after almost every joke. People who blame Leno for the poor lead in, remember that O'Brien took over the show in June, Leno didn't premiere with his new show until September. As many have already said, where were all these people as the Tonight Show slid into third behind Nightline. Some say that Leno wasn't in first place his first couple of years, but he and Letterman bounced back and forth in first and second, neither was dominant until the Hugh Grant incident when they found that Leno could be quick with the quip. Conan's ratings dropped and dropped. He was starting to lose to Craig Ferguson before he left "Late Night". Conan was never a performer, and really never will be one. He's had two jobs in the entertainment field, writer and host - period.

1721 days ago


When Conan is Gone from NBC, every NBC Station on every tv we have is blanked from them.

1721 days ago
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