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Charlie Sheen Goes to Hospital for Brooke

1/20/2010 3:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Charlie Sheen has just arrived at the hospital where his wife, Brooke Mueller, is in ICU.

Charlie Sheen Goes to Hospital for Brooke
As we first reported, Brooke was taken to an L.A. hospital and put in ICU -- we're told she has a fever of 105 and possibly pneumonia. Sources connected with Brooke say the problem is related to oral surgery she had earlier in the week. She is being treated with antibiotics.

Charlie arrived with two friends, including Mark Burg, Executive Producer of "Two and a Half Men." We're told Charlie is living in Burg's guest house, because of the protective order.

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The protective order does not say the parties cannot be in the same room. It says they cannot have direct contact or direct communication. Therefore, Charlie could theoretically be in the same hospital room, without speaking to Brooke.

UPDATE: We just obtained court docs, filed earlier this week, that describe Brooke's medical issues. Her lawyer, Yale Galanter, told the court Brooke had a "medical emergency with regard to an oral infection" and needed 72 hours to recover. That's why the hearing on modifying the protective order -- originally set for today -- was moved to Friday. It's unlikely Friday's hearing will take place.


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Kiss her goodbye, drop a load....

1735 days ago


District Attorney or no District Attorney, Charlie is going to do what Charlie wants, period. Who knows, maybe he'll apologize for taking a knife to her throat.

1735 days ago


Hmmmm? Maybe Brooke will take a knife to HIS throat during the visit.

1735 days ago


Charlie is going to give Brooke the final dose of posion. - Brooke will not get better, and die.

1735 days ago


They are gonna arrest Charlie. I dont think he's suppose to be near her. Call the cops pronto!

1735 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

The movie about Charlie Sheen's life should be titled "One-and-a-half Idiot."

1735 days ago


She's sick and vulnerable right now. OF COURSE he's going to go see her!!!! Anything to help HIMSELF with his court case.

1735 days ago


People are stupid. No one has proved he did anything. Funny all those people in he house and no one saw crap.

Now she changed her story and she was plastered when they took her account to begin with. So what he has a knife in his bag it doesn't prove anything.

1735 days ago


105? Oh my, thats bad. I hope its at least fluxuating and not a steady read. Prayers to her despite what some on here are saying. Yeah, she has screwed up, but who hasn't? I know I have.

1735 days ago


Stay tuned........... attempted murder charges for the actor known as Charlie Sheen

1735 days ago


Im a nurse, people are not put in ICU for a simple antibiotic/pneumonia, even to watch them unless they have a tube inserted- my guess is she is not breathing on her own and she has been intubated.

And doctors/nurses dont make special concessions for a celebrity

1735 days ago


10. Stay tuned........... attempted murder charges for the actor known as Charlie Sheen

Posted at 1:37PM on Jan 20th 2010 by KeithKobeos

EXPLAIN your stupid assinine comment, please.

1735 days ago


When they do tooth surgery don't they normally give you antibiotics before it gets infected? I mean it's possible something like that could happen I guess but it seems like too much of a coincidence. Any people with medical experience have any ideas?

1735 days ago


Merijoe is right. This is more than just an infection with a high fever.

1735 days ago


If she was in an airplane, please have doctors check for aspergillus (spelling may be wrong) it's a mold infection that comes from ventiliation systems and enters into the blood system then shuts down kidneys and liver.

1729 days ago

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