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Octomom Bikini Pics Birth 'Dirty' Legal War

1/16/2010 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Photos of Octomom in an ultra-skimpy bikini have led to ferocious legal stand-off -- and not just because the pics are sexy in a "not bad for 14 babies" kinda way.

The photos -- which contain the first images of Nadya Suleman's shockingly tight tummy -- were published on recently without the permission of Polaris Images, the company that owns the pics.

But Polaris is pissed -- and fired off a cease and desist letter to the website, claiming the photos were "published illegally and without Polaris Images' consent" and demands the website "immediately" take them down ... or else.

At the time this story was published, the pics had not been removed from TheDirty.


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Sean P.    

Does anyone know what she is trying to prove? That she is some kind of "hot" momma?

1739 days ago



The point was for her to get to go on talk shows where hosts would pay to ask her what the point was.
At which point she'd point by point detail how much hotter she thought she was than Kate Gosselin. Except that obviously she's not. And a goal that matters on this entire planet only to her.
You can see how well in the right across the Internet unanimous gross out how well that has worked out for her.

Didn't you notice over all this time that the ONLY instance of her being completely focused and engaged enough to be herself and not some lame rehearsed bad-acting was not ever with her kids. Or even edging into it with her mother.

It was whenever she was shown an image of Kate Gosselin. Then she's start hissing like a goose and begin to go very nastily ballistic. Obviously whatever her mental problems are they include equating herself with some celebrity Moms. First Jolie who probably sent in enough lawyer muscle to get it across to her that would be in future a very expensively bad idea. Then Gosselin. Who doens't need it and had has no reason to ever care. And wouldn't ever touch it in any way shape or form. Probably on Dr. Phil's advice.

But it does show you some of how crazy this creature really has to be to spend the first year of 8 babies lives completely obsessing on herself while she farms them out to the care of minimally paid unqualified strangers. Think of it, 14 kids under one roof and ignoring them all to end up looking like a lumpy leaky inflatable porn doll.

1739 days ago


i work at everything but water in brea ca and i was the one that worked with her to pick out her bikinis and i did see her in them at the store and she looked good ... im not to happy with all the things she has done but she did look good and the pics are not airbrushed from what i can see

1738 days ago


there doesn't seem to be any one named Sara working at everything but water in Brea Ca

1737 days ago


What slays me is that Octomom keeps swearing up and down that she has NOT had any plastic surgery and that she got her body in shape just with exercise. Sorry, but when your abdomen is stretched out the way hers was, there's no way the skin is going to go back to normal unless you have some sort of a tummy tuck done. Think Kate Gosselin - she only had six babies and she admits she had to have work done. So once again, Octomom is lying to the public - what a surprise.

1737 days ago


while you were glorifying octo fruit...someone told the truth!

you will laugh yourself silly!

1737 days ago


1736 days ago


1735 days ago



1735 days ago

Sean P.    

Hey "T" -- She had a C-section, not a normal birth! Don't think there is a "hallway" man. And Gypsy is right -- nobody's abdomen can be stretched that far without ending up with excess skin and stretchmarks.

1734 days ago

They were in it for the money    

@64 - I have seen this Fraudia and tell me she hasn't had any kind of surgery and I'll strip nekked and run down Harbor Blvd.! Tomorrow will be the multipules 1st birthday..Wonder if she'll be at the gym again for a 3 hour stretch in the middle of the night-long time to be away from not only 8 babies, but all 14. How come nobody ever speaks of the rest of her children? Are they not as special as well? I won't knock the kids because its not their fault, but this octoramuis is too much-telling mistruths all the time-now shes saying she uses special creams for these strecth marks, oh sure, right-its called lipo and removal of hanging skin-everyone remember when she had to have surgery for so called tumors? there it is!

1732 days ago


Looking at videos from around the time the babies started coming home I was convinced (and still am) Nadia was using Adderall or another amphetamine. Her over exaggerated facial expressions, -quirkiness/jerkiness (hard to describe), hyperreflexia are a dead giveaway.
Doesn't she have a child with ADD?

1731 days ago


Everybody needs to stop hateing she looks hot get over it

1711 days ago


dumb tnuc?

1743 days ago


Why does TMZ give Nik Richie free publicity?

1743 days ago
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