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Conan O'Brien Supporters

Rally in the Rain

1/18/2010 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien supporters gathered at Universal Studios in Hollywood today -- in the rain -- to protest NBC's mistreatment of their giant, red-headed late night hero.

Conan Rally: Click to watch
The protest -- which gained a lot of support on Facebook -- was set to start at 12 PM PT, but a bunch of Conan's brave, raincoat-clad faithful have been hanging around near the "The Tonight Show" studio for hours.

Jeff Zucker was not one of those people -- but Andy Richter, Masturbating Bear and La Bamba all addressed the crowd.

We're told "The Tonight Show" has handed out doughnuts and coffee to the supporters.

BTW: Conan rallies are also set to go off today outside of NBC studios in Chicago and 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City.


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Team Conan!!!!!!!! wish I had been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1736 days ago


OMG!! This is the stupidest crap ever!! People need to find better things to protest then some millionaire that is getting millions for walking, and graduated from harvard....I am sure he will be fine....get a life people!!

1736 days ago


Jay Leno rocks!!! Please visit to show your continued support for Jay Leno. Also, don't forget to sign the petition for the same cause. Although Jay Leno got his post back as the host of The Tonight Show, you can still sign the petition as a show of support.

Read more:

1736 days ago




I was there and it was pretty amazing. (And to whoever is saying we should get a job, it is MLK day, most of us have the days off)

We were there in support of a man we adore who is getting screwed over big time by his employer. Contracts were broked by someone who wasn't happy with his ratings... (maybe it's because he's not funny anymore....)

And it was fundraiser, for god's sake. If you take the time to read (rather than judge then comment), the organizer stressed that donations would be accepted by the Red Cross. For people saying that they are important things to worry about: People CAN multi-task, you know. Life doesn't have to be serious all the freakin' time.

We just wanted to show love for the COCO. He's given us many years of laughter, and we just wanted to show something back. What's so wrong with that? Can we live in a country to express something like that? If you think otherwise, than I really feel sorry for you. We just went there to have fun...and you know what, it was damn worth it.

1736 days ago


shaking my head i uttered "let that poor bear masturbate"

1736 days ago

Laine Zane    

Team Conan has a lot of support. NBC will regret what they have done to Coco. I'm leaving NBC forever. what a bunch of a....holes!!!!

1735 days ago


Those people need to get a life.His show was failing.

1735 days ago


For those of you putting down the people who rallied, shame on you. Are you any better sitting on your computer posting negative comments about folks you don't know. I am sure the rally was fun. As for Jay Leno, he is making an ass of himself. He is NOT funny!!! This older audience won't last too much longer. My parents are baby boomers and they prefer Conan. Jay will soon fade away as he should. Team Conan!

1735 days ago


I don't think there's anything wrong with Conan fans rallying round Conan. So it fell on MLK day - so what? I think what NBC did to Conan is despicable. Jay tells people he's leaving 4+ damn years ago and Conan and his staff uproot from NY to go to LA. If JL was going to retire, a) he shouldn't have gotten a stupid show at 10pm which sucked; b) retire means RETIRE. JL is so far up NBC's ass saying yes to them, its ridiculous. Conan deserves a hefty salary for what NBC did and he should get plenty for his staff too. As far as Haiti is concerned, they're getting more money in charity now than they ever received due to this disaster. By the way, Katrina hasn't been completely revitalized yet and that's in THIS country.

1735 days ago


i wish i had been there to support conan o brien.
he is not only hilarious and good at what he does, but he has a kind heart and it's obvious that he deeply cares for his staff and fans. those who call Conan O'brien stupid are idiots who have a lame sense of humor and are arrogant sons of bitches who refuse to laugh at simply genius comedy. Conan was the only reason i watched NBC so those dumbasses have one less viewer. seriously.

1730 days ago

Justa Notherguy    

For readers who are too young to recall - or maybe just not particularly interested, at the time - it might help to get some background on the whole Leno v. Letterman story. Read all about how Jay Leno acquired The Tonight Show hosting gig, way back in 1993.
. (article from NY Times; 1994)

1728 days ago


ROFLOL @ those idiots!!!

1736 days ago


Nice to see White people assembling for a Cause on Martin Luther King Holiday....

Horrible PR for Conan---given its MLK Day and whats going on in Haiti?

Obama thinks 100 million aid to Haiti is a lot---but than again so does the couple from KY that won 128 million in the Lottery.

Where is the Justice for Humanity?

1736 days ago


The girl interviewing people is annoying.

1736 days ago


Get a job you f****** losers

1736 days ago
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