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Leno & Conan Continue Monologue Wars

1/16/2010 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno: "Blah blah blah blah NBC sucks."
Conan O'Brien: "Blah blah blah blah NBC really sucks."

Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien

Enjoy the Conan part ... while you still can.


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Grow up Levi    

I used to be a Leno fan but I'm not anymore. Leno chose to move his show to an early timeslot and it failed. He needs to retire.
I'm siding with Conan on this one. I, of which I am sure he will do. I will no long watch The Tonight Show.

If I left my job to take another job in the company and they replaced me in my old job, then I decided I didn't really like the new job do you think they would let me go back to my old job and kick the person out who replaced me? I think not. Leno is a baby.
This whole situation is not reflecting well on him.

Oh yeah, Zucker should be fired.

1741 days ago


50 years from now nobody will remember who Jay Leno or the Tonight Show were. Kinda like whats the names of the lollipop kids in the Wizard of Oz. (weren't the lollipop kids a punk band?) So F everyone with there fantasy of the Tonight Show. Its just another lame TV show. Conan get his 30 million and a show on another station.

1741 days ago


Conan blows. The only good thing that came from him taking over the Tonight Show was the fact that I was asleep by 11:30. Now with Leno taking it back over looks like I won't get to sleep until 12:30.

Conan wasn't cut out to do The Tonight Show. He should have stayed where he was because he's better than a sleeping pill to me. I'd hear his theme song and fall asleep almost immediately.

1741 days ago


I LOVE Conan!! He's antics are hilarious and he looks hilarious doing them!

1741 days ago


Stan: Leno CHOOSED to retire and SELECTED Conan as his successor. IT´s just Leno-fans that tries to make it like Conan bumped Jay out, do you really think that he has that power?! Haha.

Conan didnt get fired, he didnt want to move the Tonight Show and making it the Tomorrow Show like NBC wants. So he rather leave NBC.

Jay does everything he can to be on TV, he doesnt cares if he screws up Conan, Jimmy and Carson. The guy is a prick.

1741 days ago


Conan was losing in his 12:30 spot before he moved to 11:30, where
Letterman drew twice the ratings of Conan. Basically, his humor is
attractive only to a small group of 20-somethings, most of whom
appear to have poor spelling and grammar.

#16 Stan has summed it up nicely.
#21 Elloh, read what Stan wrote. You're wrong, he's right. Google
it, if you know how.

1741 days ago


Observer: Do you have any source? Everything out there says Leno think it was time to retire and Conan is the best choice to replace him.

Ofcourse it´s hard for Lenofans to accept it.

1741 days ago


Why is Leno blaming NBC? Its his show that failed and he wants to move on Conan, Jimmy and Carson because of it.

Pretending that he doesnt have anything to do with it. He´s the cause of it.

1741 days ago


people need to get the facts right... to simplify

1) when NBC decided to go with Jay over Letterman to succeed Carson when he chose to retire, Letterman was already a fixture on TV airing after Carson.

Leno was a stand-up comic who sometimes substituted for Johnny's nights off-so did Joan Rivers and a few others
so it naturally took a while for Leno to establish himself and get good ratings

Conan came with a built in audience to the Tonight Show hour but sadly didn't keep the ratings

2) in 2004 when Conan was negotiating with NBC he let it be known that if he wasn't going to host the Tonght Show he'd jump networks.

So NBC renewed his contract agreeing to 2009 as being when he'd get it. That meant that Jay had to agree to step aside (so he didn't decide out of thin air that he just wanted to retire at such a young age with a large following)

Leno graciously went on air discussing how he would "retire" from the show and hand it over to his deserving friend Conan- even had Conan on showing him support and great loyalty to the network that was pushing him out

He purposely did that so that when Conan took over he wouldn't have all negative press and controversy that he experienced years prior.

3) fast forward to 2009 and Leno is consistently beating Letterman in the ratings so NBC, so knowing that Leno would have a great offer from another network and become competition, it dawned on NBC that they had better figure out a way to to keep him and still honor what they negotiated with Conan years before

4) that's when they came up with the idea of Leno in Primetime.
NBC wasn't winning those ratings so they thought it was a worthwhile "experiment"

Leno's ratings were great when you compared them to the other late night audiences-so he held his own very well in that regard
But when you compared his ratings to the dramas on opposite him on the other networks at 10, they weren't as high naturally

Conan's ratings did not live up to hopes and expectations- he kept losing to Letterman

5) it's all about the $$$$
because of NBC trying to keep Conan from leaving in 2004, they sadly created their own domino effect downfall and ensuing disaster and controversy

so people should do some research before they spout off condemning Jay or Conan for the whole debacle

sad that NBC has ended up putting the 2 of them in this position with all the ensuing controversy-there is no villain here-both decent talented guys with different styles appealing to different audiences-that's why the 2 back to back at late night were such a winning combination for NBC

there should be heads rolling over at NBC for such a major screw-up and leaving 2 top talents hanging in the wind

they could at least make an official statement to explain how they got into this mess by trying to keep both of their major talents (in other words the ratings and $$ from the sponsors associated with the 2 shows) with their NBC family!!

1741 days ago


well conan was never that funny anyway, and he did cost nbc 200 million in advertisers, so yeah, id fire him also if he cost me 200 mil, but i do hope that oonans handlers aer smart enought o take the 30 mil,, but after taxes,if they dont? then he really gets screwed,wonder if the irs is in the middle of his transactions?but i wouldnt take it unless it was after taxes, cash lol no checks, oh we mailed out your check the second thursday of last week,

1741 days ago

Frank Brown    

Leno is stale - and a jerk. I loved watching him on The Tonight Show, but he was getting stale. He announced his retirement at the right time. Conan took over and was maturing quite nicely. I began enjoying him more and more. Leno's 10 pm time slot was good, IMO. But Leno's show sucked. His bits ware lame and his format is horrible. It wasn't the time slot that was the flop, it was Leno. Now he wants The Tonight Show back? I won't be watching him. Every time I see him, all I think about is what a bad person he is for what he's done. And he's simply not that funny to overcome his actions. I hope Conan finds a home on Fox. I'd watch him. UNtil then, I'll watch Letterman. Leno's a jerk and NBC execs are bigger jerks.

1741 days ago


Elloh, #26 Sloane has a nice summary, and if you Google "Leno
Retire", or similar words, you will see that Jay was basically pushed from the Tonight Show in 2004, with a 5 year timeframe more or less forced on him. He is a pretty good guy, so he did agree to this, but withsecond thoughts (which he started talking about almost immediately, within a year), it was clear it was NOT his decision. He was trying to help the network (and himself, he's no saint).

However, Conan's 12:30 ratings tanked when Kimmel, Craig Ferguson,
etc. started up. Then he started getting wiped by Letterman when he moved to 11:30.

I suspect what then happened is that NBC realized they made a
horrible mistake in 2004 committing to Conan that he would get the
show, before realizing he appealed to a narrow range of people... then the whole 10:00 debacle, and the rest is recent history.

1741 days ago


Leno sucks.

1741 days ago

Leno Rules    

To posting #26 - I couldn't agree or say it better! The other point is that Jay had always had almost 2 million MORE viewers every night than David Letterman. Conan comes in and now is 2 million viewers LESS than Letterman. 4 million viewer swing? Leno is much better than either Letterman or Conan.

1741 days ago



So glad to have Jay Leno back with his 1-hour show. There are so many that will welcome the change.

1741 days ago
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