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Paul McCartney -- Little Dead Corvette

1/18/2010 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul McCartney needed a little help from his friends ... particularly the ones with jumper cables -- after his car engine died during a hiking trip in Santa Monica this weekend.

Paul and his GF Nancy Shevell didn't exactly wait around for AAA -- we're told the pair was immediately whisked away by his waiting security team, while one of his assistants set up the jump and drove the car home.

Ah, the problems of the rich and famous.


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Hey cocopuff56... I couldn't disagree more. PM & wings put out some brilliant pop tunes. I`m a huge Beatles fan by the way but John Lennon put out his fair share of crap too. What the hell is wrong with Band on the Run by the way?

By the way GM products do suck. I have a Gran Prix and it's the biggest piece of crap I've ever had.

1676 days ago


Paul McCartney has more talent in his pinky finger than you and your whole family have in their whole bodies cocopuffs. Shows you haven't listened to his music if you really think he hasn't written anything worthwhile since the Beatles. Try listening to House of Wax(that smokin' guitar solo from the album, that's Macca) or India(from a sound check). Wings had 4 number 1 albums in a row, 9 top ten albums, 5 or 6 no. 1 singles, 23 top 40 singles. Try watching Rockshow on Youtube to see how they rocked(I'd particularly suggest Beware my Love and the closer Soily). So for almost 20 years(from '64 to the early 80's) McCartney, in the Beatles, Wings and solo, was consistently a highly successful artist - as he had some #1 solo albums and songs as well. There are incredibly few acts who can say they had that level of success for so long. His recent albums still usually go gold and sometimes platinum. McCartney to this day puts on a terrific live show. Nearly 3 hours on stage, he's the only one in the band that performs for the whole show, even the back up band gets a break. :) Let's put it this way, the Stones charged just as much their last tour, but they played half as many songs as McCartney does.

1668 days ago


Anyone else sick of seeing this old lady and her big poofy hair? She is such a pompus fool. And she is always hanging around her granddaughter. Get a life, granny!

1677 days ago

Corrin Green    

Gotta love Macca, but George Harrison had better taste in cars.

1677 days ago


This is why GM went bankrupt and needed a bail out--Building low quality junk.

1677 days ago


The girl Lydia that was on Big Brother last season supposly was Paul McCartney's kids nanny.
Did anyone ever hear if that was true?

1677 days ago


The car is a C-5 so its several years old. The "jump" means the battery is dead. Last I checked batteries from pretty much any manufacturer will fail at around the 5 year mark. I had a C-5 for 7 years and the only thing I replaced was the battery (well and tires). I was so pleased with the car I replaced it with a C-6 last year to get the extra ponies. What exactly do you make Baad Boy that the whole world would want to buy?

1677 days ago


Is there room in that Vette for Grandpa McCartney's walker?

1677 days ago


At least Sir Paul was out and about. Hope he had a great hike. Too bad about his GM junk.

1677 days ago


Hey #9 this one has her own money. And she's a lot closer to his age. All around, a keeper, at least as a friend and companion and that's happy news to real fans. Not sorry to disappoint you.

1677 days ago

Toby Christensen    

Very environmentally unsound for the "social activist"

1677 days ago


grandpa proabaly forgot to turn off the headlamps when he went hiking..its aamzing he even remembered where he had parked it as old as he is,,and that he can even walk,,guess he gets his power from that mop on top of his head..hahahahahahahaah

1677 days ago


He's got that "Great GM feeling, with genuine GM parts"! GM is Junk and always as been buy FORD

1677 days ago


He really does look as though he's turned into a woman these days. What the Hell happenned?????

That Chevy is a piece of junk, and all cars manufactured by Government Motors are going to get worse. The government has never improved the quality of anything.

1677 days ago


Can't believe this old man, Susan Boyle lookalike is still news. He used to be a very talented man but his glory days were over the day the Beatles disbanded. He and John Lennon were magic but judging by the music Paul ended up writing after the break up it's clear who the true talent was in that duo. I'm sure he's technically brilliant on the guitar but his music SUCKS!!! I remember getting free tickets to see Wings in the 70's and the audience heckled and laughed at their bubble gum, mainstream crapola performance. I never saw anybody get so excited performing such tepid, mediocre drivel as Paul McCartney playing "Band on the Run"-Puke!!! Now remember fellow bloggers this is simply my opinion. If you have a differing opinion try to express it without insulting me. I promise I will respect your opinion as well.

1677 days ago
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