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Conan O'Brien Supporters

Rally in the Rain

1/18/2010 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien supporters gathered at Universal Studios in Hollywood today -- in the rain -- to protest NBC's mistreatment of their giant, red-headed late night hero.

Conan Rally: Click to watch
The protest -- which gained a lot of support on Facebook -- was set to start at 12 PM PT, but a bunch of Conan's brave, raincoat-clad faithful have been hanging around near the "The Tonight Show" studio for hours.

Jeff Zucker was not one of those people -- but Andy Richter, Masturbating Bear and La Bamba all addressed the crowd.

We're told "The Tonight Show" has handed out doughnuts and coffee to the supporters.

BTW: Conan rallies are also set to go off today outside of NBC studios in Chicago and 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City.


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Maybe if all of those people actually watched Conan he'd have the ratings he needed to kick Leno off the air. Why not just go do your show and kick a$$ and prove you are the guy for the job?

1646 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

How much is Conan paying those Idiots to stand out in the rain? Conan is an imbecile with absolutely NO class. He's silly - not funny. Guess he appeals to 12 year olds. He blackmailed NBC to get The Tonight Show in the first place. If he doesn't want the 12:05 show, NBC shouln't pay Dimwit Conan a dime.

1646 days ago


MLK day happens every year...when does this ever happen?!?! this is awesome! GO CONAN!!! We need Triumph there supporting!!!

1646 days ago

Big Chingon    


1646 days ago


Despite the NBC hacks and their comments and posts about "nothing to see here; no need for you to protest; with all the problems in the world, you shouldn't be wasting your time on's all conan's fault" it's good to see people standing up to corporate shills. WAY TO GO, TEAM CONAN. This has to be killing Zucker

1646 days ago


I wish I was there!

1646 days ago


Spoiled... Rich... go away please nothing to see here...

1646 days ago


I can not believe these idiots are out there protesting for a man that can by and sell them 10 times over. Conan must be embarrassed. Why dont these fools look for a job. Conan walks with 30 mil, more money then most make in a lifetime. No wonder other countries look at us like were idiots.

1646 days ago


Why anyone would stand in the rain to protest NBC is beyond me. Listen, Conan's going is a done deal and they can nothing to prevent that. O.K., so NBC screwed up since 5 years ago when they blind sided Jay Leno and decided to promise the Tonight Show to wimpy Conan. He didn't deserve it then and still doesn't deserve it now. Jay is, has been and will always be the best late night host since Johnny Carson. Ie subbed for him for several years and deserved the Tonight Show when he got it, beat the heck out of Letterman (who is a has been) and would have contined to do so had it not been for the idiots of NBC who made very bad decisions. Finally they have come to their senses and are making the right decision. I do feel for Conan and all who work for him because they all moved from New York to L.A. and they should all be compensated very well because of what NBC has caused them. So, let NBC do their thing and pay everyone off and get Jay back where he belongs and the TV Entertainment industry will be better off for it.

Art H

1646 days ago


Hey this is better programming than NBC!

1646 days ago


This is a press NIGHTMARE for NBC. I was a studio publicist for ten years and NBC has really done a horrible job with all of this -- just horrible. Jeff Zucker should retire.

1646 days ago


I have seen more hookers on a steet corner then I see for "COCO"

1646 days ago


Conan supporters -- At last evolution has created a group of people SO lame and uncool that Star Wars fans AND Star Trek fans can both look down on and laugh at.

1646 days ago


Sending all my support for Conan from Upstate NY to you fabulous supporters in LA!


1646 days ago


Go Conan supporters!! Show Jeff Zucker!! Woooo!!

1646 days ago
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