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Julia Roberts:

'NBC Is in the Toilet'

1/17/2010 8:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks both took shots at NBC during the red carpet coverage ... on NBC.

Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks
Hanks' one-liner at the end takes the cake.


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why is everyone hating on julia roberts when you all know its true NBC is a big mess right now ,
but if some body else said it there'd be no promblem right !?!

seriously everyone on here is a hypocrite

1705 days ago


Go Julia!!

1705 days ago


Julia Roberts has the widest and ugliest mouth in Hollywood. She has two homely looking kids who look just like her.

Yes, NBC is in total chaos right now. They need new management in a bad way.

1704 days ago


Way to go Julia and Tom. NBC is in the toilet.

1706 days ago


she is a big mouth airhead

1706 days ago


Julia Roberts is a foul mouthed, hideously ugly, no talent mess. I wish she would crawl back under the rock from whence she came. What anyone has ever seen in her is beyond me.

1706 days ago


it is the TRUTH. NBC really dropped the ball. shame on NBC and Leno 4 what they did 2 Conan.

1706 days ago


Oh rickyrickrick...puh-lease!! MAYBE if you would have watched Conan, he'd still have a job. didn't watch. Poof....Conan is history. Idiots like rickyrickrick need only look in the mirror.

1706 days ago


oh sandi puh-lease. Is it you that's watching leno or is it your grandma and grampa?

1706 days ago


You cut off the best part: when they go to toss to Natalie Morales, she says "who's Natalie?" What a bitch, way to make Natalie look stupid. Julie go f*** yourself

1706 days ago


Julia Roberts looks beat as h*ll!

1706 days ago



Way to go!You managed to totally diss Betty White, James Earl Jones, and Jim Carrey and crap on the memory of Andy Kaufman. I don't care about politics when I'm watching awards shows. By choosing a political figure instead of those in your own field you look the dumb bitch everyone says you are. I won't pay another dime to see a movie with your ass in it.

Just STFU!

1706 days ago

Leno is garbage    

Hey look, the NBC sock puppets are out in full force. You clowns think you can actually change public opinion by repeatedly posting bs comments? Seriously now. If my paid job was to comment on blogs I would kill myself. That's lower than working at McDonalds. You need to look up the FAQ and get it over with.

The damage is already done. NBC's rep is not only tarnished in the public's eyes, it's also seen that way by the greater creative community. You can't fix your problems by denying them, sending out your shills to try to change the tone of the discussion... All you are doing is making the people more angry at you.

Classless hacks are classless hacks, no matter how many nice positive comments they pay people to write about them :)

1706 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Julia Roberts made a fool of herself on the Red Carpet tonight. Also, she looked terrible - bad hair, ugly dress and that big mouth. No wonder her husband never wants to appear in public with her.

1706 days ago

Leno is garbage    

For the less informed readers...

How to spot a paid shill!
1. Repeated posts that look eerily similar
2. They stick to "talking points" they want to get across, usually find one or two things to attack about the intended target and repat them over and over.
3. Alternating between proper punctuation and poor typing with some misspellings to further the illusion of multiple posters who believe the same thing.

It's all a ploy to get you to buy into their line of thought. They want you to think that 5 or 6 other people are thinking this so you should too.

1706 days ago
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